10 Keys To Prosper Integrally

1. – Key I number one: To thank in everything Every day at every moment to thank is a powerful oration, the heart is abre, the mind is abre and we were placed in a state of brings back to consciousness superior. The gratitude is a habit that there is to cultivate since their benefits are multiple as much at psychic level as physical. When we felt been thankful we are glad, this produces well-being in the person who this feeling these emotions and obvious this repels positively in your health. As we can express gratitude and practice it in our life daily? When raising us in the mornings to give thanks to God our Celestial Father, because we can breathe inhaling deeply, filling our lungs of vital energy, we are conscious of an involuntary act and thank; I inhale and exhalo, I inhale divine substance, exhalo divine substance, To make me conscious of the act breathe and to thank for it is a form definitively to begin the day in positive abriendo us to the abundance. Soon during the course of the day it observes whichever things that surround to you are product of them to have wished in the past and today is a reality in your life! , you must again honor thanking and blessing all the material manifestations of your creative power: children, family, pair, home, friendships, etc. In the Bible we found the following affirmation: In everything you give to thanks, In everything! Absolutely in everything, they do not exclude anything. Jesus took blessed them to breads and thanking he began to distribute it enters the multitudes. Then each success, profit that we have, each work that offers to us, each money that from one or the other form arrives at our hands, each opportunity you must bless it and to give thanks to the father so that everything what you have absolutely belongs to him to, on the one hand and on the other the same act to bless and to thank causes that it multiplies.