Environmental Control

For 30 years, African countries were used as dumping sites for hazardous toxic waste from developed countries. Many African countries have been lured by the potential financial benefits that are some cases significantly exceeds the gdp of the country importing toxic waste. Dumping of hazardous toxic waste implies a serious environmental threat to the inhabitants of the African continent. Many are not aware of the dangers and the consequences of being exported from developed countries of toxic waste. The problem became so serious for the global environment that has caused two global attempts to regulate and create the ability to control international trade and export of hazardous wastes.

Signed in 1987godu "Basel Accord" is the first global attempt to control the export and dumping of hazardous wastes. The second is the adoption of the program on the protection of the un Environmental Control for the trafficking of hazardous waste in Cairo. Then the solution of African Unity governing the import of hazardous wastes. This regional effort perhaps more important step in protecting the environment. Despite a curb so profitable, but risky business such trade still continues. So, again, for the past 30 years, many African states were a place for dumping toxic waste (pollution of wastewater, pollution of air space with ashes from waste incineration, landfill waste oils, chemicals, acids, toxic solvents, expired pharmaceuticals, construction of plants for fertilizer). Tough regulatory standards and the high cost of hazardous waste in the west caused an increase in the export of toxic and hazardous waste in Africa by dumping on dumping such wastes. All this is possible thanks to the huge number of used and unused land available in many African countries.

Many African governments have ignored the obvious dangers of of the import of hazardous wastes due to the desperate needs to earn income in the form of hard currency and ease economic hardship. Another not less important reason is the greed of a few large African owners this business wanting to make big money in hard currency in a relatively short time. Unlimited export of toxic waste into Africa from developed countries has been tracked since 1970 a secret deal between the African countries and companies from usa, uk, Italy, Switzerland and even the Soviet Union. All of this is due to high growth industries in developed countries. Since the production of by-products contain many chemicals and toxic Substances that can not be recycled, and get rid of that rather difficult. That's one of the biggest challenges for the industrialized countries has become a problem of getting rid of unwanted material (industrial waste) as places where you can remove and bury the dangerous waste is becoming less, the cost of processing such waste increases every year. We give an example: the cost of hazardous waste in an industrialized country can reach 5000 dollars per ton, whereas the export of toxic waste in one of Africa's price could be around $ 10 per ton. This is – roughly 1 / 1000 of the cost of recycling in any industry developed country. Hence the tendency to make huge profits from the export of industrial waste for firms exporting. Africa – a viable alternative for the removal of toxic waste, thanks to the low cost of burial waste, low public awareness about the dangers of such graves, willingness to such transactions of local government officials and businessmen in exchange for financial gain. Such short-term gain, ultimately, not justifies the impact on ecology and environment for people living in the territory.

Official Letter Rules

In professional activities, we are often faced with all sorts of documents, appeals to the heads of states, governments, corporations, and just companies. And in each of them, besides the text of the message, necessarily contains the phrase appeal to the addressee. Such a seemingly small thing – a very important attribute of business etiquette, and be mistaken in him a man once in a bad light. How could I not put up a good and not to be considered ignorant? We have tried to piece together the available information on this issue. The most common and most universal is the appeal "Your Excellency" (English Your Excellency, ua. "Your worthy, your More important "). In Russian, as in most European, is tracing the Latin Excellentia. Initially, this was a general appeal to persons of high standing and aristocrats, but eventually a diplomatic protocol to limit his use.

Now it applies if the intended recipient of the letter: * Head of State (except kings) * head of government (but not the chairman of parliament) * officer not below the rank of the Minister; * Ambassador foreign country; * Nuncio (Vatican diplomatic representative) * Orthodox or Catholic bishop, and equal to him on the title (except the Cardinal). Regarding the treatment of "Your Excellency", it application raises some doubts. According to the "Table of Ranks," the appeal was mandatory only in relation to the officials first and second grades (above general). Now, however, it is sometimes used in for heads of state. So, anyway, was admitted at the time the current President of Ukraine va congratulated Obama on his victory in the elections. In his message to the English Your Excellency become a Ukrainian, "Your ", which is quite acceptable, but the president's press office that got it wrong with the Russian version, writing" Your vysokopochtennost. And all this while actually accepted an appeal to U.S. President is simply a Mr.

President . * "Majesty" (English Majesty, ua. "Velichnoste") – the standard treatment of the monarchy and some family members, and "HH" (English Highness, ua. "") – to the Crown Prince. * "HH" (English Holiness, Ukr. "Holiness") – an official appeal to the church patriarchs. * "Honor," "honor", "Honour", "Lordship" – atavism (albeit non-current titles), are not used in business correspondence. * All Otherwise, it will be enough to write "Sir ", including when you are not sure to what belongs to the estate of the recipient. It is worth noting that the generally accepted document or source of regulating translation of titles and applications (especially in the Ukrainian language) does not exist, because we need to hear your comments and additions on this issue.

Town Planning Code

The article refers to the three requirements without which the existence of sro in the building impossible. sro – a nonprofit organization based on membership, created by business entities based on Unity sector production of goods (works, services) or the market of manufactured goods (works, services) or combining the subjects of a certain type of professional activity (see article 3 of the Federal Law of 01.12.2007, N 315-F3). With regard to the construction industry legislator has established three types of CPO: – survey of sro (as members are only prospectors) – Project sro (as members are just designers) – cpo in the construction (in As members are just builders). sro receives its legal status until after the recording of this in a special state register (see article 55.18 of the Town Planning Code), which is authorized public authority () (see governmental regulation of 19.11.2008, N 864). The legislator has established three mandatory requirements for (maintaining) the legal status of SROs, in the case of non-compliance with any from which the sro can be excluded from the register, that is, lose its legal status.

The first requirement for SROs is that the number of members of the survey and design of SROs shall not be less than 50, and number of members of the sro in the building – at least 100. The second requirement is that each of the SROs must establish a compensation fund, which consists of a one-time contribution of each member of the sro. The lump sum contribution to the compensation fund depends on the type of sro, the availability of sro requirements on insurance by its members of its civil liability, but in any event is clearly defined by law (see Article 55.4 of the Town Planning Code). For members of the survey and design of SROs, the contribution is 500 000 rubles (without liability insurance) or 150000 (in the case of liability insurance). For members of SROs in the construction of the size of the contribution amounts to 1,000,000 rubles (without liability insurance) or 300000 (in the case of liability insurance). Why, indeed, a new system of compensation funds need SROs? Due to the generated compensation fund SROs make payments to customers in case they do not cause any of the members of SROs in the construction of harm due to defects of the construction (design, and survey) work. Thus state increases at the expense of the private sector consumer protection civil works, who can now make claims for compensation for harm not only the perpetrator of harm, but also in the alternative procedure in Address sro (see article 399 of the Civil Code), in which it consists. The third requirement for SROs is that the sro must develop and adopt a set of internal regulations, namely: – the requirements for issuing certificates of admission to the construction work – control rules in the field of self-regulation – the order of disciplinary action for failure to issue certificates of admission to the construction works. The legislator has established the right of SROs to adopt standards for self-regulatory organizations (see Rules of construction work sro members), and the rules of self-regulation (see Requirements for Business of the SRO). With these documents are expected by the legislator, SROs will be able to more effectively than before it makes the state under the licensing control, to control the activities of its members.

Social Activists Or Oil ?

This issue may arise before the authorities. What is more promising for the Russian economy? The state is making a lot of effort for the buildup of the economy, modernization, development and raising living standards. So what's the deal? Why no significant results, which are so welcome in our country? Are all the tools uses the power for the task? The answer is obvious: No! What prevents attract investment into the country, why our entrepreneurs are not invest in Russian production, but merely "seeking" those assets that got them in the course of privatization? Because there is money and big business, and averages. It is obvious that there is no motive to invest. How could understand such a logic? They are using old assets, receive money and invest it in their own country does not want to. There's lots of speculation about this, but here's what you can with the courage to say so is that an entrepreneur has no confidence in long-term economic projects.

Where is tended to invest the state and business, it's a commodity economy. Oil and gas, to date, bringing stability and high income. But this is the way officially identified the power for long-term programs of economic growth? Is there trust? Draft Skolkovo, perhaps the most striking among the innovative new products. Outlined ambitious plans: the intellectual development, research, technology development, modernization and innovations in various directions. But gets the same question: why the business had not come to this, because in the past was that investing, and why suddenly become do it now? Because the government so decided? For business this is not an incentive.

Southeast Asia

August 7, 1965 as a result of the conflict, Singapore was expelled from the Malaysian federation, and Aug. 9, 1965 received formal independence. From 1959 to 1990, during the reign of Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore, lacking resources, was able to solve many internal problems and made the leap from third world countries to highly developed countries with high living standards. At the time of independence, Singapore is a small, poor countries that had to be imported, even fresh water and building sand. Neighboring countries have been set up unfriendly, and one third of the population sympathized with the Communists. Themselves and their associates of Lee Kuan Yew described as "bourgeois group that received the British education leaders. " Economic development strategy the government of Lee Kuan Yew was based on the transformation of Singapore's financial and trading center of Southeast Asia, as well as attracting foreign investors.

Today Singapore's economy boasts many. Singapore – one of the world's largest ports. Singapore – the third largest (after Houston and Rotterdam), the world center of oil refining and the fourth world producer semiconductors. Singapore's gdp per capita is over 26 thousand dollars. In Asia, this indicator the country is second only to Japan as the world takes 16 th place, ahead of countries such as Spain and Italy. And Singapore – Asia's largest financial center, in many respects not inferior to Hong Kong and Tokyo. Economists of many nations of the world consider Singapore an ideal place for business. This country has an excellent financial infrastructure, political stability and legal system of world-class.

Russian Federation

The crisis has crept to the Russian Federation. Let the government and said that the financial crisis in Russia is flowing fairly 'soft', not like in other countries besides our merchants instantly felt a strong impact on business. Forced solution for the vast majority was to reduce its staff of specialists. Someone from the outset has cut employees, and someone tried to leave the entire state, but ended it amounts to. Virtually all employers are not even provided opportunities to their employees to make a statement on its own initiative, without taking into account the labor code and thereby ignoring their rights. In such cases, you will help the lawyer in Chelyabinsk. According to Customs Code, the employer must give the compensatory award, employees were laid off staff.

Every employer shall make an announcement on the reduction of state employees for two months. Reduction of the law, only if the employer is not able to take on other available job befitting qualification experience of working. When a subordinate is temporarily able to work or stay in a legal holiday, then the merchant does not have grounds to reduce the current employee. Concluding the contract, the businessman has to pay a dismissed an indemnity in the amount of average monthly earnings. Another slave relies average earnings for the month Within 2 months after the reduction, as long as he is in search of another job. As a result of solving the employment service for workers may fix the average salary per month even at 3 months after discharge. On the day of dismissal, workers must pay compensation for nevzyaty leave, severance pay, s / n for the time worked out, work book and possibly other papers.

If the dismissal, the employer has violated your rights, you need lawyer or a commission on labor disputes. Apply to the commission of a labor dispute must be made within 3 months, the court – within one month from the issue of slave labor book. In a statement authorized officer demand and recovery in the workplace, pay compensatory remuneration , payment for moral harm. In times of financial crisis downsizing working procedure inevitable, and how it will perform does not depend on you, and conscientiousness of your ceo. Your goal – his rights and freedoms, your main advantage, top-notch lawyer and the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

The Problem Of Footwear – Shoes Wholesale From China

At that time, both on the Russian kitchens still believe the stereotype of low-quality Chinese products, China's own export industry continues to evolve on all fronts, taking advantage of the demand for greater part of the globe. Products of the textile industry – most notably of Chinese exports. Primarily, this shoe is, of course. As is known, wholesale footwear from China steadily diverges huge party at all countries, and approximately half of the total weight of shoes produced in the world. In the same Russian Chinese shoes easily displace domestic products, in spite of the fact that in Russia to carry shoes wholesale from China becomes increasingly difficult with each passing year.

The reason for that are the periodic changes in customs legislation, clearly aimed at to reduce the influx of cheap Chinese shoes in the country. It would seem that such measures are possible to understand – given the volumes of production and low cost, China is in the eyes of the domestic producer looks threatening monopoly. In practice, however, increased customs duties on shoes wholesale from China is difficult called an effective solution. Judge for yourself – instead of investing in the Russian footwear industry and develop its competitiveness, the government simply profiting from the suppliers. Accordingly, by the suppliers have no choice but to raise the retail price. Obviously, that ultimately forced to suffer the usual buyer. It is noteworthy that the Russian bear losses and shoemakers, placing a production base in China.

Carry their same shoes wholesale from China, they must, on general terms. In this case, an excess of Chinese footwear on the market decreasing only formally. Anyway, wholesale footwear from China continues enter the country on a "gray" and even "black schemes", and tightening customs environment only promotes smuggling. And where smuggling, counterfeiting and there, and as a consequence – the lack of guarantees for money for ordinary consumer. As there does not bloom the stereotype of a poor Chinese shoes? Undoubtedly, this situation was formed under the pressure of troubled period in the global economy. We can only hope that by the time of crisis, Russia did not have time to completely ruin a partnership with China.

How to Choose an Auditor

Many businesses that are required by law or voluntarily want, what would their statements have been verified by an auditor, faced with the problem of how to select the artist. The subjects of audit activity in the market quite a lot, but information about them, would make the choice in favor of a particular subject of auditing, very little. To select an auditor (auditing firm) to consider the following. Register of Auditing The registry is the Audit Chamber of Ukraine. It includes public accounting firms and auditors – the entrepreneurs. Consequently, the potential audit client should start looking for artist using primarily the data from this registry. Registers of government so happened that by law a number of government agencies such as National Bank of Ukraine, the Financial Services Commission Ukraine1, gktsbfru have the right to keep registers audit firms.

Often, in order of inclusion in the register or other documents adopted by these bodies, contained a requirement for that audit of individual business entities can only be carried out those auditors are included in this roster. On the one hand it reduces competition among auditors (audit firms) in a particular market segment audit, but on the other hand reduces the potential for a range of audit client identification of potential perpetrators. 1Reestr Financial Services Commission Recommendations Recommendations for the selection of an auditor (auditing firm) can be divided into two types: normative in nature (as approved by relevant authorities); Advice provided by or approved entities. Among the recommendations, wearing a normative character, mostly but not exclusively, include: The Committee's decision on the audit of banks nbu "Regarding the audit of annual financial statements of banks" of 20 July 2009 N 13; Recommendations on the order of selection and appointment of a joint stock company auditors of financial statements, approved by Audit Chamber of Ukraine on Oct.

Career And Office Politics

There are many cases where a successful and hardworking employee may withdraw from premium to lower the position (and salary) or to dismiss. And this despite the fact that it performs its work honestly and conscientiously. There is also the reverse case: nothing representing a worker is successfully building a career, is a trust in leadership, receives a large salary. How – Applying intelligent purposeful office politics. The main components of a competent office Policy: 1. Demonstration of loyalty to the leadership and principles of the Company.

In fact, not necessarily to be truly loyal employees – enough to make an impression (and simultaneously study fallback job – just in case) 2. Ability to represent failure in a good light. For example not so long ago, the U.S. president said withdrawal of British troops from Iraq (ie, the actual collapse of the international coalition), as follows: "It's certainly very good news! If the British withdrawal from Iraq, then the situation is improving, there is a democratic society, and foreign troops are not needed. "Well, so he and the president – take an example. 3. Career impossible without the establishment of friendly ties with the largest possible number of colleagues.

4. Ability to redistribute responsibilities and work as a team – it allows you to dump on the other work and assign the common achievements. 5. Ability to shift responsibility to others – again, through the command action. There is a very simple principle: the penalty for any failure is evenly distributed to all participants project – if you worked alone, then you will be deprived of bonuses by 50% if the working team of 5 people, all five of them will deprive the premium at 10% each. And if that's a very big team failed the project, all limited to a reprimand from leadership and unplanned subbotnik. 6. On each and every one (especially lead) at any available opportunity to collect compromising material – always useful. ps Office policy will be, regardless of whether you are involved in it or not. If you are involved – will be able to benefit and build a career, and if not – will derive benefit from you.

Popular Blogging Service

Mobile blogging mobile operator life:) announces the launch of blog service "mobile life:) Blog. Community service can keep their own blogs using mobile phones or communicators, as well as read blogs and other subscribers determine their rating. MyKinda opened Ukrainian branch of an international network of blogs MyKinda. MyKinda organized as a project that is intended to provide the most detailed and unbiased information about life in country. Since the launch of the Ukrainian unit started to work only the section "Politics". It is planned that in future the site will be filled with content and other sections – "Business & Media, Culture", "Lifestyle" "Science, Technology. In addition to Ukrainian, a project currently works in English, Bulgarian, Romanian and Russian languages.

Blox blogging service earlier this year in Uanet a new blogging service – Blox. Service launched by Agora Ukraine, which is a subsidiary of the well-known Polish company Agora. The latter owns the largest Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza and since autumn in talks to buy Ukrainian online projects, in particular, it was the acquisition of "Ukrainian Truth". Draft Blox initially closed to visitors. Register it can only be receiving an invitation from an existing service users. Service is available in four languages – Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and English.

Functional service is fairly standard – Users can post entries, comments, and add each other "friends", there is the possibility of creating communities. Interestingly, the Project developers report that users are free to advertise on pages of their blogs. Blog search project appeared "Custom Search on the Ukrainian blogs (Ublog.name). Site users can search by Blog Ukrainian segment – contains blogs of authors who live in Ukraine or write on topics Uanet. The site seeks to catalog the assembled Ukrainian blogs and Ukrainian-based blog-hosting services. On the home page service displays blogs, randomly selected from a catalog. Football blogs on one of the most famous Ukrainian soccer sites Football.ua opened section of blogs. The authors of the blogs are sports journalists themselves players, but there can create a blog and regular site visitors. To create a blog was used by its own platform HiBlogger. Now fans will not be bored at work, using a work computer you can learn interesting football information from professionals.