Barack Obama

But, according to legend, he said the envoys: "If you saw what I grew cabbage, you would not asked me to come back, "or something like that. To some extent, this story illustrates Downshifting, as a cultural phenomenon. Among recent Russian representatives of the lifestyle of the Lord shone Sterligov and Mamonov, but among the classic – Count Leo Tolstoy, author of "War and Peace." Flow engines. Downshifting slogan could declare: "Back to the roots!" But this is only an appearance. Motives and reasons for changes in lifestyle lie much deeper. I am not personally acquainted with either Diocletian, either by Sterligov nor Mamonov, but I can share with you, what moved me when you change your lifestyle. Firstly, to identify themselves daunshifterom must have a fairly high level on the social ladder, or "shift down" will not work. If you are already at the bottom, will have nowhere to move.

Secondly, the "shift" should be voluntary. People's democratic character daunshifterom I would not call. Third: From personal experience, we can derive the third component Downshifting – not wanting to follow the generally accepted canons of success. I see here one of the root causes, which consists in that, by becoming successful and having got to the summit of Mount Olympus, one becomes its slave. Obama – the victim? An example would be the next U.S.

president Barack Obama. Recently I heard on the radio this report. Obama's family is looking for a puppy for the daughters, despite the fact that one of them is allergic to dog hair.

Kirov Logistics

Projects creation of logistics centers have emerged in cities such as Togliatti, Nizhny Novgorod. Kirov region from the rest is on a particular account. Here is the geographically prevailing transport hub – and the denouement Trans intersection of federal highways leading from east to west and from north to south. Kotelnichesky prospects recently Volga Logistics Association (Inter-regional non-profit organization of the logistics market participants) reveals serious attention to the Kirov region. Moreover, experts of the Association together with the government of the region are already working on project to build the transport and customs of the distribution center, service-oriented traffic going to the Trans-Siberian and their distribution on the Volga, Europe North and North-west. "In the Kirov region need to create a logistics center, – the President of the Volga Logistics Association Andrey Ivanov. – And the most appropriate place for this – the city Kotelnich, where, in addition to road and rail, is also River Route. " It is worth noting that long Kotelnich predicting future logistics, but as already mentioned, the background and the projects it is only a theory.

In practice, as you know, it's much more complicated. Logistics in the Kirov at held in June at the Kirov conference on the development of logistics and the construction of such a center in the region, the head of the regional department of Economic Development Alexey D. Korshunov voiced about Government activity in this direction. "Our first step was the creation of a" White Paper on transport, "Administration of the Government of CR, which was developed last year – said Korshunov.


Mr President, I read your article. It is interesting, but rarely. The question is. Many once in my life came to chain letters – which should be written and distributed. If you can not rewrite and go, razorvesh chain, then on your head fall accident, and rewrite – everything will be fine. Progress came and to those cases – yesterday via e-mail received such a letter of good luck and I think it is sending, or not. I'm afraid to make a mistake.

I was once interrupted the chain of life is not formed. AND what to do with him now, with the letter A second question is this – I know that my ex-mother-in-conjured bewitch, the impact so far, what do you recommend any remedies against such things, or your psychoenergetics this can not? Tatiana And Society, Yekaterinburg, 37 – Dear Tatiana, I know exactly what will happen if you start to send by e-mail "chain letters"? – You'll spammer and can definitely be punished, but quite earthly forces – your e-mail may get blacklisted by spam filters e-mail services. With respect to energy. All versions of "chain letters" – a programming element of man. Try 20 times by hand a letter rewrite (as before), necessarily believe in what it says. Now this is not true – I can send out thousands of such letters by e-mail. Only damage will be the first to me, even in terms of psycho-energetics. All these letters contain threats such as "if you interrupt ….

Zits-chair The OSCE In An Hour: Astana, Moscow, Substituting, Had Acquired

For the first time the OSCE Chairman will be one of the former Soviet states – Kazakhstan. The decision was taken in Madrid at the Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) of the OSCE participating states. Kazakhstan will take responsibility chairman in 2010, According to Secretary of State of Kazakhstan Kanat Saudabayev, "Kazakhstan's chairmanship in the OSCE will strengthen the credibility of the Organization of the countries of Eastern Europe and the CIS." Is this true – time will tell, but for now let's trace the ups and downs of this story, in which the key role played by Russia. Moscow has put several conditions on the activities of the OSCE and its specialized institutions. The main purpose of which is guided by the Russian Federation – discontinuing the practice of "double standards" in the OSCE, an urgent reform of this Organization and its activities for some tools. Among the conditions put forward by Moscow, was the issue of Kazakhstan's OSCE chairmanship. In case of failure of these demands Russia threatened to "withdraw from the Organization." Thus, the Russians lobbied the interests of Kazakhstan, demanding "make him chairman of the OSCE" in 2009 Extremely tough, this requirement formulated, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov: "OSCE Chairman in 2009, Kazakhstan has to be, and nobody else." Special benefits for Moscow, it did not carry, but, the source said the Foreign Ministry, "Russia's leadership considered it possible support the long-standing initiative of President Nazarbayev, whom he regards as a friend of Russia. " In this context, the resounding slap in the face of Russian diplomacy was the behavior of the Kazakh mission to the OSCE and the ROK delegation to the Ministerial Council Meeting.

Santa Cruz

The Yes side won the North (Esmeraldas) with 70.47% and in the extreme south (Loja) with 73.31%. To his victories have been harder in Bolivar (53.21%) and its neighbor Tungurahua (57 , 87%) is at the center of the country, in the Galapagos (56.27%) and Guayas (51.02%). The latter is the province where the main export port is Guayaquil, where it was not the 46.97% of the votes against 45.68% of Yes, 6.83% from 0.52% invalid votes and blank ballots. The only province where is not widely won Napo (where he obtained 55.43%), home province of former president Lucio Gutierrez opponent while in the neighboring Orellana won the Yes to No by 47% to 46%, but given the percentage of 7% to 8% of invalid votes or white, the Self does not have an absolute majority. Pastaza, which like its neighbors Napo and Orellana is part of the Amazon (traditional Gutierrez stronghold), I would be giving a very small margin of victory to Yes The level of support for the constitution correista is very large and widespread. This guarantees the president to consolidate his rule and seek to go to a new election that will guarantee a new period, the same could be renewed up to end his term of 2.017. However, he will face two opponents strongholds. In the east is to the supporters of Lucio Gutierrez and the Guayaquil Mayor Jaime Nebot Social Christian. Napo and Orellana not have the large populations, geographical or economic de Santa Cruz in Bolivia.