Right Security

Differently of these countries, critical established here it falls again on the Brazilian public politics that are transparent inefficient and inefficacious, has seen that they are lastreadas in minimizing differences, to elaborate projects to increase the security sensation (to the step that would have to guarantee the security), to increase contingents, to construct penitentiaries, to concursar officers of justice, to contract temporary and commissioned, beyond other insignificant actions (in virtue of the discontinuity), concise and exitosa rank that are not projected, planned, structuralized, defined and determined in coherent way. The actions more ‘ ‘ expressivas’ ‘ applied in the Brazilian Public Security throughout the last times they had seemed to have been bred to give continuity to the projects of previous governments, failed for the mediation of the state machine, either for social reason, politician, cultural, moral, ethical or another one any alleged. Thus exactly, these actions had incurred into the same imperfections that already implanted in the processes of passed governments, that is, had been created with the main purpose to act in the imediatismo, without any evolutivo planning and of development, diminishing (and in some cases frustrando) the perspectives of improvement of the security, glimpsed for all the society. However, the purpose of this small sample is to alicerar the Right to the Security that the individuals possess, demonstrating for in such a way the deficiencies of the system, the trespasses to the basic rights, the lack of efficient public politics and efficient and the discontinued actions of the public managers in its programs, projects and parcerias.3 CONSIDERAES FINAISAs consideraes referenciadas here denote the unrestricted concern main to provide the preservation of the rules constitutional in the public politics of Security, in way that if can guarantee the citizens worthy conditions of pacific and harmonious convivncia. One also verified that the resqucios of the times of long ago, where the governments were commanded by aristocrats, large estate owners with proper interests and until adepts of the military repression? with marcantes characteristics of dictators? still they persist, compromising the development of efficient and efficient public politics of security. Although all the efforts undertaken for the current governments, in set with the society, as well as other involved actors in the process, still perceive a great imbalance of projects, programs and actions destined to the satisfaction of the daily and constant necessities of public security. However, with the proportionate hope for the Federal Constitution of 1988, when it aimed at main the defense of human rights e, consequentemente, of the basic rights, we can, at last, dream of better days in the security, in not forgetting that each one must make its part. The quarrel here proposal, of concise and shortened form, does not try to deplete the related subjects, so great the importance and relevance that these represent for the society and mundo.

Federal District Law

The article of chapter V of LDB 9394/96 deals with the special education, a modality of special education for all those that if to consider as special. However the objective of the law is not to form classroom in the schools only for pupils special, but yes, to qualify them it to frequentar the regular schools and for this it is necessary of prepared professionals. Professors with specialization adjusted in average or superior level, for specialized attendance, as well as professors of regular education enabled to the integration of these educandos in the common classrooms (LDB, article 59, III, 1996). To leave from there, to guarantee to educating its entrance in the market of work with priority in public competitions and the fulfilling of the vacant in private companies. These companies are obliged to destine a percentage of vacant to be busy for considered people deficient, this percentage are of 20% for federal public companies this percentage are lesser for the municipal and state public companies, the private companies go to depend on the number of employees who they to hold, as Law 8112/90.

LDB 9,394/96 determines in articles 9 and 87, respectively, that it fits to the Union, the elaboration of the Plan, in contribution with the States, the Federal District and the Cities, and institutes the Decade of the Education. It still establishes, that the Union directs the Plan to the National Congress, one year after the publication of the cited law, with lines of direction and goals for the ten posterior years, in tune with the World-wide Declaration on Education for All. With the Federal Constitution of 1988 the LDB foresees the PNE authenticating the idea of a national plan of long stated period resurged, with act of law. In 1998 4,155 is presented the project of law n, approving, thus the National Plan of Education.

Carbon Credits

They vantagemem it to Destarte to use its certificates of carbon credits, Brazil, the example dospases African, has that to face a more complex mechanism for obtenode certificates, this in virtue of the high index of risk of existenteno credit country, culminated for the weight of the insolvency, the call ' ' RiscoBrasil' '. Either, one more time the question comes back toward the economic and noambiental text. The subject logically de a infindvel complexity, we cannot arrive in port the pollution, central focus dadiscusso, in the platform of mere merchandise, this is what it has occurred, levandotodos to a vision extremely maken a mistake of the routes to be obeyed for areduo of the effect of the global heating. To compose one panoramacom contribution of diverse sectors and fields of research is, and it will always be, important to the quarrel, however we do not have to mix ambient protection eeconomia in one same direction, this in them can take the errors without precedents. If tencionouque the carbon certificates were never transformed only into a species conditional financial deoperao to generate profits to its investors, to semgerar any species of advantages to the environment in itself. Lack worthy deinterpretao? Explicit exploitation of economic potential? Not possvel to affirm, in fact we have witnessed a continuous mutation in the market decomercializao of certifyd of credit of carbon, alavancada pelasnotcias and referring forecasts to the global heating.

What in fact existe a urgent necessity of if planning reevaluations on the institute, deformed to be possible to line up its reasons to the constant modifications nocenrio of the world-wide environment. The mechanisms denegociao of carbon credits can be excellent instruments of diminuiode launching of pollutants in the environment, are treated, before everything, of aoafirmativa. It would not be louvvelsimplesmente to exterminar all the innumerable deriving businesses of the comercializaodos Carbon Credits, societies specialized in the subject are comumentecriadas, day after days, professionals of the highest answer sheet come back suasatenes to the subject, and everything this, of certain form, fortifies the quarrel.

Andrew Corentt

The happiness concept generally is related to moments of satisfaction that they have to do with the satisfaction of the senses, for example to buy a new car, to live in an immense house, to achieve the success, to travel, to share, etc. All those are experiences that satisfy the body, the soul to a certain extent but they are fleeting, although it does not mean that we must resign to it. The true happiness consists of finding our essence spiritual that it goes beyond this physical world, much people thinks that the death exists but that only is concerning the body, but exists something greater than it is our soul that transfers the conscience and the time. In the book I Am Happy, I I am Rico de Andrew Corentt is great secret to us on the operation of the universe, we must there recognize that our great intention must be to obtain the illumination and to surpass the illusion of the time, the life and the death, that is to find us with our own infinite essence of being able beyond our perceptions. What I must make to obtain it? action always must be inherent to the man, but each thing that we do we must make it with indifference, tranquillity and seeding the seeds of the love constantly. You do not have to think about the past nor about the future, all their energy must would concentrate in now, are thanked for and so she has, do the best thing, enjoy the things tranquillity, avoid to fall in the addiction because this brings attachment to this material illusion and that entails suffering.

I can look for the abundance? In fact you always have been and is abundance, are his beliefs those make that it perceive a different world, you you must persecute what wishes but changing its belief in order to show what it already knows that he is his, the actions are necessary but they must take control of benefit, with tranquillity feelings. You can have what wants but you remember that as soon as is an election, imagines that sees fall a leaf of a tree, is a peace sensation, in fact you know that within you there are the very many essence greater than now she can perceive. Benefit of the wonders of the life no like things other people’s to you but like integral part of its own universe, it remembers at any moment that at unconscious level all we are united with the infinite unconsciousness of God.

Giovanni Cassini

The specter of the crown very shows shining lines that, up to 1940, were not known. Currently and it knows that they are produced by atoms of iron, nickel, neon and calcium highly ionized and not for no strange element, as previously she was thought. The fact of some times ionized in the crown to exist these elements imply that its temperature must be much high, therefore are necessary much energy to extract many electrons of an atom. The crown must have around 1 million of degrees Kelvin. Of the crown it emanates the solar wind, particle a continuous flow emitted of the crown that causes a loss of the mass on the part of the Sun. The Solar wind that reaches the Land is of approximately 7 prtons/cm travelling about 400 km/s, that it is captured by the magnetic field of the Land, forming the cinturo of Van Allen, in the terrestrial magnetosphere. The diameter of the Sun is around 1.390.000 km and its surface arrives 6000 K, in the center reaches 20 million degrees K.

The term Sun is of origin Greek? helium? discovered first in the Sun and one room century was discovered in the Land. The helium if establishes in the Sun to a temperature equivalent 14.000.000 C, emitting violent rays X, if these rays penetrated in the terrestrial atmosphere would cause bad a harmful one to the life of the man. In the distance of the Sun it was discovered in 1673, for Jean Richer (1630-1696) and Giovanni Cassini (1625-1712) that they had determined in the distance of Mars and with this they had esteem the astronomical unit as 140 million km (150 km is the current value), was possible to determine its luminosity, that is the power that it produces. The luminosity of the Sun currently determines in 3,9×10 watts = 3,9×10 ergs/s.

Constitutional Court

The minister of Culture had predicted an official visit of five days. Gonzlez-Sinde has solicitd to appear in the Congress of the Deputies for ” to explain the policy of its department and the societies of gestin”. Who is who in the plot? The origin of the operation. Official notice of the General Society of Authors to the public opinion. The minister of Culture, Gonzlez-Sinde Angels, has cancelled an official trip to Japan that had to initiate this Wednesday due to the investigation of irregularities in the General Society of Authors and Publishers and by that she has solicitd to appear in the Congress of the Deputies. Gonzlez-Sinde, that it had predicted to arrive this Wednesday at Tokyo for an official visit from five days, has remained in Madrid to prepare its appearance, have explained sources of Culture. A appearance to own request – for which not yet there is date and in that the minister wants ” to explain the policy of its department and, in particular, the societies of management “.

The past Friday, after halting of the top person in charge of the SGAE, Teddy Baptist, the Ministry of Culture assured that he is not competent to control and to control the activities of management organizations, a work that correspond to the independent communities, according to a sentence of the Constitutional Court of 1997. ” Respect to investigacin” On the other hand, Gonzlez-Sinde requested ” respeto” by the investigation that follows the Hearing National and added that the main thing is that ” they clarify hechos” . In its trip to Japan, Gonzlez-Sinde had predicted to participate to Thursday in the inauguration of the Fair the International of Libro of Tokyo, that this year it has to Spain like invited country. Day 8 was going to travel to Kioto, where entrevistara with its mayor, Daisaku Kadokawa, and Saturday had to give to the Order of the Arts and the Letters to the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami. The circumstance that occurs it does two years less than, in December of 2009, the minister of Culture had to cancel, ” by problems of agenda” , its participation in seminary on the Dialogue on new urban cultures in Tokyo. Source of the news: Gonzlez-Sinde cancels an official visit to Japan by the supposed corruption in the SGAE.

Visas United

Travellers who less come to the United States by tourism or businesses by 90 days or, and than come from described countries, will be able to visit the United States without a visa if they reunite to the requirements of the program Waiver Visa. At the moment, 35 countries participate in the Program Waiver Visa, as it is next: Program Waiver Visa Countries that participate to Andorra Iceland Norway Au stralia Ireland Portugal Austria Itali to San Marino Belgium Japan Singapore Brunei Latvia Slovakia Czech Republic Liechtenstein Slovenia Denmark Lithuania Estonian South Korea Luxembourg Spain Finland ia Malta Sweden France Monaco Sui za Germany Holland the United Kingdom Requisite Hungary New Zealand to describe for a visitor visa Exists specific requirements that are due to fulfill on the part of the candidates to describe for a visitor visa, under the provisions of the Act of Immigration and Nationality. The consular office in the embassy or consulate will determine if you describe for the visa. The presumption in the new law is that each candidate for a visa of visitor a The United States is a potential immigrant. Therefore, the candidates for visas of visitors must surpass that presumption demonstrating that: The objective of its trip is to enter the United States by businesses, pleasure or medical treatment; They glide to remain by a period of limited and specific time; They own bottoms sufficient to cover its expenses in the United States; They maintain social and economic bows abroad; and? They also own a residence by outside the United States and other binding bows that assure their return to the foreigner when his culminates seen.

The process of application for a visitor visa the petitioners for visas of visitors would have to apply in the Embassy or Consulate of the United States with jurisdiction in their place of residence. Nevertheless, the petitioners for visas can apply in any consular office of the United States in the outside, but it can be more difficult to satisfy the requirements if the process is carried out by outside the residence place. Nowadays the applications for visas are subject to a major revision degree that in the past, reason why is important to apply for its visa with good weather of anticipation to the departure date from its trip to the United States. As it leaves from the process of application for visas, it is necessary to carry out an interview in the consular section of the embassy. The interview is necessary for all the petitioners that they have between 14 and 79 years, with very few exceptions. The smaller people of 13 years and majors of 80, do not require an interview generally, unless the embassy or asks for it explicitly to consulate.

The first passage in the process of application for a visa is to request the appointment for the interview. The time of delay for the appointment can vary, reason why he is very recommendable to apply ahead of time for the visa. It learns how to program an appointment for an interview, to pay the application tariff, to review specific instructions of each embassy much more and, entering the page Web of the Embassy or Consulate of the United States where it will carry out his application. During the process of application for the visa, normally during the interview, a digital track will be taken him quickly from digital form. Some applications for visa require more administrative processing, which requires of an additional time after the interview done by the Consular Official.