Diving Knowing

Australia, the country of kangaroos and koalas that surprises for its large areas of land uninhabited and unexplored. Multi-cultural country par excellence that regardless of races, religions and customs coexist in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Arabs, Italians, Greeks, Spaniards, English, French. Completely surrounded by water and rich in Islands and reefs, Australia is the dream all diver. Its waters conceal a true treasure of marine life with more than 4,000 species of fish and the greatest diversity of marine algae of the world. Discover the submarine filled with algae, close to the Mornington Peninsula, the East coast of Tasmania, accompanied by the temperate waters of Australia. These, among others are the most chosen places by those who choose between their destinations travel to Australia: Queensland: where the great barrier reef, world heritage is and natural wonder. Western Australia. Ningaloo: Is the world’s largest reef cornice.

It is home to 200 species of rocky coral, 50 soft coral and over 500 species of fish. Usually is practice snorkeling or diving surface between a dense curtain of brilliant fish in the Bundegi Bombies reef sanctuary. You will discover the experience of swimming with turtles, blankets raya, dolphins, alones, angel fish and fish clown, among others, and the beauty of underwater life. For those traveling between April and June, they will have the option to swim with the shark whale, the largest fish in the world. Mornington Peninsula, Victoria: You can dive with stripes, seahorses, cuttlefish, squid, Sea Urchin, rock cod and laminated sea dragons, in the Port Phillip Heads Marine Park. This amazing underwater world is located on the Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne.

Path of diving of the coast this, Tasmania: is one of the eleven spectacular dive sites along the East coast of Tasmania, from Binalong Bay to the peninsula of Tasmania. Its crystal clear waters offer an optimal visibility, and can appreciate the seahorses and sea dragons numbered in dives from the beach in Waubs Bay, near Bicheno. Swim in the lovely caves of the island of Phoque, inhabited by a large colony of seals. Baird Bay, South Australia: This fishing village has become famous for its colony of sea lions endangered species that live in a protected lagoon far from the shore. Here you can dive into the deeper waters with dolphins beautiful groups. Port Darwin, Northern Territory: diving discover shipwrecks of World War II and a coastal Reef full of fish, in the temperate waters of port Darwin. Approximately every two weeks, the tides allow you to discover these underwater secrets.Experience one of the famous sunsets in Darwin, with the Flemish Fund, see sea urchins and Octopus up in water. Clovelly and Gordons Bay, new South Wales: there a colorful community of fish inhabiting the Rocky channels of Clovelly and Gordons Bay surroundings. Just eight kilometres Sydney. It offers the possibility of performing a night dive at the Clovelly Laguna or in the large waves of Sharks Point, at the northern end of Clovelly.

Travel Price

Just a few years New Zealand was a destination that was not even spoken. Do and who wanted to go to the other side of the world is taking into account that this could cost in times in which travel with aircraft not yet had established as standard and the companies low-cost still not settled? Virtually no one, and Spain was not the exception. No more. A series of developments at the global level have been revolutionizing travel and competition for the market had been very intense, bringing the price down. Currently more than 10,000 Spaniards visit our Antipodes, although most do not know that they are paying even a price which is almost double that could be paying if they knew how to get an economically.

By way of proof, let me ask you do you much think that usually costs a flight to New Zealand? Well, 90% of the population responds that you between 1000 and 2000 Euros to this question. Therefore I say to you that if you know where to look you can fly with the same company by only 580 Euros! From the 15th of August you can eventually find offerings below 700 Euros, high season!. Are surprised? Let’s move on then. What I say of a rent a motorhome, which is the typical way to visit New Zealand to admire the beauty of its landscapes? Here the answers are more variables while all have something in common. The Spaniards we timan with the price going to New Zealand. We can actually spend 20 days motorhome at a price of 150 Euros per person until September 30. If we add up see that we get a pack of flights more rent a motorhome for 20 days for only 730 Euros well choosing dates! The problem? Find these options requires an extraordinary knowledge of the various providers, knowledge that only the Agency have, but they don’t want to tell. The solution? Since then, is in the small agencies that they begin to use very different methods focusing on the same principles no-frills that airlines like Ryanair or Easyjet in such a way that they do not need to collect commissions and they have enough with a rate by management to earn their bread.

Eastern Europe

V.F. Different routes through Central and Eastern Europe. Its interior takes back until the 1950s. It has modern facilities, passenger service. In the majority of occasions when one thinks of travel and visit new cities rarely arises that the train may be little more than a means that will allow us to reach our destination. But the more nostalgic and romantic in this course on Rails are a different way of enjoying holidays, which goes beyond the mere fact of moving from a place to another, thanks to a series of luxury trains that allow you to discover the world in a different way. Surrounded by glamour and in an environment in which are cared for to the smallest detail, the Danube Express is a train where modernity and the memory of the past come together to accompany the traveller on this journey which leads him to explore new destinations.

All aboard is an opportunity to experience a different and sophisticated. While on the outside we see pass the most varied landscapes, time seems to have been arrested in its interior. Many consider him a hotel on wheels allowing you to visit various cities without loading the luggage continuously. One seems to be in a dream, and from the beginning until the end staff will be attentive to anything missing. This trip full of magical combinations, stands out for its exclusive atmosphere, in which only 42 passengers will be the privileged in each tour. Among the eight carriages that make up this tourist train guided by a modern locomotive, you can opt for a compartment in the so-called classic sleeping car or enjoy a luxury compartment. The first one is designed primarily for travelers going unaccompanied. These wagons, completely restored, formed part in the 1940s and 50 Hungarian fleet and Communist leaders such as Janos Kadar, which didn’t fly, used them regularly.

TravelBloggers Meeting TBM

On Saturday September 24, Malaga will host in the center of contemporary art, the fifth meeting TravelBloggers Meeting (TBM), an appointment which is summoned to bloggers from Spain, Europe and South America, where will exchange and share experiences travelling, knowledge and trends in the tourism sector.Malaga will host TravelBloggers Meeting (TBM) also, they will analyze the evolution of the blogosphere related to travel. Participants in this Fifth Edition will be able to visit at the hands of the Office of tourism of Malaga during the days 23 and 25 September, various attractions of the Sun and its capital, the city of Malaga coast. TravelBloggers Meeting will consist of two parts: on one side the Fast Workshop Destinations, in which three international destinations submitted through the vision of bloggers its attractions in 25 minutes. Two of these destinations have already confirmed their presence: Chile and Slovenia Tourism tourism. The second traveler 2.0, part conversation bloggers can share their experiences. Along with this, photojournalist Rafa Perez will give a talk about image and photography in the travel blogosphere. Previous editions of the TBM were held in Seville, Madrid and Barcelona.


It is friendly, he is faithful, he is there when you need him and wants to see you happy every day. Our pet not only makes us company, but it gives us things many times or the human being comes to give us. Why not is what we appreciate with a holiday? He also wants to travel, above all, wants to be with you. We give recommendations for travel with pet. In the majority of holiday accommodations, stay of pets is not supported. On the other hand, Muchosol has a range of rentals of accommodation where animals are supported.

Search apartments, houses and villas for holiday rental that allow pets. Transporting your macota generally, these are obligations for travel by plane with pet, you must still take into account own of each airline regulation. -In general, for travel in the cabin, your pet should not exceed 6 kg and in some companies, 8 kg. -You must make sure that the cage has the regulatory measures. -It takes the passport of your pet with identification and their shots in order. -There are exceptions for cases of dogs lazarillo.

To travel with pet by train: trains have rules similar to the aircraft, although it depends on the miles you will travel (close, medium, or long distance). Standards tend to be:-the animal must not exceed 6 kg of weight (as a rule). -He is the owner of the animal that takes care of the damage that can cause the animal. -The animal must have in order to the health guide. If you are travelling with your pet by car: according to the regulations, the animal can not go loose in the car, because it endangers the safety of driving. If your pet is large, you should take her tied and separated by a grille. Is your pet is small should be placed in the seat of back and inside a bag of animal transport. Recommendations for the holidays with pet at your destination when you arrive at your place of holiday with your pet, you must be discreet because the coastal Act prohibits the entry of animals to the beach. You can go to remote coves or Virgin coves of low turnout. Do not carry you to the beach at bath time and with many people on the beach. If you decide to not travel with pet, let it in shelters that cared for animals in vacation. Another option is the leave it to people who announce the care of pets on vacation and what can ever pass through your head is obviously the idea of leaving for vacation. If you know any case of animal abandonment, denounce it! Are you going with your pet on vacation?

Euros Caribbean

The Iberia airline offers cheap plane tickets to the major tourist destinations in the world, guaranteeing safety, comfort and well-being to its passengers. One of these destinations offered by Iberia is Havana, Cuba. At prices ranging from 700 Euros you can get flights last minute Madrid towards the capital of the Cuban island. With the typical Caribbean atmosphere, Havana offers beautiful beaches to the tourists, the best cigars from all over the world, the best rum and a very active nightlife with very catchy and exotic music rhythms. It is the ideal place if you want a holiday of pure leisure and pleasure. The city has one more than adequate infrastructure to receive and welcome tourists from all over the world. The Hotel Nacional de Cuba, for example, is one of the 10 best palaces of the planet.

It is located a few metres from the beautiful coast of Cuba, so from their rooms has a really magnificent view towards the crystalline waters of the Caribbean. The hotel has a 5 star rating and offers its clients numerous entertainment events and banquets. Old Havana, West of Havana, is also a very attractive place for travelers. Since its architecture is the most faithful to the colonial era in the Caribbean and was declared patrimony of humanity to preserve the style of this historical period. And of course, as all country Caribbean, Cuba boasts numerous white sand beaches and waters ranging from turquoise to blue, which is certainly worth visiting. The city of Varadero beach is the most prestigious in the Cuban archipelago and one of the main attractions of the tourism of the country. It offers tourists of all kinds and accommodation near the coast, first-class hotels, villas, bungalows etc. The nightlife in the city is very active and has several clubs to go out and have fun.

In addition, it has several excursions for those who enjoy adventure. It has 23 different diving points that provide corals of all colors and hundreds of species of fish; doing something that is without a doubt worth this excursion test, since it is an experience unique. In Varadero also horseback riding, surfing, waterskiing and many activities can be carried out. Original author and source of the article.

Travel Insurance

It does not matter what age you are or the type of vacation where you’re thinking, because you will always need to prepare certain aspects before you travel. All have in common the desire of that when we go on vacation everything goes to ask Boca. Any inconvenience can become a serious problem if we do not take proper precautions or have some benefits that assure us that nothing will disrupt our desired trip. What are the travel insurance that most us further agree select the destination and choose the accommodation and transport, it is very important that we devote some time to think about the characteristics of our trip in order to choose the most suitable travel insurance. Since not all decide to have the same vacation, travel insurance will not be the same. Not It is the same exit to conventional tourism that perform more exotic activities or extreme sports. In addition, one thing is leaving abroad and another stay at home, and even insurance vary depending on whether traspasas or not the borders of the European Union. What are the requirements to travel around Europe if in your case you are going to travel around the European Union, then it is important that you reports about community insurance, which include certain requirements to travel around Europe.

First, you have to take into account that only persons under the 68-year-old can hire this type of insurance and not providing coverage in the country of origin, i.e., in Spain. They are only one few requirements to travel in Europe you need to know: Please note that standard insurance often force one week approximately. Is also valid for different displacements within Community territory. If you meet these requirements, don’t doubt that this is your insurance.