It was not until yesterday, when I paid some attention to weather information, until I realized that autumn, was already effectively, here. Yes I have been aware of that already people not be put so fresh in the summer months, but as we have been enjoying a fairly pleasant temperatures for the months in which we were, barely had been repaired in the sky was more grey and the leaves of the trees had already started to turn yellow. Temperatures have dropped significantly, and that more will be lower still, so we can say that we have entered fully into the months of hibernation. Therefore, thinking of this idea in particular, I refused to give up the summer pleasures. We are in low season, isn’t it? Now the hotel occupancy will not reach the zenith of summer and will in your case, do so only thanks to some long weekend with which we We may encounter. As well, why not I take to go on holiday now? Once I arrived at this conclusion, I started looking for information about possible trips to Egypt and the deals are endless. An absolutely exceptional price that includes cruise the Nile aboard a luxury ship, excursions to see the older monuments and stay in Cairo. Even for travel to the Caribbean! Click on offers Caribbean and see the number of available vacation packages at a very tempting price: hotels of five stars, huge hotel complexes, private beaches there is No better time! Popular, crowded and San Sebastian Gastronomika Euskadi luxury boot savour it San Sebastian Gastronomika 2010 Excursiones by Georgia the Ovi store confirms the success of Nokia mobile from luxury House prefabricated luxury arrested poachers after hurting caretaker of stay


The most compelling reason to travel in a private jet is perhaps that least expect. In a nutshell, it is profitable. Private flights or charter flights make sense in the final balance, since it allows the productive use of a non-renewable resource: time. Studies conducted in leading companies in relation to the value of the hours worked by its executives, conclude that hourly means thousands of euros, so time spent flying, coupled with the frequent annoyances of commercial flights is literally, a lost good for companies. Executives of all levels are learning that in a company plane or private plane trips increase the amount of time that is spent productively within one business day.

In this way they consider that air freight charter flights is often less expensive than commercial flights, if we consider the cost of your time. Numbers can be very surprising. A recent study compared the times used by commercial airlines and private jets during a period of 12 months, showed a saving of $379,000 for the company that opted to use charter flights. The private company aviation reduced the total travel of 630 hours of time on shopping trips to 251 hours, a reduction of 379 hours. Savings resulted in $1000 per hour.

Whether to invest up to 120 hours per year in commercial flights for a company, a private jet is an excellent cost-effective option. In a private jet, under his total control, eliminates the airport check-in, the process of wasting time changing tickets plus additional land travel, simply upload to your plane and a car at the end of the flight. Additionally, due to the large number of airports serving smaller planes, is the Executive who flies on private jet much easier to reach your final destination. The route of a private jet is completely at your discretion. Therefore, a more effective business agenda would totally possible.

Le Bon Marche

The Galette de Rois is the French version of our twisted roll of Kings comes, they say, a chef at the Court of Luis XV wanted to entertain the King on the day of the Epiphany. The jewel I wanted to give him a ranked among the mass of puff pastry and almond, an idea that spread among the aristocracy during his term to cause him great admiration. Somewhat later it would expand by Europe to Spain. The truth is, whether their origin or not, in Spain accompanying our traditional distribution of gifts while in France as Montbeliard regions, the old Tia Airie distributes these without need for cupcake that accompany him on the morning of December 25. Christmas adds to these a good number of which identified by its uniqueness to certain peoples and traditions which at least often coincide in one, the Christmas lighting.

Paris does not need large outlays for to be considered the city of lights; Since the 18th century holds in his imagination the intellectual openness and the development of the arts. Despite this no We cannot deny that Christmas decoration adorns even more if fits the city that in other seasons, in which has a surprising night lighting of monuments. On 23 November and from January 15, visitors will have the opportunity to discover this new scenario for which we could follow many routes but between them which can not forget certain stops. More than 125 streets and squares rival designs from the most famous shopping malls. The Lafayette, Le Bon Marche or BHV took the initiative in the Printemps as his own and each year vying in the best proposal. It must not ignore the chance of seeing the seven heights tree that adorns the dome of the first on the boulevard Hassmann. In addition, we can leverage the visit to climb to the lookout and contemplate the night Paris which opens from five in the afternoon in December.

Mendoza Tourism Traveling Malargue

Mendoza tourism: traveling Malargue Mendoza Province boasts beautiful areas to visit, and learn. Fortunately, hotel in Mendoza is well developed in all its segments, especially in the considered sites of tourist interest such as Malargue. Just 420 km from the capital of the province, the Department of Malargue offers a wide range of activities and attractions, with a particular microclimate that allows the practice of all kinds of outdoor sports. In fact, Malargue, was declared Capital of the adventure tourism. The region of Malargue is characterized by its rugged geography.

In fact, the word Malargue means corral de piedra, by strange rock shapes that resembled coral species natural where local aborigines took their cattle to graze. The region lends itself to the cross-country trips, whether in motor vehicle, bicycle, horseback, or simply walking. The area is ideal for practicing rappelling, which consists of upload steep rock walls with the aid of harnesses with ropes. The Pincheira castles are located 20 kilometers from the city of Malargue. Them put castles because of the whimsical way with which the erosion of the climate has worked the mountain slopes, creating true castles.

Pincheira castles is a mythical place, where the popular fantasy and history intertwine to create the most incredible stories. They say Pincheira was the surname of a few brothers, bandits who harassed the area towards the end of the 19th century. The castles were his favorite retreat to hide from authorities who were after them. The area they run the Malargue River and the Pincheira stream. The site is a nature reserve, where the tourist will find lots of proveedurias, hostels, and camping sites and where you will find everything necessary for the realization of the aforementioned adventure sports. From the locality it is necessary to cross a rustic bridge of wire and wood to gain access to the castles. There you can see remains of the Indian cultures premises and archaeological relics, as arrowheads and pottery artifacts. The region is perfect for those who like wildlife photography, given that the biodiversity of flora and local fauna lend themselves beautifully, along with the incredible landscape, to achieve the most beautiful shots. A separate paragraph deserves the gastronomy of the zone. It is impossible to spend the holidays in Mendoza without trying the local goat, true delicacy that melts in the mouth, and makes us believe that we have never tried the meat until that moment.