One of the leaders of the Nationalists, said that the government lacks the courage to confront the terrorists, reported the BBC. And – here, the reaction government officials, the ruling party. As reported from Ankara, Turkey once again began arresting opposition politicians to the Government. We do not know, is it really the project of reforms in the sphere of interethnic relations in Turkey could lead to possible early disintegration of the country. But what starts the confrontation between supporters and opponents of this very 'peace plan' may actually lead to a polarization of attitudes in Turkey and, consequently, to a split within the Turkish society, no doubt. In such cases, as a rule, the Turks into the political arena recklessly and without appeal beyond its army, the government picks up the highest the generals in Turkey. So – wait for another military coup in this country? Should also be pointed out – let's not jump, but note that the solution of two sensitive issues, perhaps, Turkey may not be on the back: Armenian and Kurdish.

And a much more powerful and mighty state fell apart when they tried to disperse their attention immediately to the 'two fronts'. For example not far to seek – once the U.S. to try and once in Iraq and Afghanistan to carry out 'vesternalistskuyu democratization', as stalled the entire foreign policy of Washington, acute financial and economic situation in the U.S., etc., etc. But the Turks 'fronts' are even two more will be – they try and dictate terms to the Caucasus, and the settlement of the Karabakh-Azerbaijan conflict to intervene (though the Turks 'no waiting'!), and the communication on the position not to lose. Well What about here in Turkey is not 'tear apart'? Outlined the regional geostrategic picture for the past week can hardly be described as encouraging. Feels that all the resulting processes make factor additional tension in the internal affairs of almost all "big triangle" around the Caucasus (Russia-Iran-Turkey), and in the Transcaucasian region. And so we see again a large uncertainty for almost all the players involved in the process of the Caucasus. And do not be afraid to face the truth – namely that of increased instability.


Antonio is now 25 years old and all weekends must travel to a city in the interior of the country to play at a tourist restaurant with a musical ensemble (Creole) to accompany singers both from the capital and the place. Antonio travels with the musical ensemble that touches on the premises and that is formed by four people. The music that is played is folk music, music of the coast of our country. The musicians who comprise this musical group are: a first guitar (Javier), a second guitar (Antonio), a cajonero (Felipe), and a castanuelero (Jorge) when Antonio began to dabble in the Creole music running the guitar always rodeo people older than the. Members of this ensemble were older than him, and the age difference was more than 20 years. This means that Antonio to his 25 years played with guitarist over 40. On some occasions traveled with them singers in the capital, singing how stellar in the premises. The artistic presentation developed in the following manner: the days of presentation were the days Friday and Saturday, from nine in the evening at three in the morning.

Six hours of show, interspersed with dance music’s album, a moment in time. Artists that were presented were two of the capital, one stellar and other less known, and three of the place. To travel to that city, the musicians had to leave on Friday morning, and arrived at night. They were installed in the hotel and on the fly were preparing for work. After the presentation they withdrew to rest. The next day took breakfast in the room, more afternoon lunch at the same site, and after dinner, again (or Saturday), began the show. At the end of this members retreating to rest and the day following Sunday very early departed back to the capital, this was repeated every week.

Priorities Of Taxis

Each of us at one time or another used by a taxi. At the same time everyone wants to ride was comfortable, the driver knew the road on which to travel, car, for example, when ordering a taxi from Syktyvkar to Kirov was in place at the appointed time, it was clear both outside and inside, well, and most importantly – the way, as the trip should be safe. Safety trip is considered the most important feature when selecting a customer taxi. It's no secret that the situation in cities and on roads is not the comforting, so law enforcement officials advised all to "catch" a taxi just ordering it over the phone in a well-known firm. Therefore that among ordinary taxi drivers who do not work in any of the companies taxi, may not be very pleasant people.

A calling from a car company, you can be sure of honesty of drivers, because hardly anyone will want to lose loyal customers, and work. In many firms, taxis operate special units, who study a summary of each driver before you give them a car. Carefully consider previous employment driver reasons why he was fired or resigned. Thus, the firm knew about the employee quite a lot in terms of its professionalism. Every self-respecting company will organize these divisions is not surprising, as they value their reputation and not want to spoil it for any negligent employee. Due to the fact that every man fears for his life, many customers are interested in the presence of airbags and child seat belts and dynamic. Thus, firms Taxi continually respond to the wishes of the passengers, taxi station, and updating the security system. Therefore, passengers can now practice without fear of travel by taxi, even with an unfamiliar driver. After all, the firm each employee checks before the device it to work, but it is his experience and driving experience. So your journey with our company will not only timely, but safe. Happy journey!

Propose Marriage

February 14 is considered, without a doubt, the most romantic day of the year. Countless are the ladies who dream of an original and perfect on Valentine’s day, while men are planning unforgettable meetings to reach the fantasies of their loved ones. To help couples find a romantic and charming destination, suggests the 10 best places to propose marriage on Valentine’s day. It may be a traditional and romantic destination like the Eiffel Tower; a proposal for a fairy next to the castle of Cinderella; or in the romantic canals of Venice, even better in the intimacy of Lake Okareka in New Zealand, or perhaps the World Peace Rose Garden in Sacramento, California. Travelers will be sure to have found the ideal proposal and the best price in hosting obtained in the leading hotel search engine in the world.

The best 10 places to ask for her hand in the day of San Valentin 1. Vienna, Austria Hotel de France. Considered one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe, the Hotel de France is located on the famous Ringstrasse Boulevard on which a carriage horses under night cover stars create the atmosphere for a perfect poetic proposal. 2 Rotorua, New Zealand Lake and Lodge Okareka. This isolated and lecherous hotel, accessible only by yacht or private plane, is one of shelters most detained the beauty of New Zealand offers. To the reserved exclusively to a single person at any given time, this hotel provides the perfect location that invites to a proposal of marriage both private and intimate.

3 Paris, France The Plaza Athenee Hotel. The elegance and glamour of the Plaza Athenee creates the conditions for one of the most requested classic of hand on top of the Eiffel Tower. After the proposal of marriage, couples mingle in romance in this Parisian symbol of love along with a dinner with candles in the Hotel.

Natasha Richardson

He followed Judy Garland, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, who also were victims of Hollywood doctors prescribing potent pills for anything in the world – and to wake up, and to sleep. They began to take pain drugs, mixing them with alcohol, as soon as they come to the studio and could not stop even before his death. In the world of show business made use of stars, squeezing out their juice and money, until long as the darlings of the public have the strength to withstand stress. Other than the exploitation of stars can not call it, and in fact it is murder, just a quiet, unobtrusive, and, unfortunately, so, for whom not to call a reply … In recent months, Michael was preparing for the London concerts. He has traveled on a gurney and would get up, and he would be on stage for several hours, and not just sing, move and entertain.

Therefore, physicians "Pumped" his pills, like a balloon pumped up with air. They liven up a living mummy, not thinking about what are the consequences of their actions. Or rather, it is unlikely their concerns of any kind had consequences. Because to them for They do not have to answer … How to not have to answer for Elvis and Judy …

Or Natasha Richardson, who was left without medical attention in Montreal. Back in mid-June, transit Dark Moon met with the White Moon, in his horoscope. That's when two karmic planets – black and white angel – come to a decision that fell due. On the day of his death, transit Mars, passing the border of the eighth house, preparing for an exact square to Chiron. This was repeated natal aspect, and it is this aspect of the "included" mechanism of death. And lost at a furious pace, as it was planned Mars. The long agony is over quickly as a knockout, death, which brought him back to that world to which he belonged. The world of the elemental forces of nature that will be forever imprinted in his unique music.