Traveling Out

If you are of those who are already planning the 2011 Easter vacation there is something you should know. There is a low cost airline that is practically throwing the House out the window, takes advantage of this and passes dolled and unforgettable vacation! The airline, in conjunction with the Toluca airport reached agreement to make that you save on your next vacation. What is happening is that this Exchange you will benefit because the Toluca airport is going to give TUA (airport usage fees) which costs $204 pesos and is charged on your plane ticket. So this airline as well as offer you very low costs normally, now reduced you $204 pesos. Here is a little bit going so that you are planning your Easter 2011:-Acapulco from $495 – Cancun from $1195 – Guadalajara from $695 – Ixtapa from $495 – Los Cabos from $1295 – Monterrey from $1195 – Puerto Vallarta from $795 imagine you go on vacation to Ixtapa Zihuatanejo spending only $495 pesos in your plane ticket! These prices apply only coming out from Toluca so that when planning your vacation remember to make scale in Toluca or exit from there, you will save lots of money. Remember that this promotion is only travelling by an airline, enters its internet portal and find out about this and many other promotions.

Travel Insurance

Currently the insecurity has it has seized a part by importing our quiet – but all – and many people decide not to travel by the fear of having problems with transport, fortunately insecurity in this topic is no longer a problem, because there are airlines that are concerned about you and offer you a very secure full service. So that you feel safe yet and when casualties of the aircraft it is important that you transport from the airport to your hotel in something safe, taxis and trucks are not and why the ground transportation service has put at your disposal. Ground transportation service can hire it at the website of the airline, with just a click you’ll be sure that your plane off someone will be waiting for you to take you to your hotel, completely safe. In addition, the service has a very affordable price, so everyone should really hire him when traveling, because besides not being secure taxi service is very expensive. On the other hand, if your intention is to hire a car, traveling with this airline accounts with a discount on several car rental agencies. Your security is first and remember that the best airline gives you a secure service at fair prices.

Car Travel

Before you go on a journey by car must be prepared properly, especially if you plan to go on a wild and uninhabited places, which means you will not wait on good local residents. Charges in the way this thing which can not be serious concerns negligent. So first and most important thing the car is of course particularly car no choice, if you’re not a millionaire and you do not have a huge garage with a car on a daily basis. However, it is worth to pay attention to your route and assess the capabilities of your machine, if she can go on the road and the central belt of swamps, deserts launches in Asia, potholes Karelia, the Urals and the Altai foothills, or by motorways in Europe. So draw up the parameters on which to consider the possibility of your car: cross-country capacity and climatic and weather features replacement parts for the unexpected repairs fuel, but rather its presence in some regions of the most important thing the car should be prepared for the selected route. If you plan to travel at night, you should think about their sleeping bags or places for recreation.

However, it should remember that night do not sleep two – this is a driver and so-called ‘mate’. The second question is to whom to address it. ‘Where to live during tours?’. If you do not consider options with hotels and recreation departments, there remains tent. Fortunately during trailering weight tent has no value, so you can choose from simple to ultra-modern and multi. Also pay attention to the presence of the field kitchen from set of dishes and ending with a table and chairs. Kitchen Obviously, it’s best to cook on portable gas stoves, do not forget spare balloons and boilers. Tea and coffee is best to take a small aluminum kettle, which much faster than heat.

Products Even if you’re going to travel through densely populated arrays, do not forget the spare food, you never know where you can catch the night. A need for products and portable refrigerator. Perhaps that’s it, we have described only the basics about who we should not forget preparing for a journey by car, the rest is already one chooses his own from my own experience.

The Boys

In this we had to make sure when we find them – time to find the right direction took a lot …. Finally, however, orient, climb up the side of the mountain massif Achishkho, the road gets worse and worse. … We have to park your car and walk through the woods fundukovuyu, which turns into a real forest. We knew that the dolmens are located somewhere on a hillside near the river Beshenkov.

Well, we found Beshenkov once, she gave herself murmuring, but with dolmens had more complicated. Have long walked along the river, occasionally climbing on the neighboring hills and inspecting them. Nothing. And it was not a soul around, no one to ask, as intuition suggests no. Nicely, of course … the mountains, forests, snow, river. But in December, gets dark early, a little more prolaziv in fruitless searching, we decided to return. Still, the dolmens appreciated our patience and let us look at them! Already at the exit of the forest we met a man with two children.

For the first time in a few hours we saw the people, and they also came to look at the dolmen. One of the boys had been there before and knew exactly where they are. It turned out that it was very close, and that we have twice were only 10-15 meters away from them and managed not to notice anything. Justify us only that the dolmens were quite small, just over one meter in height. At dusk we looked at 6.7 dolmens.


There are airlines that have great quality service and about as comfortable seats that they are better than anyone, and are even similar to the first class. When traveling you don’t need to sacrifice our comfort or the quality of the service for which we are paying even little. Airlines guarantee travel comfortably with padded seats and ample space between each row so you can recline the backrest and stretch your legs without disturbing other passengers. It is very annoying to travel down. In addition, low-cost airlines have a crew to assist you in the best way. Thus, it doesn’t matter if your flight is only an hour or more, comfort is always fundamental to all travelers.

Always helps to take comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes, moreover, is never others load with a small almohadita or blanket to recharge your head and cover your cold. Something that also greatly influences on flights, is the way in which the pilot takes off and above all: lands. When they do in a subtle way, nor Sorry, but it makes it a little more abruptly, it is when it suffers more. Take advantage of the convenience of the airlines you provided on all flights and these tips to travel more comfortably.