Political Profession

In a review of the salaries of the Catalan deputies, now it will be interesting to become political everything is starting! No required studies, or preparation of any kind, only it is necessary to put inside the municipal lists, and with luck it will receive two incomes instead of one. (Over 29% of the Catalan Members receive two public salaries) One because of Councillor or mayor and another for Deputy in the Parliament of the region of the aforementioned people. That only lasts four years?. Good and that. Perhaps it has had to pass an exam or perform a test of capabilities. The only effort that is demanded is left to put his name in the municipal lists and go to the photo. In addition, more than one, it is lasting (the job as politician) more batteries (it seems that it works that recharge the batteries) Moreover, once inside, it is not necessary to have or own criterion, or ability to assess the proposals, nor knowledge to know who vote or what is being voted upon. Or use the logic or the common sense because all that is responsible for the leadership of the party, which is the position, salary and ultimately the profession of politician.

And as there are also members of the party leadership (or occur) characteristics, is not forced to resort to the hiring of outside counsel, which study, propose, advise, and form, among other things, our politicians, even with minimal notions of reading, may reach reading great speeches (made by one or another Adviser). Hence find it difficult if not impossible, you can improve system parliamentary and faced this reality palpable and demonstrable, and faced with the difficulties of finding work, not us surprised how future policy professionals, are disputing finishers in the lists of parties, because in many cases and according to the statistics, we know who have option to be able to exercise the profession of politicianNo matter be menganito or fulanito and by therefore no matter who has made that menganito and that foo to be where this. Do they can do three lawyers, an engineer, an economist, a doctor and a businessman who continue to work despite being members? Because that which has it more crude is the employer, but the others, if they have firm and have been organized to have a good team, even you can go them well, because its name gives prestige and category to the firm by the possible influence. Do that two advisers, four teachers, four directors of the regional government and a Secretary and a Vice President have forgotten?. No, you have not forgotten me. But better to leave it without comment these double salaries.

Already know everyone to get on the list, if there is luck, so that, to live four years with two salaries. Even with the salary of Deputy I am also satisfied. Total don’t have to know anything. Original author and source of the article

Kerch Peninsula

Of course, the Crimean peninsula is one of the most amazing places on our planet. As the saying goes ‘The Order of the chest of the Earth’. And it really looks like the order, when you look at pictures of Earth from space. Crimea surprising combines a variety of landforms and climatic conditions in a sufficiently small area that gives the Crimea special uniqueness. And of course the rich and diverse flora and fauna, some species plants, for example, are endenikami (ie found only in the Crimea). In Crimea you can see the plains and steppes, mountains, densely overgrown forests on the slopes, with a completely treeless peaks, the South Coast thickets a lot of old parks that have become part of the original card of the Crimean nature. In Crimea there is anything like so travelers naturalists: staring up mountain peaks, many of the mysterious caves (for example, Marble Cave is among the five most beautiful caves in the world!), majestic canyons, waterfalls. On the Kerch Peninsula, you can even find unusual mud volcanoes are still active.

I’m sure many people do not heard that they exist. Of course, an integral part of the Crimea are the two surrounding its seas: the Black and Azov Sea, which, incidentally is the smallest in the world (average depth of 7 meters of the Azov Sea, maximum 13). These seas Crimea is washed with virtually all the parties. Landscapes of the peninsula is so diverse that you can find similarities with many corners of the globe. It is no coincidence as the Crimea was chosen by the filmmakers, here at simulate shooting and Egypt and Afghanistan, and even other planets. A huge number of unique places where nature has demonstrated his rich imagination and originality helpful.

The rocky coast Tarkhankut, mysterious Valley of ghosts on the mountain Demerdzhi, fantastic in its beauty rocks and coves of the New World, an ancient volcano Karadag (Black Mountain), terrestrial landscapes plateau Karabi Yes … to name a few! But not only natural wealth makes Crimea unique place on the planet. Local places since ancient times attracted people. On this peninsula crossed the path of many nations and civilizations, perhaps so the story is full of the most improbable of Crimea events and turns. Traces of different peoples in different historical times can be found in virtually all corners of Crimea. Well, today Crimea – is certainly a big resort and tourist complex, which is based are natural therapeutic resources. Mild curative climate, curative mud and water from salt lakes and mineral springs can not attract a large flow of tourists every year. We invite everyone to open for themselves, this beautiful corner of our planet. Recall the words of EL Markova, author of one of the first pre-revolution ‘of Crimea Essays’:’ Sketches of my resurrected in memory of some more or less vivid and true picture of life and the Crimean of nature will tempt him to find a live Crimea, enjoy its originality and its beauty.

Khazars Century

Meet – Gurzuf. Resort township Gurzuf located in the eastern part of Greater Yalta. Who ever vacationing in Gurzuf that certainly want to come back again here, in one of the most charming and beautiful locations of the Southern coast. It has formed a special microclimate. High mountains, running down to the sea, surrounded the village to protect it from cold winds. Leaves a lasting impression beauty of landscapes: Bear Mountain props behind the sky, the water rose rocks – Adalary islands, the ranks of leafy green vines on the surrounding hills, the slopes of the Gurzuf Yayla from showing white gazebo winds covered with dense forest.

The story starts from the bottom of Gurzuf centuries, there has replaced a lot of people to each other: Tauris, Greeks, Goths, Khazars, the Genoese … On the pass Gurzufskoe saddle archaeologists have discovered ancient temple belonging to, obviously, the brand. There they offered sacrifices to their gods. In center of the village up the coast from Genoa rock. At its peak in the sixth century on the orders of Emperor Justinian the First fortress was built Gorzuvity, and below, near the shore noisy port.

In the fourteenth century stronghold, destroyed by the Tatars, was restored Genoese, who enjoyed on the southern coast of active trading. Up to this day preserved their memory in the name of the fortress and the rocks – Dzhenevez. At the top of the rock are preserved only remnants wall, composed of rough stone in the mortar.

Sir Francis Drake

Pioneer Caribbean and Sargasso Seas, as well as the Bahamas and the Antilles is the Spanish admiral Christopher Columbus. His first expedition (1492 -1493) came from Palos August 3, 1492 from the Canary Islands, she turned west, crossed the Atlantic Ocean, revealing the Sargasso Sea, and reached (October 12, 1492) Islands in the Bahamas archipelago, named by Columbus San Salvador. Visiting a number of islands, Columbus, October 28 – December 5, went to the north-east coast Cuba. December 6, he reached the island of Haiti and moved along its northern shore. On the night of December 25, the flagship "Santa Maria" sat on the reef, but the crew escaped.

During his second voyage (1493-1496) Columbus discovered the Lesser Antilles, as well as the island of Puerto Rico and Jamaica. Soon after Columbus European powers began to fight for supremacy in the Caribbean. They gave permission to the sailors to plunder ships of other countries. The dangers of travel led to a rapid Development of insurance. Thus, in the navigation types of voluntary insurance soon became quite numerous. These adventurers are called Buccaneer or filibusters, terrified by the merchants and travelers.

These adventurers often drew strength against all vessels, without considering their origin. A team of pirates often consisted of sailors, who were not like the heavy naval work and strict discipline, were among them and the prisoners from the captured ships. Part of the production team captain and left himself and the rest of the right to receive the king. "Romantic exploits" of pirates becoming some story of adventure novels. Of the many thousands of pirate fame is not everything: the terrifying Edward Teach (Blackbeard), William Kidd loser, the famous Sir Francis Drake – English admiral. He has led many pirate raids, made around the world journey. In 1588, led by Drake defeated the Spanish fleet was the "Invincible Armada" which threatened England. The most famous of all the Caribbean pirates is considered to Henry Morgan, who later became governor of Jamaica. He devoted special chapters of the monograph and in all historical studies of Caribbean piracy, writer, Rafael Sabatini, largely relied on the story of his life when creating the image of Captain Blood. Legends of treasures hidden by pirates off until better times, still attract the Caribbean adventure.


The EuroMillions made this summer a chunk in Verin, Ourense. HolidayCheck was asked which destinations can be found the mysterious winner of 7,500,000 euros. The most exclusive travel can afford with such award. Do you want to know what? Luxury yacht: 650,000 perhaps found aboard a yacht in Monte Carlo luxury enjoying French champagne and elbowing with the jetset. And one of the most attractive yachts on the French riviera is the Princess Mariana. Designed by naval architect Espen Oeino and interior designer Francois Zuretti yacht has a cover which can flood and become a 12 metre pool with underwater lights and treads, while the starboard hull low sea level and becomes a solarium.

It has fifteen cabins of luxury and a helipad to receive the guests who prefer to arrive by helicopter. To keep in mind: the price is per day. Around the world in private jet: 110.345 does the round the world? It can be more comfortable than it looks. With 110.345, a Tip for our euromillonario. It is the price – per person – from the Air Safari.

Since last year the company organizes turns to the world with Gulfstream IV private jet. The journey begins at the airport John Wayne in California-hard 21 days recoriendose 25.450 miles. The adventure includes an East African safari with stays in the most exclusive lodges in Tanzania and Kenya. Most notable visits include the pyramids of Giza, Hong Kong Harbor and the Taj Mahal. Designed for eight passengers, the trip has ecological undertones: carbon emissions are reduced to the maximum to avoid, insofar as possible, global warming. Exploring the Titanic: 40,000 and 4,000 meters deep lie the remains of the Titanic. And a pellizquito of the EuroMillions about 40,000 euros – La Vida travel agency is Bella organizes from Madrid travel to St John s, in Canada, to contemplate the famous ship aboard a submersible capsule MIR, the same that were used to shoot the film. The immersion is He recorded on video and is an exciting journey in time.