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The city on two continents loads an Istanbul fascinated its visitors since time immemorial with interesting architecture, magnificent monuments and Oriental hospitality. As the only city in the world, the metropolis is located on the Bosphorus on two continents. But not only this makes a first-class destination Istanbul. The flight Portal reported why a short trip to start especially worthwhile in the spring. Who wants to relax and enjoy a piece of Oriental life over Easter, is in Istanbul. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The city enjoyed history lovers from their checkered past and the numerous cultural treasures.

But also shopping and wellness come into the city at their own expense. Flights to Istanbul (…) can be booked online at reasonable prices. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ohio Senator has to say. Istanbul’s main attractions include the Hippodrome, the mile-long aqueduct, the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. A boat trip on the Bosphorus is to rest. Great views of Topkapi Palace and the Tourists get girl Tower from the Asian side. A ride on one of the restored trams in the look of the 1920s is recommended.

Seductive sensory stimuli experienced visitors on the large bazaars. About 3,500 stores spread over 90 lanes. Gold, spices, carpets and fashion are sold. It should be noted that action should be heard and refused it, definitely not everyday Bazaar. If you have no joy on the bargaining, shoppt in Istanbul’s famous shopping street, Istiklal Caddesi. Located in the new town, the shopping street offers many trendy boutiques and cozy Cafes.


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In addition to this service, you can in the stationary travel agency in Berlin also individually finance customer tailored trips and convenient pay back in small installments. “Even if something scarce times there in the purse” is can customers, according to the statement by the Executive Director Ms. Dilek Hatice enjoy Sari, her dream trip and still retain their financial freedom. So there is something for every taste and every purse.

CaptainHoliday Travel

With friends enjoying summer holiday destinations throughout Europe CaptainHoliday is your travel community for young travel in the German-speaking world. Many young people around the theme of youth travel, language, Abireisen, group tours and work and travel Exchange here. CaptainHoliday also offers interesting travel offers with more than 200 trips for young people. Especially popular are the European countries Spain, Italy, France and Croatia. But also Austria, Sweden and Greece are lucrative destinations. In just a few months, it’s again and the summer holidays are on the doorstep. Millions of students plan the recreational opportunities during the winter months together with their friends. The participation of a youth trip is top on the agenda often.

Holiday destinations such as Spain and Italy are hot desires among the young people. No wonder, because hardly any other country can offer so many beautiful sandy beaches, countless hours of sunshine and azure seas. Particularly popular and still ranked the most popular travel destinations in Southern Europe is Spain. Above all, the Costa Brava, which to German Wild Coast”is called, lives up to her name. Party stronghold such as Lloret de Mar and Calella with the interesting are travel destinations throughout Europe.

This is one reason that youth travel to Spain are cheaper and to the others, because so many coastal towns with party character at once offer hardly any other country can. Italy is also very popular. The land on the APPEN in peninsula fascinates in its very own way. Different and varied you can describe the holiday regions in Italy. The country, which are reminiscent of the shape of a boot offers art and culture, but also Beach holiday and party options. Like every young person coming hobby divers, swimmers and beach lovers in Italy at his own expense.

Lisa Neumann University

A big event is repeatedly Samba sounds or lights at the end of the year. Hardly anyone who spends it in front of the TV or even in bed. The online travel agency gives tips on where it worth 2009 especially to welcome the new year. Popular city breaks to new year’s Eve. Especially European cities such as Berlin and London are among the Germans in the trend. Hardly a hotel that complains about too little guests this time. In this year, but also a flight to New York is worth considering. The exchange rate was long not so cheap as it is today.

Is currently a euro worth $1.50. What travelers in the Big Apple”but must keep in mind the prohibition of rockets and firecrackers on the street is the one. On the other hand, it is not allowed to drink champagne on the open road. The American vigilante also on new year’s Eve make no exception in this regard. Feuchtfrohlicher it is on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Instead of champagne there caipirinha toast.

In comparison to the Carnival, the colourfully celebrated will welcome the new year with white decoration the Brazilians. The color stands for happiness and peace, strive for the people for the upcoming year. In a completely different way in white celebrate Kalteerprobte on Iceland. With lots of snow and ice, the winter atmosphere is guaranteed here. Add the auroras, which are already the journey to come.

Switzerland Paraguay

Who wasn’t the dream had to emigrate to a country, offering plenty of untouched nature and many tropical fruits very much sunshine and pleasant temperatures in winter, what criteria must a country meet to emigrate to a country? First and foremost, but also the cost of living for the average consumer must be affordable to live for example of the pension received by the State or by the savings of. Even the real estate you want to unless in addition an ordinary house or luxury villa on a small plot of land or land with several hectares to be affordable. In addition must also the acquired or / and the built in its own and of course remain. Ease immigration conditions, no dangers from natural disasters such as Hurricane, earthquake or even volcanic eruptions are also important. Political stability also plays an important role.

All this gives Paraguay in the heart of South America with the neighbouring countries of Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia, which has itself since German and other European immigrants have settled in decades and founded German colonies, such as for example the colony of Independencia, called in Paraguay Ciudad de Independencia, in the Department of Guaira with his main and university town of Villarrica. Already several thousand emigrants from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland live in this area. Many descendants of the Germans, who were born here speak is still the mother tongue of German and fluent Spanish and also the Paraguayan language of Aboriginals – Guarani, which was also introduced as a compulsory subject in schools for several years to maintain this language. The Department of Guaira and the neighboring Department of Paraguari belong to the most beautiful areas of Paraguay in which one can fulfill his dream of walking out. Although in recent years the prices of real estate such as houses, land and estancias have attracted strong these are very cheap in contrast to Germany and other European countries.

Four Important Data

If millions of butterflies and the death to travel Leipzig, 21.11.2013 – because Mexico is in principle good for travel throughout the year, you may wonder what criteria you should opt for a certain month of travel. Especially for those interested in culture, but also for nature and animal observers, there are four important data in the Mexican calendar, which will whet your appetite on a Mexico trip. Maybe grabs the travel fever already in 2014? Mexico is not only a destination for Sun-seekers, but also for cultural travelers. Who would like to learn Mexican culture, are the recommended especially the months of September and November. Mexican independence day is on September 16.

“This is with the famous el grito”, the call Viva Mexico! “heralded the Mexican President from the balcony of his palace in Mexico City on the evening of 15. Also considered Mexicans their streets, Cafes, shops and houses decorate with pennants and banners in the national colors. In the Cities are platforms built and parades conducted. Perhaps a welcome occasion for you during your Mexico travel closer to deal with the history of the State. The slide is far more important and still good de los Muertos, the Mexican day of the dead.

It is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd. The correct term is celebrated”, because the Mexican people to build magnificent altars with flowers, banners, candles, fun characters and skulls from frosting for the deceased. You gather at the cemetery at the grave of their loved ones and remember them during the night in relaxed and cheerful manner. We like to give tips, where you the Dia de los Muertos can most authentic experience. Also Easter on Mexican art is a special experience for US Germans. As Catholics, the Mexicans take very seriously this religious festival. Circumstances for your taste, too serious, because the suffering of Christ is played sometimes very realistic. Easter is also noted that many Mexicans free days use to make holiday. The hotels and beaches are accordingly fully, hotel rates are slightly higher and you have to calculate with loud music in discos and beach bars. Two unique spectacles of nature occur each year in Mexico. As animal lovers and-beobachter you should considering the summer months for a trip to Mexico. From June until the end of August the huge whale sharks of Yucatan cavort peninsula namely. In the early hours of the morning, boat trips are offered to the peaceful animals. You can swim with the fish and snorkel. A similarly magical phenomenon occurs in the months of November to March. Millions of monarch butterflies spend the winter in the woods of the State of Michoacan. The orange-and-black butterflies hang in dense clusters on the branches of trees. With the first warm rays flutter the graceful animals through the air and to the visitors. In addition to these events, there are many more data for example the Guelaguetza Festival in Oaxaca or the day and night same thing of course in Chichen Itza which are very interesting and could be a highlight of your trip through Mexico. Make best of the Mexico consult specialists about your interests and preferences.


" Repressed citizen has died pending the appeal and the judicial system of the Saratov region was right on the rim – She was right when she landed a man and when he was rehabilitated, was right when placed in a queue for an apartment in length in 16 years, right when it refused to change the way the court the dying person and the right when refused to recognize the illegal omission of the Administration of Saratov and Saratov region Government. Circle. What kind of respect for justice and the law can be discussed after such immoral judgments? Amoral – From my point of view. From the viewpoint of the majority of judges, such a jurisprudence is both morally and legally. It turns out that we have not gone into understanding and interpreting the law in terms of: 'moral' and 'immoral' 'Moral' and 'immoral'. The judicial system of de facto based on the existing morality of our divided society, ie on the second part of a double standard, which the Lord officials understood by default: "the world is divided into ours and not ours! And this does not prevent the principle of uniformity of judicial practice: all citizens are equal before the law without a guaranteed right to a quality judicial decision, and those who 'is' have the right to exercise own interests and without going to court! Under no circumstances will the judiciary will not change the rules of the game, if the company will continue to be satisfied with such quality and substance of judicial decisions.

The Farming Brazilian

Hamper that has a great altitude to be first the sources of great rivers as the cited ones. Hamper that is constituted of chapades and trails, hamper that so little time after having had its golden times of coffee with milk, had its phase of transistion with the beginning of Brazilian industrialization, and the beginning of the farming one with the job of the technology. More information is housed here: Jim Donovan Goldman. The Farming Brazilian, had its development practically initiated in the turn of century XX, in the gone ones of 1900, with the ingressions of the Europeans, Spaniard, Italians, Germans, and why not of the Japanese. In canastras, in its chapades, the city of Sacrament, Araxa soon in the decade of 60/70 she was visited by Japanese descendants, that had practised the farmings of &#039 there; ' batatinha inglesa' ' , had the altitude of of the cold climate, that the plant likes. Great Brazilian agricultures, practically had its initial development in the Paran, with the migration Gaucho for the region the Northwest, where they had been to plant, wheat, maize, soy, as well as also was invaded by migrantes of the South of Minas Gerais, with ' ' now haw' ' of the coffee, practically having established the regions of Native of London, Maring and other cities. Before this ' ' bum' ' of the great agriculture, the Brazilian plantations, if inhabited, in the Rio Grande Do Sul, the State of So Paulo, with exception of the coffee, that entered Brazil in 1842? , in Rio De Janeiro (capital of the Empire and the Republic), going up for the valley of the Paraba, come until almost So Paulo, when of They are Jose of the Fields derived for Atibaia, So Paulo Bragana, where it entered with force the south region of Mines, following from there for the verge of Is and Mines, for Wells of caldas/Guaxup-MG, Mococa-SP, passing for the hamper, being installed in year 2000 in the region of Sponsorship, ducks of Mines, Paracat, until Brasilia, without saying that also it was for the Amazon region (Rondnia/Acre), was also for the Espirito Santo and Bahia.

Traffic Accidents

Intersections and road crossings are among the places where greater exposure exists to suffer traffic accidents. In these so fateful points takes place a crossing of vehicles driven in different directions with which the non-observance of the traffic regulations and preference can prove fatal. A very common accident at the same rate are side collisions, front to which the driver suffers a great checkout, not acting the front cushioning, at least in part, the violence of the impact, absorbing in its entirety the driver. It must be borne in mind, moreover, that very few are vehicles that incorporate side airbags. Different types of intersections and collisions in the same road it is possible to find different types of intersections: roundabouts, heading roundabouts, crossings T-shaped or in the form of and, or even in the form of sign +.

Deficiencies in its design and construction, together with the poor visibility that sometimes presented, are decisive in the claims. There are many cases where, by not be these properly regulated through traffic lights, drivers admitted in them without due care and without taking into account its obligation to give way to others, extending the margin of the succession of accidents. Nearly one of every three traffic accidents with injuries in any of the occupants of the vehicles involved takes place at these points. When they do occur, the likelihood that one or more deceased reaches one in five cases. In other cases, serious leg injuries, fractures of bones or, in worst cases, damage to the spinal cord, could take place, and may be victims prostrate in wheelchairs or even a bed for the rest of their lives. I was hit by another vehicle in one of them, you could claim for damages? In effect. When you you’d interned in the same properly, find your traffic light green, or you make use of your right of way; will have the right to receive compensation economical that you can mitigate your damages, both physical and material (the damage on your car or what you could carry in it, for example). So, do not hesitate to claim.

Normally, and unless that injury from consideration, took place the issue be resolved through the insurance companies. Of having coated the collision severity major, this could end up in the courts. In the latter case it would be advisable for you to place your case in the hands of a lawyer specialized in road accidents. He may be your best guarantee with regard to the achievement of a favorable ruling.

Psychoanalytic Congress

"So the teacher is in a paradoxical position the very re-Nuncio to eroticism, eroticism outside the projection of the require-ments and to sublimate it is part of its function. In short, constant effort sublimating, isolation and taboo everyday spaces, isolation between pleasure and intellectual decision, mandate paradoxical plague the psyche of the educator and conspire against the possibility of thought itself, are some of the reasons why education is a INTRODUCTION OF THEME impossible task I worry a common situation in our time. These are the major absences, the issues are systematically shunned be important. Are obvious, and as result, invisible. These notes are an effort to clarify these issues, related to education.

In "A memory Child Leonardo da Vinci "(1910, OC, BN, 1972, Madrid) p.. 1587 Freud said:" Once this period of child sexual research, by a process of sexual repression emerge stronger for the subsequent destinations research drive three different possibilities, derived from his early connection with sexual interests. Research can, first, share the fate of sexuality, then, is curtailed, from that moment, the desire for knowledge and self-limited intelligence activity, perhaps for life, especially as shortly thereafter shall be fixed by the intense education religious coercion of thought. Is this the kind of neurotic inhibition … "(italics added).

The other two destinations that Freud describes the instinct to know are the sublimation and sexualization. But I would point out how a particular educational work has his encounter with an instinctual drive, which suffocates. In 1908, the Psychoanalytic Congress in Salzburg, Sandor Ferenczi said: "Education is not only flawed source of characterological defects, but also of disease …