Warehouse Handling Equipment Mlb

From 17 to 19 March 2009 in St. Petersburg sostoyalsyakommerchesky sales training warehouse and material handling equipment (LOC) MANILEC and MANITOU, held in the conference hall of the 'Petro Sport Hotel. " Training conducted by representatives of the companies' MLM 'and' Manitou BF '. Commercial Director Gary Griffin MLM company. Sales Manager Kristel Namblard industrial machinery. Service engineer Alexei Smirnov. The company "MLM" is located in the Paris suburb of Saint-Ouen-l'Aumone Square 6000 square. m and the design, manufacture and sales of warehouse equipment range MANILEC.

C 1993 "MLM" is a subsidiary company "MANITOU". This is totally a French company, which employs 104 staff. Structure company is organized in such a way as to satisfy market demand in all industrial sectors: small and medium business, transport and logistics, distribution, administration, rental companies and etc. Specialists "MLM" have real know-how in the production of both manual and electric trolleys, as well as all types of electric stackers. After the company "MLM" established in the French market, it is looking for partners overseas to promote their products. In late 2004, we signed a long-term contract with a French manufacturer of intra Technology MLM (MANITOU-LOC Manutention) on mutual cooperation and representation their products on the Russian market. The training discussed issues of further cooperation, technology sales, a lot of time was devoted to the technical part. During the sessions used case studies to provided computers, group and individual work. The proposed technique for stock MANILEC helps solve all the problems when working in a warehouse.

Energy Conservation. From Theory To Practice

Energy shortage – one of the realities of modern Russia. Lack of adequate investment in fixed assets in the domestic engineering infrastructure in recent decades, while growth volume load on the communication seriously hamper economic development. It is not surprising that attention is paid to energy conservation at the highest level. For example, a signed last week by President Dmitry Medvedev, the National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation one of the main trends in the economic sphere, called energy security, which depends on energy-saving technologies. The fact that now occurs in the field of energy saving and that puts the state, we talk to the director of the Bureau of Engineering, Siberian Oleg Fokin.

– Not so long ago, in the Sverdlovsk region held the All-Russian Conference on conservation. What issues were discussed? – This annual meeting on energy efficiency issues. This year, experts share their experiences come from more than 50 cities in Russia. – From Novosibirsk was still someone other than the delegation of sis? – We have not seen. – Why the meeting is held in Sverdlovsk region? – Energy conservation – one of the priorities of the Sverdlovsk region. Compared with other regions, they far ahead. – Even compared with Siberia and the Far East? – Yes, I too was surprised that they are ahead of us.

Novosibirsk still the capital of Siberia – the land is severe. According to the logic, we should pay more attention to energy saving technologies. But while the Sverdlovsk region has moved forward, and not only on the number of installed meters.


And the technique that was completely different level: at that time – the most modern in the world, and Today – rot remnants of what is not broke in the last twenty years. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Jim Donovan Goldman. Only in 1988, agriculture tractors were delivered in 1308, 1914 trucks, 210 combines, a lot of other equipment. Over the past 10 years in the country significantly reduced the number of agricultural machinery. For example, the processor has 10 times less, trucks – by 7 times. Now the annual rate of write-off of agricultural equipment more rapidly than it is updated 6-10 times.

Significantly changed the cultural and intellectual level of the population. For example, in 1990 in Dagestan, was released 350 books a circulation of 2.3 million copies. And in 2005 – 35 titles a circulation of 42 thousand copies. It also features disaster and the degradation of society. Optimism – only from ignorance of the real picture I do not want to say that now everything is bad. The value of the few real achievements negated by the general chaos and structural failures in other areas.

For example, in Makhachkala, the streets crowded with "flock" luxury cars, but thousands of people were able to rebuild the spacious private homes. It seems to be a good thing. In Soviet times, indeed, many experienced the ban on completion of the second floor or fence – and it was not fair. Now you can build a house of any height and size – would be money. But what will be two-and three-story mansions, when dogniet almost dead public infrastructure? Without light, heat, water and sanitation becomes a luxury house luxury crypt.