Traffic Accidents

Intersections and road crossings are among the places where greater exposure exists to suffer traffic accidents. In these so fateful points takes place a crossing of vehicles driven in different directions with which the non-observance of the traffic regulations and preference can prove fatal. A very common accident at the same rate are side collisions, front to which the driver suffers a great checkout, not acting the front cushioning, at least in part, the violence of the impact, absorbing in its entirety the driver. It must be borne in mind, moreover, that very few are vehicles that incorporate side airbags. Different types of intersections and collisions in the same road it is possible to find different types of intersections: roundabouts, heading roundabouts, crossings T-shaped or in the form of and, or even in the form of sign +.

Deficiencies in its design and construction, together with the poor visibility that sometimes presented, are decisive in the claims. There are many cases where, by not be these properly regulated through traffic lights, drivers admitted in them without due care and without taking into account its obligation to give way to others, extending the margin of the succession of accidents. Nearly one of every three traffic accidents with injuries in any of the occupants of the vehicles involved takes place at these points. When they do occur, the likelihood that one or more deceased reaches one in five cases. In other cases, serious leg injuries, fractures of bones or, in worst cases, damage to the spinal cord, could take place, and may be victims prostrate in wheelchairs or even a bed for the rest of their lives. I was hit by another vehicle in one of them, you could claim for damages? In effect. When you you’d interned in the same properly, find your traffic light green, or you make use of your right of way; will have the right to receive compensation economical that you can mitigate your damages, both physical and material (the damage on your car or what you could carry in it, for example). So, do not hesitate to claim.

Normally, and unless that injury from consideration, took place the issue be resolved through the insurance companies. Of having coated the collision severity major, this could end up in the courts. In the latter case it would be advisable for you to place your case in the hands of a lawyer specialized in road accidents. He may be your best guarantee with regard to the achievement of a favorable ruling.

Psychoanalytic Congress

"So the teacher is in a paradoxical position the very re-Nuncio to eroticism, eroticism outside the projection of the require-ments and to sublimate it is part of its function. In short, constant effort sublimating, isolation and taboo everyday spaces, isolation between pleasure and intellectual decision, mandate paradoxical plague the psyche of the educator and conspire against the possibility of thought itself, are some of the reasons why education is a INTRODUCTION OF THEME impossible task I worry a common situation in our time. These are the major absences, the issues are systematically shunned be important. Are obvious, and as result, invisible. These notes are an effort to clarify these issues, related to education.

In "A memory Child Leonardo da Vinci "(1910, OC, BN, 1972, Madrid) p.. 1587 Freud said:" Once this period of child sexual research, by a process of sexual repression emerge stronger for the subsequent destinations research drive three different possibilities, derived from his early connection with sexual interests. Research can, first, share the fate of sexuality, then, is curtailed, from that moment, the desire for knowledge and self-limited intelligence activity, perhaps for life, especially as shortly thereafter shall be fixed by the intense education religious coercion of thought. Is this the kind of neurotic inhibition … "(italics added).

The other two destinations that Freud describes the instinct to know are the sublimation and sexualization. But I would point out how a particular educational work has his encounter with an instinctual drive, which suffocates. In 1908, the Psychoanalytic Congress in Salzburg, Sandor Ferenczi said: "Education is not only flawed source of characterological defects, but also of disease …

Champions League

EP the Turkish player signed by the next four seasons. You just contract with Bayern Munich, his last team. Play steering wheel right, although you can also do it on side. Real Madrid has confirmed the signing of the Turkish player Hamit Altintop, who arrives from Bayern of Munich and signed a contract for the next four seasons. The Turkish player, 28 years, already farewell days ago fondness for the Munich Assembly, club came to that in the summer of 2007 and with which ended contract, although you could do playing since you dragged discomfort in the back. The versatile player, born in Gelsenkirchen, formed in several smaller local clubs before arriving at FC Schalke 04 in 2003, where coincided with his twin brother Halil a campaign before moving on to the Munich club and where he won the League Cup in 2005. Hamit Altintop was one of the important players of Bayern Munich who won the double of Bundesliga and German Cup in 2008 and participated in the triplet of last season, where the barbarians lost the Champions League final against Inter Milan.

Thus, it leaves of the Bundesliga after playing with 176 matches and scored 15 goals. As his compatriot Nuri Sahin, who will be his new teammate at Real Madrid, the right-handed, which can be played by band or on the side, opted for the Turkish team, which scored the best goal of the year, in 2010 as he was recognized with the award of the FIFA Puskas award. On 3 September, on the first day of qualifying for Euro 2012 UEFA in Kazakhstan, the midfielder hooked a teammate Emre Belozoglu corner kick and scored with a superb volley from 18 meters by all the right squadron of the goal, used the victory of their own (0-3). Best made his debut with the selection of February 18, 2004 in a friendly against Denmark and has played 64 matches and scored six goals, highlighting your participation at Euro 2008, where he formed part of the ideal equipment. Source of the news:: El Real Madrid announces the signing of Hamit Altintop