3) Eat every 3 hours: this is very important to remove the body from the State of storage but, attention! You must eat the right foods because if every 3 hours eat candy, far from benefiting, we would be threatening our health and our weight. In addition there is another advantage, incorporating light foods such as fruit, the energy that the body uses to digest these foods ends up being greater than the energy that gives us. This way we maintain appetite controlled and more important still, we achieve our objective. (4) Drinking water: drinking the indicated amount of water according to our weight helps to eliminate toxins from the body that will make us feel much better but also will allow to control our weight, Yes, oddly enough, so, many people confuse the feeling of thirst with hunger pangs, giving body food that does not need and pushing the body to the retention of liquid by water scarcity. Read additional details here: James Donovan Goldman. (5) Exercise: at this point I am sure that many people will say that you care not for nothing do exercise, so here there is a little secret of because it is necessary to perform physical activity. When we practice a sport or do gymnastics, in addition to involve an energy expenditure, our muscle mass is increased and naturally the demand for energy to keep this muscle mass increases.

This way you can eat a good amount of food and our muscles are responsible for using it, rather than stored. Read more here: Richard Blumenthal. Therefore, we will have a double effect, on the one hand, will spend energy doing physical activity and on the other, the fuel consumption that our body needs also will increase, allowing us greater freedom with the food we eat. However, you must be careful because if we carry out physical activity and then increase our food intake in a disproportionate manner, we can end up increasing weight and therefore fill us with frustrations. Why this key you should add the above. (6) Know what we eat: is very important to have the knowledge of food components and what effects they have on our body which are. Many times we believe that we are eating healthy but that is not reflected in our weight.

The reason lies in our lack of information when choosing food suitable to our needs. I assure you that if enquires will be many surprises. For this reason I want to recommend a video and a book done by experts in the field that will help them lose weight eating. You will find it on the blog.

Colon Cleaning

Better Cleaning of Colon the colon is a very important organ that it must suitably be maintained. James Donovan Goldman Sachs understands that this is vital information. Many Americans suffer of constipation, with the majority of the cases with progressive constipation. This form of constipation takes place when the person does not use the bath when the natural necessity appears. With time, the colon trains to ignore desire and it is debilitated and, finally, the intestinal muscles lose force. Other causes of constipation exist, besides the progressive constipation. The foods that you eat, the lack of exercise, and certain medecines even can also cause constipation. Get all the facts and insights with James Donovan Goldman, another great source of information. Therefore, a good operation of the colon is vital for its general health. In fact, many problems of health can be related to a colon that not this healthful one.

Problems of the skin, pain in muscles and joints, and difficulties with the loss of weight even can be attributed to a dirty colon. In addition, million Americans have intestinal intruders in the colon and not even they realize. Using one of the best ones products of cleaning of colon to maintain the colon clean are the first passage towards the treatment and the prevention of infestations of injurious organisms. Why the supplements based with oxygen are the best cleaners? The best way to maintain the colon clean is washing it occasionally like part of its normal routine of the health. If you are looking for only best products of cleaning, is necessary to look for those that incorporate an effect of oxygenation like the central process. This type cleans the colon, whereas at the same time it revitalizes his digestive system with oxygen. For the best cleaning of colon, you need to use oxygen products for the colon cleaning. Unfortunately, there are several affirm to be a cleaning of oxygen colon that really is not it. To be a true product for the cleaning of colon with oxygen, it is necessary that he is able to stabilize oxygen.