The Government

I imagine that the machines now tell us how many voters there are on the table and many also have actually voted, but after closing the table. Now well, and after the electoral act test? We must not forget that the opening and closing of machines the CNE technicians do. The members of the Bureau can not touch or manipulate those machines after they have been open, and less still to know those who have voted or not at the table. In fact only technicians removed the listings with the results that had machines after the Act the closing of the Bureau. On the other hand, physical notebook proved to anyone who actually a voter with his signature and his footprint had been on the table and he could go at any time subsequently to this notebook to prove that fact. Now we can no more beyond what indicate the new machines of the CNE.

Do as we would know, after that the Republic Plan to take machines, if these sub-notebooks are or are not adulterated? Simply, we wouldn’t it! And now the best. The Government, desmaterializando, notebook can do invisible to voters. What does this mean? That someone can occur in different polling stations and if your footprint this will effectively there, vote! You don’t need the notebook because your fingerprint and identification will be on machines. The implications of this are scary! How will ensure us that the CNE does not replicate traces of identification of voters pertaining to the ruling party in different polling stations? The Government no longer need doing multiple you cards to the ancient multicedulados of the past but with having them their own identification in different machines will suffice you! Now anyone could be multicedulado. Before was certainly difficult and cumbersome the procedure of getting 5 cards to someone and put those numbers of cedula in different notebooks with different names.

Change Habits

"You have the power to heal (transform) your life if you change your habits of thought" – Louise L.Hay– From childhood we are told that good habits are important, every day we heard the typical "Brush your teeth before bed, "" say your prayers before you sleep "," wash your hands before eating "," please sweater that is very cold. " Simply go to school is a habit that require us to be very young. Basically we are creatures of habit and much of what we do every day is based on our habits. Some of them are negative and the positive and there is even a saying that calls us to reflect on our habits because habits can destroy or build our lives. To deepen your understanding Jim Donovan Goldman is the source. Creating positive habits of thought allows us to heal as Louise Hay says, and also helps us to be happier and therefore use the Law of Attraction to our advantage.

In fact you can not succeed if you do not have habits of thought positive. Though it may sound like work, the fact change slowly and deliberately form habits is achieved in an easy and simple, so the good news is that you make small changes every day and here you recommend some ways to create habits and also easily change your life forever: Habit # 1.-Cree on positive things The subconscious mind accepts all choose to believe and therefore works on all of the beliefs you accept as truth. Therefore, one of the most important habits you must feed every day is to believe in positive things.

Rio De Janeiro

Of such deriving crimes of lost bullets airplanes, fogueteiros, watchmen, oranges, informers and until executors of diverse crimes. work as a species of professional career. Many dream in being the king of the mount. She is the head of the traffic as hero of the crianada one that soon early it has in the real metal rings, machine guns or pistols its favourite toys. The chronic wound, the true cancer called organized crime, grew of vertiginous form and reached of form defames the citizenship and the internal peace of our Country. This immense cancer that corrodes and destroys the hope for the peace, for the dignity of the Brazilian people, this pustulenta wound whom the present generation takes to the discredit of the Laws and Being able constituted them in our Country, this volcano in eruption vomiting ferventes and incandescent lava of traffic, kidnappings, thieveries, robberies, homicides, crimes of all the types and corrupes in all the areas, urges of immediate, constant, concrete solutions and effective for its sanitation, duly warned our future generation to suffer> the Policy in the History of Brazil of authorship of our friend, Delegated of Policy pensioner and perpetual Policeman, PABLO MAGALHES, today Lawyer in Mato Grosso of the corrupt South and hunting of through its virtual company Brazil Truth, we detach the two first paragraphs related to the item Policy, Politics and the organized crime Decisions that had changed the route of the Public Security, on to the traffic of drugs in Rio De Janeiro, which are: Consta, of the Carioca police folklore, that former-governor Leonel de Moura Brizola, to guarantee its victory in the first candidacy (1983-1986), made an agreement with the traffic of narcotics through then trader of narcotics in frank growth Jose Carlos Dos Reis Encina (the Escadinha), brother of also dealing Pablo Dos Reis Encina (Pablo Maluco).