Tatyana Kislyakova

But without them it is impossible to estimate the scale of energy losses and set specific targets for correcting the situation. In addition, installation of heat meters is a major incentive to conserve resources. Only in this way the process of introducing energy-saving technologies can be started from below and not from the government under pressure. Sen. Sherrod Brown has similar goals. "Our experience proves: as soon as the house appears The heat, people immediately think about what measures will enable them to reduce the size of utility bills, – tells Tatyana Kislyakova, director of sales and marketing for the Russian representative office Kamstrup, world leader in heat meters. – The population is ready to reduce energy consumption, if it brings real benefits. When it comes to state his own purse, the mentality is changed immediately. " Why Russia is unprofitable to save back to the Danish experience, it should be noted that the introduction of metering and motivation of consumers to conserve energy have led eventually to the modernization of the entire country's energy.

Scale reduction of heat caused thermal companies to seek ways to reduce costs of production and transportation of energy. But Russia today is at the beginning of this way: we are still continuing debate about whether widespread installation of heat meters. Many of today understand the need to switch to metering the heat, the only question is how to make it mandatory. "Today, in the Russian district heating there was not quite healthy situation – explains Nikolai Suslin, ceo Teploservis (Reutov).

Tips For Writing PR Plan

The first thing is to understand fully the mission and the current view of your business. If you do not have mission and vision, it is time to define it, as this gives the amplitude Nos of business framework in which we will develop the next year and can be approached from two directions: The first is: Where want to go? How we get there? The second in reverse: How are we? And Where do we go? To illustrate, I present here two popular concepts of what is vision and mission: Vision: Future relatively remote where the company develops in the best conditions according to the hopes and dreams of the owner or CEO. Mission: It is conceived as a business opportunity that a company identifies a context of needs. It clearly defines your audience or public clearly defines the corporate or public hearings with whom your company has and will have ongoing relationship and who you want to hit with all communication activity that you perform next year. I know many companies that only have “some idea” of their audiences, it is best to write in detail this information. I repeat: It is not written simply does not exist. The main “public” of a corporation in most cases are: 1.

Employees 2. Shareholders 3. Clients or customers in April. Residents of the community where the company resides Creditors Suppliers Media Guild fiscal governmental entities to which the enterprise belongs Local Authorities Public Opinion Each of these “public” is interested in your corporation as a source of benefits: Employees want jobs and salaries ; shareholders, profits, customers, good products and services, the governmental tax, taxes, distributors and retailers, utilities, suppliers, orders, media, news, etc.. The differing interests of each audience suggest a specific treatment in the relationship with company, all under the same overall goal defined in the annual strategic mission and vision.

The “public” employees, whose good will result in increased efficiency, customers, providing the capital, paying salaries and generate profits and shareholders, distributors, traders, suppliers, government and, importantly, the means communication, who are builders of perceptions … and destroyers. In summary, then, be clear on who you talk about next year, for a correct approach to all your communication efforts. You can read more about these topics visit

Certified Digitization

In Spain, the bill Certified Digitization is the process for obtaining digital copies of original invoices with value. Continue to learn more with: Ohio Senator. To meet the requirements defined in the Order EHA/962/2007 of April 10, 2007, the entity that carries just the scan must use approved software, and make it fulfill its “Quality Plan” which is contractual. The scanning of paper invoices is done with a certified software that uses a digital certificate and retains the scanned bills and certain metadata (key information enabling the identification and recovery / reconstruction clearly and unequivocally of the invoice or document) in a database safe. This is a key to destroy the paper, preserving its probative value while improving its storage, search, access and availability simultaneously for more than one person in the organization. EHA/962/2007 legislation of April 10, 2007 expressly provides an original electronic document resulting from digitization of the bill.

This solves one of the requirements in the areas of Public Administration regarding the obligation to retain original required by law and which is required from the IGAE (the General Comptroller of the State Administration). Scanning certified. Of According to the resolution of October 24, 2007 on approval procedure scanning software, publishing the list of formats commonly used standards for certified scanning paper invoices received. In addition, also publishes the list of approved software for scanning paper invoices certified. Requirements for creating electronic documents with certified scanning can proceed The tax required to scan the certified invoices, substitutes and other relevant documents to retain tax on paper and have the original character.

Industrial Safety

Industrial safety – one of the key concepts when it comes to hazardous activities. Acting in our country today the law relating to this sector, requires each production facility, getting to classified as hazardous, to pass the relevant examination and obtain a work permit. However, industrial safety – is a complicated complex concept, which includes virtually all aspects of the of the company. Therefore, many companies are turning to the help of consulting organizations that help to prepare for inspection. At the initial stage of industrial safety is assessed by project documentation relating to buildings, facilities and technical equipment of the enterprise. In addition, the package of documents submitted to the expert committee must be present Declaration industrial safety. In her company, operating hazardous production facilities, required to make reliable information about possible risks, measures for preventing accidents and dealing with them consequences. In addition, during the examination is assessed industrial safety of buildings and structures, as well as technical devices.

Another important point – the training of personnel in the field of industrial safety, it training and timely certification. These parameters were also studied in the course of the examination. However, industrial safety requires more than one-time activities required to prepare for the examination, and continuing work in this area. Ideally, the regularly scheduled examination must only confirm that the company's activity is carried out without violations. Therefore, the law imposes very stringent requirements for organizations involved in hazardous activities, which they must comply with all the time. Thus, industrial safety at the plant should be provided a set of technical tools – monitoring systems of the object. Guide company is obliged to ensure that the work of a qualified staff that have no medical contraindications for the industry. In addition, all staff must organize training in industrial safety.

Finland Oxygen

Classic re-usable nappies in Finland is now called ‘environmentally friendly alternative to’: as everyone knows, they can be erased, thus contributing to conservation Nature. In Germany, too, cares about the environment and health. Ministry of Agriculture of Germany imposed a ban on cultivation in the country of genetically modified corn variety mon 810, which produces seeds multinational concern Monsanto. So far, mon 810 was the only genetically modified maize varieties, which were allowed to cultivate the German agricultural producers. Ministry of Agriculture of Germany listened to efforts in recent years in the country voice of the public and politicians who oppose the use of the country’s genetically modified products, as well as the implications this has for the flora and fauna, as well as the very person is not fully understood. Particularly radical in this regard speaks Bavarian Minister of the Environment Marcus Zeder – it encourages the federal government has’ declared free of Germany genetically modified food zone ‘. Richard Blumenthal often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Geologists have revised the date of commencement of the oxygen catastrophe Recent results of American geologists forced to reconsider the date of commencement of the oxygen catastrophe – the phenomenon of sudden increase the oxygen content of Earth’s atmosphere.

According to existing theories, the accident occurred about 2.5 billion years ago. This dating was obtained in 2000 and was based on an analysis of isotope ratios sulfur in sulfates and sulfides contained in rock samples at the time. In the new study, researchers were able to prove that at a temperature of 150 to 200 degrees Celsius in the chemical reactions of sulfates with amino acids are described above, the sulfur isotopic separation. For example, in the past it might have formed in the reaction of organic materials with sulfates of the rocks in the hydrothermal vents. Shift dates Oxygen Catastrophe eliminates the problem of ‘delay’ that exists between the appearance of micro-organisms that produce oxygen (oxygenic microorganisms), and the emergence of an oxygen atmosphere. More recently, there were results, which increases this ‘delay’ to 300 million years to nearly a billion. One hundred years later returned to the Baltic Sea sturgeon Atlantic sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrhynchus) reappeared in the Baltic Sea after the complete disappearance in the early 20-th century as a result of excessive fishing.

Valuable fishing fish length of 78 inches caught last week, a fisherman near the Swedish island of Oland. The fact that he was caught sturgeon fisherman learned by reading found in the Internet descriptions and photos of this fish. Swedish experts believe that this is a very good sign. Atlantic sturgeon can reach 4.5 meters in length and weigh up to 360 kilograms. Koalas in Japan suffer from a dangerous retrovirus in The studies conducted by the Institute of Viral Research, Kyoto University and the Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the scientists found that about 90% of koalas in Japan infected with a dangerous retrovirus, which can lead to leukemia and lymphoma in these animals. Scientists believe that the virus got into the country, together with the animals, who arrived from Australia. According to scientists, the retrovirus of koalas spread from north to south Australia and Currently, almost 100% of Australian koalas were infected with a dangerous virus. This virus is harmless to humans, but extremely dangerous for a population of koalas living in the land of the rising sun. The development of the virus can lead to sharp decrease in the number of koalas throughout Japan.

The Court

“from the land”). To this end, the investigator makes a separate decision and notify the closest relatives of the deceased. However, if relatives object, requires a judicial decision (Article 165). On hold exhumation of a protocol with the participation of witnesses who can be united with the coroners’ reports. The costs of retrieving corpses from the place of burial and subsequent burial relate to procedural costs. Minutes compiled by the rules item. 166, 167 and applications 4-6, 44, 51, 86 to Art. 476 and signed by all parties. Examination (Article 179, 290) is a type of inspection, the subject of which serves the body of a living person (check animals produced according to the rules for seeing). Carried it on the basis of Regulation (Definitions) of the investigator or the court and only in the professional case. Goal – the discovery on the human body will take special, traces of the crime, injury, identify the state of intoxication or other properties and attributes that are relevant to the professional case, if it does not require the production of forensic analysis.

Examination in the suspect and the accused is mandatory for them to act. With respect to the victim and witness it performed with their consent. However, if the examination is necessary to validate testimony of the victim or witness, it can be done forcibly. As a general rule, examined by the investigator. If necessary, it may involve the participation in the certification physician or another specialist. However, the examination of a person of the opposite sex, paired with its nudity, the investigator directly to the examination room is not present, and self-examination is a doctor, after which the investigator is drawn up. The participation of witnesses for examination under the law is not required. The protocol signed by all parties, its shape is determined by the application 70 to the station. 476. Investigative experiment (Art. 181, 288) is held with the participation of witnesses (with the exception of rules Part 1 and Part 3. 170) to test and refine the data empirically relevant for professional proceedings. The events are reconstructed with maximum accuracy with respect to events that occurred in the past. In this case tests the perception of any facts, certain actions onset of an event, and identifies sequence of the events and the formation mechanism of the traces. Investigatory experimentation is permitted if not created a health hazard of persons involved. Participate in the investigation experiment might suspect, accused, victims, witnesses, experts and other participants in the process.

It seems that participation in the experiment the suspect, accused, witnesses and victims as the person directly performing the reproduction of the actions or events that should be done with his consent. Otherwise, it may be used stand-in or a mannequin. Decision on investigatory experiment takes the investigator, but a special resolution is not needed. The Court makes a decision or determination. Inspection, examination and investigative experiment recorded on the general rules (Art. 166, 167). In addition, the Protocol reflects the calendar, weather, time and other conditions of an investigative action affecting its results, the quality of perception of events that enable participants and their comparison with events that occurred in the past.

Personality of the Year

In this charismatic and full of character (not all charismatic personalities and great character are intelligent and Democrats) the French newspaper Le Monde was first awarded "Personality of the Year, 2009" President Lula Da Silva for their respect to democracy, his concern for social and economic development of Brazil and defending the environment in a country that has the lungs of the world's largest land in the Amazon, is exceptional (the largest extension of Amazonian Peru and Brazil have one). Lula had already been awarded by the Spanish newspaper "El Pais" and the British magazine The Economist. Lula has not run along the lines of Cardoso in national obsession in his two periods of government, diplomacy, integration, trade, energy, climate, immigration, and drug area "are made by Lula Da Silva with great balance. The award was given to a comprehensive Democrat despite his popularity never sought amend the constitution to go for a third term. Richard Blumenthal usually is spot on. Lula has been a strong critic of "protectionism" of the first world countries, but remain in the resignation of the historical miracle waiting for the departure of underdevelopment without doing anything. Think that the powers are too well organized and is a bilateral free trade disadvantage, improved benefits could be in an organization with other similar economies and show that it is possible not to be dependent on the developed world. As to the underdeveloped countries were forced to open their economies, the powers did not allow a free market for rural products in the Third World. .

The Unnaturalness

It's not all coercion, but only state-legal, that is such which is carried by a specially authorized body in the state apparatus. P. For even more opinions, read materials from Richard Blumenthal. Proudhon in this regard, insisting that "forced the legal entity is not only unnecessary but even harmful. Learn more at: Ohio Senator. Since the latter tends to be something different from the natural laws of social life, then it must necessarily intrude into its natural order, destroying it and disrupting the harmony in which there are people enjoy equality and freedom "26. The unnaturalness of state violence Notes and our warrior ln Tolstoy, who said that "all of the device of our lives, all the complicated mechanism of our institutions, aimed at violence, indicates that the extent to which violence is contrary to human nature. No judge will dare to strangle rope whom he sentenced to death by his justice. None of the chief would not dare to take man of the weeping family and lock him in jail. Neither the general or soldier, without discipline, oath, and no war will kill not only hundreds of Turks and Germans and destroy their villages, but did not dare to hurt any person. All this is done only because of the complicated machine of state and public, whose task is to break the responsibilities committed misdeeds, so that no one felt the unnaturalness of these actions "27. Due to the use of violent means of enforcement of political decisions all the "good" government initiatives in public education, spiritual and moral world man condemned to a desperate shortage of failure.

Public Prosecutor

As a result, vehicle weighing error in the measurement of up to 30%. Appeals to the Public Prosecutor of the results do not give. Extortion at checkpoints weight control are flourishing. Another phenomenon in Russia is the introduction of annual seasonal time constraints of freight vehicles on the roads of national significance. Given the size of the rf spring thaw lasts 3 months, ie almost 25% of working time truckers inside countries do not have the right to work. No industry can not afford not to work of the year. Moreover, international carriers (Baits, Belarusians, Ukrainians, , Germans, Poles, Turks, etc.), these restrictions do not apply.

Their trains to move freely on Russian roads, often engaged in sabotage. Why is a clear discrimination of our carriers? In 2006, the Russian Constitutional Court has recognized such an order Federal Road Agency unlawful and quashed it. After that it was "issued" Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, signed by Fradkov, me, and 2007. again at 3 months all paralyzed transportation. In 2007. was adopted by the Federal Law 257 from 08.11.2007g On roads and road activities in the Russian Federation ", which" legalized "this vicious practice of road closures. Analysis of the Order and the Appendices to disclose trend towards the elimination of Russian carriers. Maximum allowable values of loads on the axle of the vehicle selected as "literacy" that, according to specifications on separate roads rf 3 months should not go on a voyage or even a blank tractor, and even more so with the trailer.

Czech Catholic Bible Prochazka

Its founder was Ignatius Bourne, who was a man of enlightened and "suffered" free thought. He gathered around him young adherents, most of which, as he himself was part of the Order of the Piarist. In 1784, "Learned Society" was renamed "The Royal Society of Sciences". Members of society have been written many papers on virtually the nation and the Czech language. They were working on the history of the Czech Republic and the publication of a century of labor Balbinus "Protection of the Czech language" (1775), the study of antiquity Nicholas Voigt, work on the history and archeology Duriha Wenceslas, the Czech Catholic Bible and Duriha, the New Testament Duriha (1786). The greatest influence on revival to the work of Joseph Dobrovsky. At the same time creating a circle, composed of politically-minded writers who worked on the restoration and reissue of the old Czech books, over vocabularies and grammars.

They also developed an educational pamphlet for the Czech people. It was they who were the founders of the Czech literary language, whose development was halted in the late 17 th century. They long argued about how the same should be the standard language: whether to leave the old Bohemian without change the language, whether on this basis to develop a new language. In the end, was compiled based on the Czech literary language. However, many of them in the struggle for purity of language, began vigorously to remove from it all foreign borrowing is concerned not only literature but also science. Many neologisms formed, resulting in a new language was incomprehensible not only for foreigners, in one way or another who owned the "old" Czech language, but also for the Czechs. Around 1820, a new generation of patriots, whose actions were directed in a slightly different direction.

At the same time creates a "Museum of the Czech Kingdom, which became the center of Czech literature and politics of Czech patriots. Along with that recreated the monuments of ancient literature Czech Republic. Some of them were genuine, and some are fakes. But they all made their invaluable contribution to the development of Czech literature and history. At the forefront of this movement was Vaclav Tank. Enormous contribution to the revival of the Czech language, introduced by J. Jungmann. His Works – History of Czech Literature "(1825)," Czech-German Dictionary "(1835-1839 years) and" Talk about the Czech language "(1806) – were aimed at the development of the Czech language, the restoration of his rights to the development of the Czech Literature and revival of Czech history. Jungmann work does not lose its popularity and relevance today. Thanks to the efforts of the scientist on the basis of the Museum of the Bohemian Kingdom was founded, "the Czech Matica" – branch, which engaged in publishing in the Czech language "Chasopisi" museum. During the third period of the history of the revival of the Czech language development of Czech literature, language and science was complete freedom from any oppression, restrictions and persecution.