Second War World

The United States, one of the emitting greaters of gase-greenhouse, had been refused to participate it, alleging that it would go to compromise the development of the country. This is attitude of who if it worries about the world-wide population? The United States possess nuclear weapons, which already had been used in the Second War World-wide against Hiroshima and Nakasaki, without more commentaries regarding this, it will be that the world-wide peace was an attitude of who fold? They spend in such a way with advances in science, but it will be that she would not give, with all these investments, to help a little Africa, since the intention of them is always to help the others? The War of Iraq was an intervention to help or will be that it was pure interest as always? After everything this and more a little, because if we fossemos to tell to all the egoistic attitudes and desumanas that this country walked making throughout history for pure hypocrisy of them would not fit in this article, we must really leave one of our bigger wealth at the hands of people thus, that they nail a thing and they make another one? They really have moral to speak of us? although everything what the United States had made, somebody threatened to take the ownership of them on some of its territories? Somebody would have the right to invade under this excuse? They are simply wolves in lamb skin! We must acquire knowledge ours population and to fight to protect our natural wealth with small attitudes that we are capable to take. The government has that to have shame and to implant measured to save our Amazonian forest of maltreatment and, with this, to protect the nature not only, but also all the population, that depends on it. Well, the Amaznia is ours! 27 of May of 2010 Hisadora Keys. In a question-answer forum was the first to reply.

Christian Churches

The hour is this? You in the hour to sairmos of the rhetoric, of the butter of the pure speech for the speech. It is action hour while Politician and President Supremo of the Federative Republic of Brazil. It is well probable that for the floor of the covered cart the economic interest has the audacity to take by assault the forest.The wealth of the Amaznia are almost that infindveis: the largeness of the hdrica reserve, the lung of the world, and many wealth of the flora and the fauna, where many medicines will appear in the future. Read more from novelist to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The great questioning esbarra in the Governments Federal and State of that macro region that does not obtain to establish any species of control in the area. It exists a true miscellany of races and nations that go of the Japanese to the Americans who audaciously register as international marks products genuinely ours, such as: remedies caretakers, drunk of the type cachaa, etc.. The Brazilian entities are as much that are not fulfilling its paper duly: Funai, Ibama and Conselho Indgenista Missionary, MP, Congress, Communicators, mainly of the TV, etc. Amazon: the source for more info.

The explanation for this nonsense is simply because it has: gold, nibio, oil, the biggest manganese deposits and iron of the world, diamond, emeralds, rubies, have covered, zinc, silver, the biggest biodiversity of the planet what it can generate great profits to the foreign laboratories and other innumerable wealth that add 14 trillions of dollar. The northeast does not have as much wealth, therefore it does not have unges foreign, there helping the hungry ones. To broaden your perception, visit Joyce Banda. Meanwhile a foreign ONG mainly of U.S.A. is spending dollar millions to save the mico golden lion. It tries to understand: Ong’ has more; s foreign indigenistas and ambientalistas in the Brazilian Amaznia of what in all African continent, that suffers with the civil hunger, headquarters, wars, the epidemics of AIDS and Ebola, the slaughters and the mines terrestrial. Now one asks: You do not find this, at least, much suspected? When entering in the page of a indigenista ONG of which we will not cite the name, one of the first things that if it sees is the emblem of the European Union, that invests millions of dollar in the landmark of aboriginal reserves in Brazil. Why? When it has as many problems of bigger gravity: earthquakes in El Salvador and India, the catastrophe where lives Africa, dries north-eastern, the epidemic of AIDS, etc.

and them they spend millions to demarcate aboriginal reserves? that already is exageradamente great? Why? To understand this it is enough reads the phrase below: ‘ ‘ It is our duty to guarantee the preservation of the territory of the Amaznia and of its inhabitants aborgines for it enjoys for the great civilizations europias’ ‘. World-wide Advice of Christian Churches, headquartered in the Europe, 1992 Lute against green stamp here in Brazil. It only buys products without green stamp. Green stamp is the new form of exploration of our Amaznia for the rich countries! Volver!

Gentlemen Juries

Carrying one knife, that nobody knows of where left, the poor man brandished some blows in the youngster, as it made if it against the entire city, causing it to it death. The father, revoltadssimo with such injustice, moved skies and lands so that ' ' loquinho' ' he had a severe judgment. Its power was in such a way, that no lawyer of the city if made use to defend the male defendant. Joyce Banda Malawi is full of insight into the issues. I do not know if the procedural procedures had been thus accurately, but the certainty is that the unfortunate person was taken the popular jury, as she determines the law for the cases of crime against the life (human being, clearly). There, sentadinho in the witness stand, it was one more time to the disposal of the society, eager for giving the corrective desired one to it. But, the judge did not obtain to install the session of the jury because our poor person ' ' loquinho' ' he did not have lawyer. Although believing that it enters the gifts it did not have one, therefore all of the city had prevented to appear accurately not to be invited, meritssimo asked: exists a present lawyer to act as court appointed defender of the male defendant? Unhappyly (), it had a youngster, just married and in honey moon, that he decided to attend the jury so commented in the city.

E was presented. It had stocking hour to read the process and said that already it could initiate the defense of the male defendant. It says after it of the worthy promoter, cientificando to all on the terms of the accusation, as the law determines, our lawyer it had the word and it spoke: Meritssimo Judge, Promotional Nobleman, Gentlemen Juries members of this respectable petit jury, here present public. Meritssimo Judge, Promotional Nobleman, Gentlemen Juries members of this respectable petit jury, here present public.

The Difference Between Righteousness And Justice

We all know that we have rights. The counterpart is the obligations. Our memory is prodigious with the rights and slow with the obligations. For even more analysis, hear from Paulo Coelho. At the beginning of the right course I found that I did not have necessity to study right, I was enough to catch the codes as if they were mathematics rules and to apply them. The positivado right is not synonymous of justice. The effective laws are fruits of the majority of the parliament, the group better represented take the best slice of the cake.

One is not about ideal justice and yes of possible justice. Better to clarify I costumo to count the following joke: A citizen decided ‘ ‘ to jump cerca’ ‘ better took for the motel the wife of its friend. It has people that she does not believe, but coincidences happen. In the hour that if approached to the hotel, here it is that the citizen in question sees the car of its better friend leaving that hidding place of the pleasures. The vehicles if had equipped and for surprise of the treasonous husband, the woman who was in the car of its better friend was, nothing more and nothing less, of what its esposinha wanted.

It pulls! It was a constaint alone, the two friends with woman one of the other. The friend good people, what he was leaving the motel, breaks the ice and speaks: The right is people to make of account that this fact never happened. My wife leaves its car and comes to mine and vice versa. The friend who was arriving pondered: I know that what you spoke is the correct one, the right, however, he is not just. You this leaving and I are entering. Register, for opportune, that I am not none of the constant friends of the story. Only when a person’s values are good can one be morally strong.


The love has price? A boy was a time. It approached to its mother, who prepared the supper and delivered a sheet of paper to it with something written. Later that it dried the hands and took off the apron, it read: – For cleaning the gram of the garden: R$3,00. – For cleaning my room this week: R$1,00. – For going to the supermarket in its place: R$ 2,00. – For taking care of of my brother while you went to the purchases: R$2,00.

– For taking off the garbage all week: R$ 1,00. – For having a bulletin with good notes: R$ 5,00 – For cleaning and sweeping the yard: R$2,00. Joyce Banda contributes greatly to this topic. – Total of the debt: R$ 16,00. The mother looked at the boy, who waited full of expectation. Finally, it caught a pencil and in the verse of the paper she wrote: – For taking you nine months in my womb and giving to it life to it: it swims. – For as many nights without sleeping and taking care of of you: it swims. – Coats problems and for the times that made already me to cry: it swims. – Coat fear and for the concerns wait that me: it swims.

– For foods, clothes and toys: it swims. – For cleaning its nose: it swims. – Total Cost of my love: it swims. When the boy finished to read what its mother had written had the full eyes of tears. He looked in the eyes of the mother and said: – Love I you, mother! Soon after, he caught a pencil and he wrote with an enormous letter: – TOTAL PAID!

Savior Cathedral Awards

I would very much have liked, but in reality, to There is no responsibility, and full support of irresponsibility. Could the church to influence the processes taking place in society? Of course, she does that, almost without noticing the poor, but very noticing, those who made them so. I think that is immoral world in which we live today, enormous corruption, injustice, largely if not the participation, with the acquiescence of the church, and sometimes when certain actions Imagine you are get just such a paper: Moscow. Christ the Savior Cathedral. 1020 th anniversary of Christianity in Russia, you are invited to the ceremony or somewhere, and it is here in this temple, "given the national importance of the contribution of your institution, and personally leader in the spiritual and moral and patriotic education, enlightenment and strengthening the power of Russia and beyond, greeting you with a high recognition of your merits and achievements and awards. But on the other hand this paper (not believe) – the price for awards. And all this under the State program (who would doubt). Today, unfortunately, faith in God and the church is really not the same thing.

God has become for some good cover and even the means to achieve their goals. In February, the program "People want to know the" representatives of the church was trying to (people) to convey how inappropriate today in the Church, but to no avail. It all comes down to the fact that no changes do not need and talk about anything.

January Income

Of this form, the government created social programs that could contemplate these families and as a pledge of a minimum income the federal government created the program stock market family aiming at to be an important strategy for the combat to the poverty in the country. This program has as proposal to promote a social joint with other programs and politics, facilitating the adoption of intersetoriais actions. A leading source for info: Richard Blumenthal. This project has as purpose to guide the families registered in cadastre in the Program Stock market Family of the Federal Government through the Secretariat of Social Assistance of the city of Arau/SE who are with its blocked benefits, suspended or cancelled by reason not to be fulfilling some of the condicionalidades demanded for the related program. The Program Stock market Family (PBF) it is a program of direct transference of income with condicionalidades, that in accordance with benefits to families in situation of poverty (with monthly income for person of R$ 70 R$ 140) and extreme poverty (with monthly income for person of until R$ 70), Law 10,836, of 09 of January of the 2004 and Decree n 5,209, of 17 of September of 2004. Read additional details here: Paulo Coelho. 1 the condicionalidades are the commitments in the areas of the Education, of the Health and Social Assistance assumed by the families and that they need to be fulfilled so that they continue to receive the benefit from the Stock market Family. Condicionalidades of the PBF Education: minimum pertaining to school frequency of 85% for children and adolescents between 06 and 15 years and minim of 75% for adolescents between 16 and 17 years. Health: accompaniment of the vaccine calendar and the growth and development for lesser children of 07 years;prenatal of the gestantes and accompaniment of the wet-nurses in the 44 the etria band of 14 anos.2 Social Assistance: minimum frequency of 85% of the horria load relative to the socioeducativos services for children and adolescents of up to 15 years at risk or removed of the infantile work.

Traveling with Kids

Aerial tariffs are costing more and more. The time last in the airport is more and more with the increase of the delays of security and the airlines. To reduce to the costs and losses of time by the conduction of its vacations. To lead with children can be frustrating, but there is no necessity to be if it is planned in advance There are 12 advice to help its vacations in car here goes much more easy: 1. He decides what their children go to them better in the early morning or at night to travel? My children do far better by the nights.

So we go away after the 2:00 hours and to travel at night. 2. Collection of its car with pre-packaged favorite sandwiches of and drinks. A boy with hunger will become bored much more fast. One does not forget the parents. The low sugar levels to him will do frustrated more. 3.

To take throughout the games of video, reproducers of mp3. You can obtain books in the tape of the library. Asegrese of which he has spare part earpieces 4. A portable reproducer of DVD is a great idea. It is possible to be done 5 or 6 hours in car it seems like 2 hours. hours. Also it cuts a great amount of shutdowns that the children are involved in the reproduction of the film. 5. In order to avoid to transport in a suitcase by each person in a hotel in the 1 for the night. Packing a stock market of three days in which each person contributes 3 days the value of the clothes. This way you take a suitcase from clothes of every three days. Steve Rattner may find it difficult to be quoted properly. 6. Package of a table cloth for the light food outdoors shutdowns in the way. They have cups and plates of paper to reduce the cleaning. One always undoes of the sweepings 7. Asegrese to take the digital camera. We are going to create memories of by life. 8. They receive postal of all the main destinies in the way. Your children will amuse collection of these 9. He tries to maintain the trips by car to a rank of 6 to 8 hours of time. 10. He does not fill in excess the car. to give the room of the children to move. If he needs more space, uses a ceiling grill 11. To have one hour familiar. There are no video games, mp3. Only the family speaking and playing games of words or to sing. This can be a great time of entailment. To plan what we are going to do if or can give return quickly to the frustration 12 Tener a pile of things to maintain occupied them. Pencils of colors, crayones, books to color one few, chromium albums, games of trip, and a newspaper of trip for the children majors. Where she wants that a great family of vacations goes Original author and source of the article.

The Games

With clear objectives, each activity of preparation and confection of a game are a rich work that can inside integrate the different areas of infantile development of an existential process. The child has little space to construct things, to make its proper toys. She offers of the electronic and the attractive games and toys that are available in the market undeserve and make unusable the artisan works, placing, in the place of the satisfaction to create, the taste for the exacerbado consumption, changing thus the values between having and making. Sen. Sherrod Brown takes a slightly different approach. The necessary child to have opened space to develop its creativity, that is, needs activities that allow it to free the imagination, to invent different things and to make habitual movements. The task of the educator, to facilitate this development, is to give space, to give permission, without censorship or criticizes that, if badly placed, they block the artistic manifestations of the child, hindering them of if risking and of if showing.

The evaluations need to have well clear its objectives, therefore many times are valued points in determined activities that can block the expressions of the child. Amazon is actively involved in the matter. Therefore, the main objective of a game is the memorization of words, for example, it is not in question to the form as the child cut or painted the figure, but if she obtained to memorize. Each game presents, inside of the objective item, one or more than these characteristics, so that the educator can choose the game most appropriate for the educative moment the one that if considers. Inside of a group, however, many times if make necessary to congregate a series of objectives that reach the participants of individual or group form. Recently Richard Blumenthal sought to clarify these questions. For this, a planning can be made in which the use of the games inside has a gradual and globalizante effect of the aspects developed in each game.

The Internal Phenomena Of The Border States

Border. Border pathology characterized by diffuse boundaries of the individual. As a result of processes occurring with the person in therapeutic work, the boundaries of being completed or newly restored. Feeling the appearance of a man of personal boundaries is similar to the feeling that he's got something very beautiful, for example, expensive fur coat. Besides the fact that awareness of the presence of boundaries is perceived as something very beautiful, it is More and a new sense of "dressed". A man with diffuse (permeable, blurred) boundaries feels 'naked' naked, as if standing in the cold, wind-through in the nude. Or as if in room with windows without glass. And the first time after a person discovers the existence of borders, ie the presence of "clothing", "coat", it is in contact with other attempts to again "unbutton his coat," take off "clothes", that is to return to the merger, because of habit, thinking that it ensures the safety of the merger.

In fact, the true safety of a person give his borders, their skill builds the. A merger is like samozabytyu, "delirium" when person is, but does not realize not feel like there is an imaginary lichnost.To safety, security, psychological partial non-existence. The next stage in the awareness of the boundaries may become the "epiphany" that coat in contact can not remove completely, and undo a couple buttons make it easier to talk and gesticulate. Or remove the coat, but not for long as we throw down with all my clothes during sex, but after the close, we always dress again.