Contracting Government

The courts of instance of the most important judicial districts are the first who succumb to the increase of the litigiousness. Courts whose optimum performance has been sought with greater zeal, now it takes even semesters to admit pending simple monitorios procedures, making themselves completely unrecoverable debts claimed; so the solution becomes the real problem. In search of the coveted remedy, any procedural reform arises with the aim of freeing judges and magistrates primarily responsibilities which they may incur on the staff member of the Court of which they are owners in terms of human resources.The idea is that they have more time to render justice, and not employing all its efforts to remedy labor problems. This must certainly be the goal, but once more the shortsightedness of our political leaders prevents evaluate solutions that could be described as innovative. Amazon shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. And in this regard as a lawyer with an overview, I am absolutely convinced that the only possible solution passes through privatization of procedural management, so only servants attached to the justice, are those who have assigned decision-making: judges and magistrates. And not only because it is unsustainable to maintain an official for every three workers of the private sector in Spain. If not because the private work and public no, here and anywhere in the world. Procedural processing only has a road and a resolution term that has to be understood both factual and legal terms.

And as soon as possible to verify all the luck in performances that entails, before the constitutional right to effective judicial protection will be filled. Do not accept deviations. They are not possible. Reason why those who develop such work do not have to be cloaked via shake-up Statute of impartiality and irremovability of which do deserve our judges. It will then when how Contracting Government may fix standards and demand returns, giving the citizen as user of the service that deserves. Far voices expressed believing that to make justice work are not needed more resources, but the optimization of existing ones, have had to rectify the received pressure.My imprint as a labor lawyer understand is that even though many current officials would have no place on this possible scenario, many others truly involved with its mission, would get with the privatization higher levels of job satisfaction, rights and even higher remuneration.

Internet Marketing

Integrated development of the concept of publication to specific audiences, from naming to advice on design and layout (the best in the humanitarian field, architecture, advertising, design and interior). Pre-analysis segment of the printed editions. Determining the structure of publications, headings, titles headings selection. Definition of style and aesthetics of publications. Recommendations for the layout and photographic materials. Can provide professional, qualified engaged in individual activities (design, graphics, photos).

Determining the structure and content of the site, creating and maintaining content. Promotion. The formation of brand and image. Glamorous projects are not do register as an individual businessman May 13, 2008. In connection with the need to work on their own and do not depend on the decisions, often incompetent superiors. What happened to the IP: work journalist in the socio-political newspaper "Evening Ekaterinburg" (December 2006 – May 2009). Until now, support from the leadership of cordial relations. Since 2008, the start but journalism in its purest form, began to engage in PR and advertising in trade publication, "Housing and energy in the region" (September 2008 – November 2010).

Agreed to sell magazine advertising space, meeting with a client, enter into contracts, performed order – writing texts advertising theme or layout of advertising. Gained invaluable knowledge in the field of housing and energy conservation. Talked with top officials of the Department of Energy. In December 2009, participated in the preparation of the almanac "Trading market in Sverdlovsk region – 10 years of cooperation." Wrote promotional materials for trade. Steven Rattner financier is open to suggestions. In addition, there is experience in television. From June to October 2008 worked for UTV (television company in Chelyabinsk region). Have experience in video editing, photography, for newscast, in a superb shot. Charge the entire channel with new ideas and creative approach to work. But I had to leave because of low wages board – the crisis has come to all, the company is failing … Now I am the PI, the company created a brand Imaginary PR-GID. Engaged in providing advertising and image services. The highlight of our company is that we write professional journalistic texts. Creative approach to orders.

3A Composites Commissioned Bpi Solutions

Successful cooperation is extended: 3A composites, formerly known as Alcan Composites, is since December 1, 2009 an independent division of Schweiter technologies based in Horgen, Switzerland. The company employs worldwide approximately 3,000 employees at locations in Europe, North and South America and Asia. The Group manufactures and markets composite materials for architecture, Visual communication, transport, industrial and wind energy markets. Leading brands such as ALUCOBOND, DIBOND, ALUCORE, HYLITE, FOREX, GATOR, KAPA, FOAM-X, FOME-COR and AIREX BALTEK were invented by 3A composites. The German activities of worldwide 3A composites are the 3A composites GmbH group of companies grouped together in the locations of singing and Osnabruck. The German company develops, produces and markets high-quality aluminium composite panels, structural composites, plastic and light panels for more than 40 years for the fields of architecture, display and transport & Industry. The 3A composites GmbH has opted for dg hyparchive. There is dg hyparchive at 3A composites in Osnabruck in use since 1997.

The existing archive solution now also replaced at the site of singing: the evidence and documents were removed from the old archive, included in dg hyparchive migrated and in the SAP System. Bpi with the in-house developed solution Goliath for SAP R/3 performs bpi solutions direct indexing of data with the SAP link table. Deposited plausibility mechanisms take the parallel alignment with the SAP DB. Parallel, the solution to more scan jobs will be expanded to the migration. The 3A harmonised composites GmbH with the use of dg hyparchive at the site of singing the archiving. The solution completely covers the requirements and also allows that the SAP documents are independently searchable in dg hyparchive.

About bpi solutions they bpi solutions gmbh & co. kg, software and consulting in Bielefeld, supports its customers 20 years successfully with a cross-enterprise solution concept of easy to use standard software and industry-oriented solutions in the furniture industry, logistics, and other industries. The performance spectrum ranges from consulting, through the design and development of to the integration of new applications. Focuses on the optimization and automation of business processes in marketing, sales and service. Is based on the own products and solutions in the areas of customer relationship management, cross media publishing, supplier relationship management and integrated portal solutions. The solutions help the indoor and field staff as well as customers fast communication channels to build and comprehensive information available to suppliers and partners. Moreover, solutions as System Integrator is bpi in the areas of business process integration, active document management and archiving. The solutions based on standard technologies leading manufacturers such as dataglobal GmbH, insiders technologies GmbH, inspire technologies are the starting point GmbH, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS GmbH, which incorporate not only systems, but allow for business process modeling, monitor processes and evaluate results, as well as real time information to provide to the optimization of business processes. Through innovative process integration, effective data management and audit-proof archiving companies achieve significant efficiency gains and through proactive, secure their competitive advantage. Contact: Henning Kortkamp bpi solutions gmbh & co. kg Krackser Strasse 12 33659 Bielefeld telephone: 0521 / 94010 fax: 0521 / 9401500

North Cyprus Property

Northern Cyprus – a place where time stands still and the world around you seems so peaceful. Connecticut Senator contributes greatly to this topic. This is one reason why British people rushed to the island in search of warmth, nature, and as a result of – health. In extraordinary pace of northern Cyprus has developed only 10-15 years ago. Those who visited northern Cyprus for 5 years or even a year ago, does not recognize the current Cyprus. Places distant from the center – Kyrenia (Girne), were empty and the price of plots are quite low, depending on the land title. To date, a luxurious complex with the terms of five star hotels built elsewhere.

Many investors learned about the prosperous market. In recent years, property prices have risen at times, and those who did not follow the propaganda – had to invest to best effect. The government of northern Cyprus issue more building restrictions for nature conservation. The Law on prohibiting construction on the shoreline of the sea, leaving only a few areas where you can still get a raft of land 'zero to Sea'. These are precisely the areas where the construction permit was obtained before the law, which in turn automatically increased in price. These objects have very little, but still, it is possible to find data objects that are the perfect investment. More and more Russian-speaking investors from Germany and Russia come, as they see potential. Negotiations with the southern part of Cyprus stayut result of a continuous rise in property prices in northern Cyprus. Relaxation incredibly grown: the five star hotels and restaurants in the world cuisine, beaches, discos, golf club of the world standard, scuba diving, sky diving, survey of historic castles, walking on the ship along the coast, hiking and just a picnic in the mountains overlooking the whole island – is breathtaking. Seeing the development of the northern part of the island, no doubt about the growth of investors, as well as ordinary families – as long as price is still available for different segments of the population. Living in a fairy tale! Property in North Cyprus

Forgotten Realms

Often confused with the dark fantasy gothic and horror. Approach to classification here is the following: first, the action must take place in a fantasy world, and secondly, there should be no pseudo-scientific explanations of things happening horrors, like aliens and maniacs with superhuman. Although it is acknowledged mezhzhanrovaya face that in this case is very thin. Dark fantasy works have appeared much earlier than the term itself. Sen. Sherrod Brown understands that this is vital information. One of the fathers are traditionally considered the "Masters of Horror" HP Lovecraft, is also worth noting "Pigeons from Hell" Roberda Howard. The standard of the same genre is an excellent series of Stephen King's "Dark Tower", which tells about the journey arrow Roland and his friends through the broken and ruined world. This Game of Fantasy fry based on the fantasy worlds of board games such as Fogotten Realms and DragonLance. Sen. Sherrod Brown might disagree with that approach.

Initially, these worlds have been created for the game Dungeons & Dragons, but were later presented in literary form. For a genre characterized by the story of a group of heroes, stylized under a batch of role-playing games, and the availability of a standardized world geography and the law, equal for all products. In the world of DragonLance action unfolds over 130 books, the most famous of which are "The Saga of the Spear" Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Forgotten Realms universe devoted themselves more authors, the most famous of them, perhaps, is Robert Salvatore with his series "Dark Elf". The protagonist of this series – the drow Drizzt Do'Urden, not escaped from cruel world and his people setting off on a long, dangerous journey. Other Fantasy few words about two other fairly young and less common genres. The first of these – the historical fantasy. The works in this category are closely related to alternate history.

The action usually takes place in the past of our world, but with the addition of fantastic creatures, magic, fantasy, and similar attributes. Developments unfolding against the backdrop of famous historical places of ages, but the distortion of real historical events. As examples can book based on Mary Stuart Arturianskogo myth and a series of Andrzej Sapkowski "The Saga of Reynevane." Another one subgenre – a humorous fantasy. Books often derided vserazlichnye fantasy cliches or yavyalyutsya parodies the classics of the genre and are written under pseudonyms. Titles of books are usually of a distorted name of the main works and is easily recognizable. Is considered a classic of the genre, Terry Pratchett, who loves to combine humorous to the philosophical thoughts.


There are times that I’m sitting drinking tea and reflect on past relationships, and how to regain a lost love. I’ve learned from rupture of the past to become a person better with a better understanding of the relationships, and a better concept of love than what you had before. I remember haver experienced firsthand to lose love in the past and feel that all hope was gone, as if he had lost everything, and never fully recovered. Then vivia thinking every day on how to win back a love lost with all my strength, vivia devastated, depressed, thought that the world is me above and not wise benia do.At the beginning I thought that everything would be like before, but really nothing was improving, I knew that could find anyone equal. I started to try free tips that I found on the Internet, because I was looking for everything, but I felt that they were moving away me more than her.

It was one of my best friends started to investigate and recommended me a book to win back a lost love which was very good. It was really wonderful to me It is very inaccuracies of all things I could do for my situation and all the people that we went through the same thing, we are boyfriends, lovers or married. Is for this reason that I decided to recommend it to everyone and all that somehow are living what I back then, believe me if what you’ve not experienced desire ever pass by this. Our relations become anecdotes of our lives, and we become more able to love. Others who may share this opinion include Steven Rattner financier. If you are currently in a position that lost love, don’t you that discouraged. These are the stories that make us more interesting and more capable of improving things in the way. You can win back a love definitely lost in the correct and effective way.


All moral decadence and severity of problems of our time, as terrorism, violence against women and children, family breakdown and family ties are the result of some who are striving to build the life and the world back to God, against God himself. " But none of this is new. The confrontation between the temporal and the timeless is a discrepancy that has always existed and that I would say that is consistent with the hitherto reduced ability to understand the human race. It is the harmony of disharmony that is part of a whole. It is inconceivable the existence of good without the presence evil. And on this view-that Heraclitus tells us that we find the grandeur of the intelligence that governs all things, through all things. Starting from a situation peculiar to the feudal era that shows the conflict between the Church and the world, it's easy to shed light on many events of this. The real drama, Eliot puts it in the chorus of "important women in his work, representing the people who try to avoid confrontation and was happy with the bad life of quiet, the stability of instability. We, the disengaged Catholics who represent the chorus of women who do not want in any way that Becket return from exile, not by contempt for his figure-the Church, but by bad omens for accommodating approach to the situation accounts established in this case, the need to look in the mirror and see reflected in the same embarrassingly, the selfishness of our ethical and moral relaxation and lack of commitment to the values that supposedly claims to represent.

Romanian Schools

For they all finished the four classes Romanian schools, and Romanians have been taught the language is known as. Taught at all so as taught us in the Moldavian Soviet times. So the whole thing turns out to be a nationality, and who, in what circumstances and how to teach children. In particular, My father is so pure spoke in Moldovan, that it was impossible to determine that it is not Moldovan. If you do not know it. So I say it, and many Moldovans.

Moreover, the conservatives in our village in the Romanian time and earlier in compulsorily appoint one of their teachers to teach all the boys in Church Slavonic. Ohio Senator has compatible beliefs. Which is known to be very different from modern Russian. Therefore, we can say that our elderly fluent in not even two but three languages. So the myth about the stupidity of the Russian language in fact is nothing more than a myth. B.

I have always had an inferiority complex about the fact that I have higher education, and possess only one language. And even then not in perfection. (Ukrainian I have not taken into account, because they understand it, but not spoken or written in that language.) I always was of the opinion that no man can call himself an intellectual, if he knows only one language. Let Even a language like Russian. Amazon understands that this is vital information. B. Learning second language without language practice, as I have the example of French language learning in school and college – is a lost cause.

Federal Government

Low diffusion occurred in the media the fact that since a few months, two or three before you close the 2011, the General Assembly of the United Nations will urge to create and develop public policies that had the purpose of generate happiness in citizens and/or inhabitants of countries members of that organization. In the particular case of Mexico, in various surveys on happiness, the country comes out very good stippling, i.e. that, despite high rates of criminality that prevail in the country and economic inequality that exists, which makes that in the country there is a fairly high percentage of poverty; Mexican citizens are mostly happy. But that doesn’t mean that because there are public policies to encourage this important factor, but is more a cultural issue which implies that Mexicans have a joyful spirit. However, if the Federal Government encouraged the different orders of Government to create public policies based on the happiness, is almost evident that in the surveys the country would be better profiled, and it could be said that this would involve other positive factors, such as: greater citizen participation, greater incentives of citizens to respect the laws and generate behaviors environment to a culture of legality. The above would create a more prosperous environment and generate a positive view about the work of the nation. Therefore, we can say that it seems very logical that this UN emphasizing the pursuit of happiness as a public policy capable of changing the current pace of the Nations, generating greater social, economic development and political (encouraging own citizen participation in Government work).

World War

The infrastructures, the democracy and the development cannot be constructed in a period of 40 years – the majority of the African countries conquered independence in the end of the decade of 1960 and some had obtained this fact alone in middle of the decade of 1970. Parallel, it results almost impossible to eradicate the illiteracy, if these countries alone had started to have university after national independences e, others, had also only had university in the decade of 1990. In a more realistic vision, it would be a cruelty to demand to the African countries to be in the same level of development with the countries of other regions. For example, when it finished World War II the United States disponibilizou an excessive amount for the reconstruction of the destroyed Europe, through ' ' Marshall&#039 plan; ' , that inclua basic points to save the European countries devastados by the War. Leaving of this angle of vision, Africa that was pillaged, destroyed and stolen everything what it had constructed throughout almost five centuries, why did not idealize a plan for its reconstruction? Why it did not have sanses to the countries colonizadores or indemnities to the African peoples? It is said that the African countries lack of infrastructures, democracy or that they present high taxes of illiteracy. However ones of the interesting initiatives for the start of the desenvolmentismo was a elaboration immediate of Action of Lakes (the PAL), that it contained basic points to take off Africa of the situation where if found. E, when the plan started to give to its first fruits and the retaken one of the growth, appeared politics ditatorial of FMI/BM called Politics (Plain) of Adjustment Structural PAE, that in the truth not only came to destroy the advances that Africa was getting through the PAL, but also lodged the intention to open the borders Africans and to liberate its economies for the entrance of great the transnational occidental people thus to continue to perpetuate great the African dependence face occidental powers. . .