Forces One

The promises and not fulfilled oaths of campaign, causing the unemployment and humilhao of all, used or not, supplied to us mass to it that lacked. Dived in the misery, the clutter, the violence, the corruption politics, the abandonment and impunity, until small bourgeois, used and laboring, it comes increasing considerably our rows, and in fortifying for the next campaigns. This creates one other element, that is the nature of the relations that if circumstantially establish between this movement and the part of the extinguished population of the development, this in general terms. Therefore, then the bourgeoisie will come to support the new party, to contain the advance of maleficent changes to its interests and, on the other hand, the new left, will be supported in the bourgeoisie to finance its interests. However, one exists here dangerous and mortal factor, for both the sides, that at certain moment will go to breach themselves and one will accuse the other, looking for to divide its pairs, weakening its bases for the liquidation and control of the other.

This must be cupola subject and must be dealt with frieza and rigidity, therefore it will have escapes and defections in the two sides. Thus everything indicates that we are an original phenomenon, that not if can reduce to the traditional conservantismo nor to the type of liberal democracy. Obs: we cannot forget that the two first conflicts world-wide, have its origins in the divisions, the segregation of classroom, the unemployment and in the humilhao of the agent chief executives on the people, the bourgeoisie and the traditional families who had overwhelmd the too much people, causing a deep one amalgamates, that it was changedded into rebellion (beyond weighed the charged taxes). The forces of the unification. It is known of the interest that the world has for our land, for our Amaznia.

Video Unlimited

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Theodore Roosevelt

And do not tell me, missing more, but the picture of contradictions and contrasts that environment more chaotic century perhaps the history of Spain. It certainly plays a very important Don Miguel. a "is that the Spanish are by nature chaotic a" Torrentea intervened. " Oh no what to say contradictory! Once Salamanca came to an American professor and wondered how a people so hot as we had not participated in any of the great international wars. The answer, I said, is simple. a "What? a "I could not help but ask.

a "is the same as me gringo he asked. I told the truth: a Mire, Mister, which to us is really what we are crazy about a lot, is killing us from ourselves. We have almost a century and a half to do so. Killing foreigners does not give us even half of taste. It is an activity which we consider to tacky, fijesea . a "you're always so exaggerated, Don Gonzalo a " laughed Martin Gaite. a "No, I do not exaggerate a " said, stern, Tovar a ". This is a perfectly verifiable historical constant.

In almost three centuries only participated in two contests against foreigners. One, the war against the French, almost was a domestic conflict between Gallic and reactionaries, with the occupation of our territory by invading troops. In the other, against the United States, it put us in tandem Randolph Hearst and Theodore Roosevelt, but we had no part.

Bolivia Commitment

The trial is in sight. If Europe creates its unity with 27 States, in parallel he assumed the pandemonium of 24 different languages, with a hundred dialects and dozens of religious creeds, sects and ethnic groups. Instead, South America retains, and must defend their majority Christian and only language. All this, without neglecting the problems of the lack of almost exhausted natural resources in the old world, reality that drives them logically to the outside to accomplish their vital supplies. It is almost miraculous in this era that their Governments are elected in democracy in South America and, although they may possess certain imperfections, there are always possibilities for improving them in peace.

We could not stand again, without reacting, that privileged groups repeated the imposed on blood and fire on the citizen of the Highlands will, raiding the heart of South America using repressive assassins. And lynched their popular leaders. Or not? very eloquent what are points out, that does not will be olidar, which the people of Bolivia, the poorest in South America still always rich in natural resources, has suffered the exploitation of multinationals and corrupt politicians, with local sepoys. But the failures of so many rebellions against the injustice suffered by centuries, has not castrated reborn hope that today is threatened. Today the only inescapable commitment of the subcontinent is South American patriotism believe that this reaction of the Unasur is an encouragement to those who believe that it is time that the Suaramericano continent and of the Caribbean is integrated development, give way to that union that our liberators sought, fought and died in its time.

Credit Council Online

Get idea of where you can get home equity line of credit Council online while a home equity line of credit may not be limitless, it can be pretty easy to keep spending if you are not too careful. If you didn’t reach your limit with what you wanted to use it for in the first place, you might be tempted to take more money out with a refinance home equity line of credit. That’s money that you want to end up having to pay interest on. Steve Rattner has similar goals. Remember: the more money you take out with a refinance second mortgage, the more interest you will have to end up paying on it refinancing your fixed rate home equity line of credit is a lot like cutting up a credit card. You still have to finish paying it off, but at least you won’t be using it anymore.

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Linsenhofen Frank Hummel

If we succeed but, that to many households and Companies supply largely self-taught with energy and consume less power, then billions of euros can be saved here. The energy transition would much faster and cheaper to implement.” The companies from Frickenhausen-Linsenhofen is, however, a major hurdle for the craft in the region: the already acute lack of specialists and trainees. The issue of training is becoming increasingly important. We employ almost 20 years trainees regularly to get enough qualified staff. Although, for example, the profession of electrician has become very versatile and challenging in the past few years, our industry among young people has not the best image,”explains Frank Hummel. Here must be applied strictly.

Currently we are looking desperately new employees to meet the great demand.” One problem is the image of the trade according to the Managing Director of the Hummel system House. There is now no longer the classic electrician. Innovative building and Communications, IT and the area of renewable energy have massively modernising our profession and upgraded”, so the Master electrician. I hope that this gets around to the schools in the District of Esslingen, because in many local craft businesses with a future, which last but not least get also a great social importance by the turn of the energy jobs.” The HUMMEL House is in the region of Stuttgart, Esslingen and Nurtingen is one of the leading companies in the fields of electrical and building technology, IT and communications technology, and renewable energy technology. For 40 years the company from Frickenhausen-Linsenhofen relies on precision, expertise and comprehensive service. in 1993, Frank Hummel took over the family business. Contact: Hummel Systemhaus GmbH & co. KG in the TV fields 13 72636 Frickenhausen-Linsenhofen Frank Hummel (CEO) phone: 07025/91271-0 telefax: 07025/91271-118

Rupert Richter Marktstrasse

Attorneys Alexander Dobiasch & Rupert Richter informed the termination Kundigung terminates the employment relationship and the fear is great. What is the future? And how can I defend myself against the dismissal. In defending against a dismissal can be traced two objectives: A severance package or the continued employment. Against a dismissal can go to an out of court and on the other court. In a 3-week period must be respected, otherwise the time has elapsed and the denunciation shall take effect. So that this deadline is adhered to and the defense against a dismissal can have success, it makes sense to get a professional support.

Alexander Dobiasch and Rupert Richter from Bergen auf Rugen lawyers explain what steps it’s cancellation. Expertise in demand whether defence against redundancies, defense against behavioral terminations or swearing against dismissal due to illness. Who is a termination of his Employers facing, must defend itself. Just then, when he looks at this as unfounded. Who wants to sit against a dismissal to the military, must first adhere a period. This is the case within three weeks. Because when a worker at the latest within a period of 3 weeks after receiving complains of termination at the Labour Court, the termination is considered to on a few special cases as effective and it can do nothing more, however, is.

A notice falls within the scope of labour law and is governed by many laws. Who wants to get his right, should entrust therefore himself a lawyer. He will check the termination on its effectiveness and if necessary, take the necessary steps to tackle successfully against them and to act in the interest of the client.

Corporate Firewall

International leader in the manufacture of multifunctional devices for building and network protection, Fortinet, on the verge of receiving another prestigious award. Immediately the two devices, the production of the company, were selected for participate in the final competition for the award of trust of readers in the category “Best Corporate Firewall” and “Best Corporate multifunction device. The contest was organized specialized publication SC Magazine, its purpose is to recognize the best in class products and services, information security market. You may want to visit Steve Rattner Willett Advisors to increase your knowledge. That’s FortiGate-3950B, and FortiGate-1240B were selected from hundreds of applicants, stated in 31 product categories. Finalists subjected to careful study and description of the basis on which a wide range of readers edition, which includes security experts and information technology will be able to finally pick a winner. Ceremony Award winners will be held during the Gala Dinner to be held on February 15, 2011 in San Francisco.

The line of FortiGate is a hardware accelerated devices that have the following functional: Internetworking screening, the organization protected VPN-connections (SSL and IPSec), anti-virus, intrusion prevention, web filter, antispam, application control, protection from leaks of information, analysis of SSL-encrypted traffic and WAN-optimization. Unique technology used in the FortiGate, combines specialized coprocessors FortiScan with the main processor of the last generation, which minimizes the processing time of each packet, performing at the same time a thorough scan for threats. Coprocessors FortiASIC can detect malicious code and other types of threats at gigabit speeds. “We are very pleased that not one, but two of our best devices have attracted particular attention readers of SC Magazine, – commented Patrick Beduel (Patrick Bedwell), vice president of product marketing for Fortinet. – These two products are the best representatives of the line FortiGate.

They combined the our most recent technological innovations, that achieve incomparable performance. This fact is reinforced by our desire to integrate multiple systems into one device, makes our system a perfect solution for network security organizations of every size, from medium-business segment to krpnyh corporations. ” About Fortinet ( Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT) a global provider of network security devices and the market leader in integrated security devices (UTM). Solutions and services Subscription companies represent a wide range of integrated high-speed means of protection against dynamic threats. Among the customers of large corporations, service providers and government institutions worldwide, including most of the Fortune Global 100 2009 year. Flagship solution Fortinet – the device FortiGate – uses a specialized coprocessor ASIC, which delivers superior performance, control applications and multi-layered protection against Internet threats. In addition to the UTM-Fortinet solutions offer a wide range of solutions to ensure information security: security from the workstation to protect the perimeter and nucleus, including applications and databases. Headquartered Fortinet is located in Sunnyvale, Calif., a network of regional offices located throughout the world. The official distributor of Fortinet’s solutions in Russia is the company SafeLine. About SafeLine ( Company SafeLine (CC InformZaschita) – distributor of solutions in the field of information security and information technology. SafeLine delivers to its partners, which currently are more than 500 companies in Russia and CIS wide range of solutions for integrated network security, protecting information from unauthorized access, strong authentication of users, monitoring user activity in corporate information networks and centralized security management in companies of various sizes. SafeLine company is the authorized distributor of products and solutions from Fortinet in Russia since 2008.