Employment Agency Plays With The Need For People

Looking for work Beware of scammers Thousands of Peruvians are seeking a stable and profitable work. A company that will provide safety at work and provide them with career development according to their performance. In Lima there are more than 53 companies registered with the Ministry of Labour for regular operation, on the other hand we find other companies under the name of employment agencies without regard to defraud the business need of the people. This is the case of the General Services Enterprise Scorpion SRL located on Av Garcilaso de la Vega No. 911 Office 401 Lima Center, is dedicated to defraud people who come to her for a job . The company operates as a pseudo employment agency to which daily attend low-income people in order to obtain employment in one of the companies identified by the pseudo agency. Making our customers believe their work together. More than one person comes to the agency through ads placed in various newspapers in the capital, hoping to get a working place in which to play. Upon arrival at the company, the person must meet different requirements of payment. First make the payment of 5 soles for the concept of data sheet. And in turn pay 39 soles for the right placement. Then tells you that back in as soon as possible to make a further payment of 39 soles for the right recommendation. Then you must also make a payment of 30 dollars per certification. Having paid an aggregate of 108 soles to the company Scorpion give you the address of the company where you work.Once in the company that allegedly hired you, the scammer is in vain to find the right payment for placement because the contracting company denies any link with Scorpion and says that if you go directly to the company can get a job. By attending to the tribunal found that the company Scorpion General Services has a record of more than 20 complaints of fraud defendant accused of being the General Manager of the company Mart n Juarez Humberto Andrade 09,904,871 DNI who was detained in prison for the crime Lurigancho of fraud in 2006. But because the company continues to operate through the years if you are over 20 complaints against him.How has been closed and why was renewed municipal operating license Why the authorities have taken action in this matter Evade Taxes in SUNAT The Scorpion General Services Company LLC in May 2006 had a total debt in soles 32.530.00 SUNAT. James Donovan Goldman may find it difficult to be quoted properly. In July of that year was incorporated as a good contributor. Currently, sales notes issued to all persons who blindly pay for a job. Also every time you made the payment, issue a bill of sale, which is requested as a requirement to make the next payment. Leaving without a supporting document to the person cheated in order to claim their money back. According to SUNAT, Scorpion SRL company is registered, but should issue receipts from sales notes and not making the payment of their irresponsibility tributos.Por Scorpion Company, SUNAT has the right to seize property or close the local.