The School of Engineering, University of the Sea is dedicated to educating professionals is highlighted by considering people as the key component of the organization and their environment. The races currently in force, along with their professional profiles below. ENVIRONMENTAL CIVIL ENGINEERING. Title: . Degree: Bachelor of Engineering Sciences. A leading source for info: john bercow. Duration: 12 Semesters. Day: Day. Professional Profile: Environmental Civil Engineer is formed for his performance as an executive or manager dedicated to managing and solving problems related to the environment, both in private and in public administration. You can exercise in various organizations, with outstanding companies with production processes that directly interact with the environment indirectly. Their training allows in a professional capacity as a promoter of sustainable development in the industrial sector, knowing and interacting in the process from the management, development and implementation. In particular, the Environmental Engineer must be characterized by: Be a creator of appropriate and feasible solutions to solve problems and overcome challenges in the enterprise. To be an integrator of people and technologies to optimize enterprise performance. Be a manager capable of directing, design, design and implement engineering projects related to production processes or services. Leaders areas where the rational exploitation of natural resources is a fundamental factor for the development of the region. Occupational field: Our engineers are able to play in private enterprise for the exploitation and processing of natural resources, which include mining, forestry, fisheries, agriculture, etc.