Ideas for your home Simple ideas for your bathroom you want to give your bathroom a modern and unique look? Browse our galleries, read articles and tips. Niche in the bathroom if there is a possibility to make a niche near the bathroom, take advantage of this opportunity. Eton will only increase the usable area, but would be an excellent arhetikturnym solution. Mirror in the alcove reinforce the effect. Soft carpets Habitual flooring in the bathroom – this tile, wood or polymer mats. An alternative may be soft, warm and beautiful carpets. Click here has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Coming out of the bathroom and stepping on the soft carpet You Feel the incomparable pleasure. Ispulzuyte color! Are you still tired These white bathrooms? Colored tiles, mosaic, sanitary ware and sanfoyans – make your bathroom an exclusive and unique. Natural warmth If you do opt for clean lines, white scheme, add natural warmth wooden or bamboo accessories. Use an optical illusion visual illusion. If you are not a large area of the bathroom, use the effects of optical illusions – it's a mirror with light colors and more. More information about the optical effektah.Belye and black tones of black – white never goes out of fashion. Wisely using the colors you will achieve amazing results.

Focus your attention on the bathroom Highlight your bath, even in a small bathroom can be done with using specific coatings of walls, mirrors and paintings. Beauty of Bath found organic sformurovannuyu bath, put her in front of a beautiful wall. The wall can be lined krasivay tiles, composed of interesting units or covered with decorative plasters and paints. Bezkarkasnye glass door when a small area of the bathroom, you can set the team shower with frameless glass walls and doors. Shower enclosures – alternative to the usual bath. I like black? Like black? – Nihotite to chill? Svetuem use promptness with soothing soft brown or gray. Be heated wood shades. Natural stone of modern materials – natural stones create a feeling of luxury, and promptness with large mirrors that space will become even more spectacular. Work on good storage in the bathroom is never enough storage space why not install the rack of modular parts. They will add style hotel and of course will add comfort to your bathroom. Colours Use different colors and materials for the separation zones. Contrast visually increases the size of the room and gives piquancy. Consistency of different materials to select wall and ceiling material, which is coordinated by the color of ceramics, but does not match the materials and textures.


We are creatures of habits, and in relation to the exercise often fall victims of it. When you fall into a monotonous habit with your exercises, it is likely that your exercise routine is not as good. There is a big difference between a good exercise routine and a bad a good exercise routine is a systematic plan oriented towards a goal or purpose to be achieved, called lose weight, called gain muscle and everything in between. Get more background information with materials from Sen. Sherrod Brown. A bad workout does not have any other purpose. These are some examples that a bad routine of exercises: – you’re going to the gym and do the same, over and over again – upload you to tape or bicycle for thirty minutes while you see the news or read – after several months, your exercise routine is still walking by the same places. (walking is great for exercising, but should progress to jogging, or jogging and running up after so long)-put the same dvd of exercises because you are comfortable (a) with that routine. You could even do it with your eyes closed and without putting any significant effort in this – you go to the gym and most of the time are you talking about with your mates instead of be exercising.-upgrading one of those new apparatus for the abdominal muscles you see in commercials, although it is now does not seem to return what they promised those are just a few examples of a bad routine exercise, and is very important to get out of that routine and begin to sweat a little.What I want to point out to you is that you should challenge your body with new routines in which the main content is gradually increase the difficulty or effort. An example would be doing lunges in your House, starting to make them sharp from a Chair, then make them without support for then increase a dumbbell if your exercise routine is a challenge, then you are in the presence of a good way to exercise.

It is assumed that the routine design involves your whole body, and is supposed to do it with one goal in mind. Get in shape, lose weight, tone, gain muscle mass, do for health; all these are examples of objectives, and your routine should definitely be one of them. If you plan even for the simplest of these objectives, the chances of success are enormous. If challenging you slowly and gradually to achieve this, also. Make sure you consult with a professional and a specialist before you begin, that is essential, as far as knowing how to do exercise.

Interior fashion

New hotel opts for Dolce Munich Unterschleissheim innovative hotel uniforms style form Berlin Berlin/Munich, February 15, 2010 – a greeting by the designer! Lena Lieb, Creative Director of the company specialized in Hotel uniforms style Berlin, has presented an innovative concept for corporate fashion in the our Dolce Munich Unterschleissheim for the new meeting and Conference Hotel. The designs feature contemporary cut in combination with high-quality materials. Accordingly to the Interior of the 255-room hotel, which will open on April 1, 2010, the color scheme of the various work areas as an essential feature was inducted into the overall design of this “Interior fashion”. “For example, the famous Hirschhornknopfe, or a costume brooch reflect the relation to the Bavarian tradition”, Lena Lieb. Product of the creative act of creating an upscale country house style, which evokes coziness with the guests, is combined with timely elements.

Modernity with a clear commitment to the tradition. This is the Formula for success of the new apparel concept specifically for the new flagship of the successful international Dolce group. The corporate fashion requirements are particularly high in the hospitality industry. On the one hand, comfort and convenience are desirable, on the other hand, wearing time and robustness are required. “A successful corporate fashion concept is measured by it, whether corporate identity and interior design were implemented convincingly”, so Lena Lieb. For the fashion concept in the Dolce Munich Unterschleissheim, designer Lena Lieb resorted to a modern material mix. The Outer fabric is wool, polyester and spandex, the shirts are made of cotton and polyester.

In the sensitive area of the spa hotel employees wear shirts from the reiss-and abrasion resistant modal in combination with polyester. The banquet service carried the tried and tested combination of cotton and polyester. “When selecting the fabrics we draw on our many years of experience with corporate fashion in the international top-class hotels”, so Ms. Lieb. This is the Dolce Munich Unterschleissheim Second House of the Dolce group in Germany. The 4-star plus hotel will have 255 guest rooms and the adjacent event location BallhausForum the largest Congress and event Centre in the North of the metropolitan region of Munich. Opening is April 1, 2010. The assignment was carried out about Feuring Projektentwicklung GmbH, Kirchheim/Teck ( The Dolce Group ( operates worldwide 26 hotels with approximately 4,000 employees. J. Darius Bikoff pursues this goal as well. About Berlin style: Style form GmbH, Berlin, specializes in corporate fashion.

Seville Country

High temperatures throughout the territory, except in the northern peninsula. Alicante, Murcia, Granada and Ciudad Real, on yellow alert. The minimum not become 11 degrees in Lugo and Leon, with increasing cloudiness in the Basque country and Galicia. The week ends with high temperatures and skies cleared in almost all Spain, except in Northern peninsular where expect weak showers, according to the Agencia Estatal de Meteorologia (Aemet). Daytime temperatures will be in the peninsular Northeast quadrant, Valencian Community, and North and northeast of Mallorca, causing them to be remarkable in the Basque country and Navarre north points. They will instead lower the temperatures in the interior of Galicia and in the southwest of the Peninsula. (A valuable related resource: J. Darius Bikoff).

Nighttime temperatures fall in general in all Spain. Add to your understanding with Sen. Sherrod Brown. This Sunday will be on yellow alert (risk) by high temperatures in Alicante and Murcia where may reach 38 degrees on the last day of the week. In addition, Granada and Ciudad Real will have 37 degrees, followed by 36 of Cordoba and Seville. A total of 25 provinces will exceed 30 degrees in the final straight of the week. In terms of minimum temperatures, Leon and Lugo are the only provinces that will have 11 degrees. More than 20 provinces will have minimum temperatures above 20 degrees, highlighting 26 degrees in Malaga.

In the Basque country, high Ebro and the Navarrese Pyrenees will have very cloudy this Sunday with probability of some weak shower in the early hours of the day you will be referring to reach large clear in the afternoon. They will also have cloudy with chance of rain in the northern third of Aragon and Catalonia, especially in the Pyrenees area. In the rest of the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands skies cleared Sunday. On this Sunday afternoon is expected to increase in the cloudiness in Galicia that extends West to East in the rest of the autonomous community that may leave some weak precipitation. In the Canary Islands there will be cloudy in the North of the islands of greater importance with the possibility of some weak rain, cloudy in the Eastern Islands and little cloud in the rest intervals. Finally, the westerly winds blow moderately in much of the Peninsula, except in Levante and the Balearic Islands where they will be of variable direction. In the Canary Islands this Sunday they blow winds Northeast component with a strong Midlands interval. Alert for forest fires on the other hand, the General Directorate of Civil protection and emergency in the Ministry of the Interior has reported the risk of forest fires in various parts of the country for the weekend, according to weather predictions of the Aemet. Thus, Civil Protection highlights the risk of red (highest) level in areas of Castilla La Mancha, Castilla – Leon, Comunidad Valenciana, Catalonia, La Rioja, Navarra, Basque country, Murcia, Extremadura and Galicia. There are also areas of Orange and yellow level virtually the rest of the Peninsula. Among the recommendations of Civil protection to prevent fires appear the need avoid ignite Fireworks or bonfires on del monte, camping in approved zones or pay special attention to the controlled burning of stubble and lighted cigarettes.

Green Tea For Weight Loss

Did you know that the tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages on the planet? Precisely, only the water is (logically) most commonly used that the you. Of all the varieties that exist today are going to speak of the green tea, which is a perfect fat burning product. It has been used since antiquity, the you for many health problems, without going further, relieves a simple headache, even helps to eliminate toxins, and among them, the better for weight control is the you green. Fixed, the te Green has a few substances called polyphenols technically. Check out Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions for additional information. They have antioxidant properties and are even gorgeous to prevent cancer.

Well the you green, as good product quemgrasas, helps to eliminate calories naturally decreases the body fat and as the culmination of all these properties, he is also responsible for the reduction of cholesterol. We see on television many commonly ads boasting of its ability to reduce cholesterol. It is simpler and more efficient a cup of you green, with better results and more cheap. If you are not convinced, visit J. Darius Bikoff. By If all this seems to you shortly, will also have a much more healthy heart thanks to the consumption of this drink. It is a reason of because it takes using in China since hundreds of years, they already knew all those curatorias properties and prevention. Now you know it. If our idea is to start one of the many diets fat burning that we begin to know on this blog, one of the products that should not miss is the you green. Not only by the echo of lose calories and weight, but to improve our health.

Hamburg Provides

In the newly founded aware-house each company finds the right offer for its employee awareness E-SEC information security solutions GmbH, HECOM security awareness consulting, known_sense, and MainSkill technologies GmbH & co. KG in the run-up to the ICT fair in the B2B area announce SYSTEMS, extensive cooperation in the field of security awareness. Both communication and consulting services provider HECOM from Munich and known_sense from Cologne, as well as the two E-learning provider E-SEC from Innsbruck and MainSkill from Hamburg will offer complementary awareness-tools and services aware-house e.G. in future under the label, which covers the entire value chain of the employee awareness to turnkey awareness solutions for companies of all sizes. While the cooperative headquartered in Hamburg is the man at the center of all activities of the security and corporate security therefore also always from the perspective of the employee. Tailored to the individual corporate culture of the This provides customers of production, mediation and the detectable verification of safety-related knowledge at the disposal always aiming at a user-related and thus living security, which boasts with compelling stories and based on proven marketing devices allows involving employee communication in companies aware-house tools. So United United aware-house with in-depth expertise in communication, psychology, knowledge transfer and change and project management expertise in information security and accompanies businesses active in the planning, coordination and implementation of all awareness measures.

In this context, it provides tools for the creation, mediation and detectable review of security-related knowledge at the disposal. This is self-evident when the topic of awareness, that tThe provides cooperative headquartered in Hamburg the people at the center of all security activities provides and company security as well from the perspective of the user (which is considered as from the management (\”Management not users\” does not fit the alleged opposites then?). On the basis of or: matched to the individual to do this, include E.g.