" Repressed citizen has died pending the appeal and the judicial system of the Saratov region was right on the rim – She was right when she landed a man and when he was rehabilitated, was right when placed in a queue for an apartment in length in 16 years, right when it refused to change the way the court the dying person and the right when refused to recognize the illegal omission of the Administration of Saratov and Saratov region Government. Circle. What kind of respect for justice and the law can be discussed after such immoral judgments? Amoral – From my point of view. From the viewpoint of the majority of judges, such a jurisprudence is both morally and legally. It turns out that we have not gone into understanding and interpreting the law in terms of: 'moral' and 'immoral' 'Moral' and 'immoral'. The judicial system of de facto based on the existing morality of our divided society, ie on the second part of a double standard, which the Lord officials understood by default: "the world is divided into ours and not ours! And this does not prevent the principle of uniformity of judicial practice: all citizens are equal before the law without a guaranteed right to a quality judicial decision, and those who 'is' have the right to exercise own interests and without going to court! Under no circumstances will the judiciary will not change the rules of the game, if the company will continue to be satisfied with such quality and substance of judicial decisions.