Amaznia Development

From then on, the extrativistas reserves had passed to be considered as new paradigm of development for the Amazon region, receiving support from an ample front of not-governmental organizations, university, institutions of research, and agencies of development inside and outside of the Country, as it certifies the IBAMA (online): ' ' The Extrativistas Reserves are territorial spaces destined to the auto-sustainable exploration and conservation of the natural resources you renewed, for extrativista population. In such areas it is possible to materialize the sustainable development, balancing ecological interests of ambient conservation, with social interests of improvement of life of the populations that there habitam.' ' Although the contrary opinion of some analysts, is necessary that if it clarifies the denomination ' ' Extrativista' ' for these reserves, therefore the same ones are not created only with this objective. In such a way, the extrativistas reserves can be considered as reserves of development supported, in which based economic activities in the extration of products of the forest, in agriculture, the creation of domestic animals, as well as in the industrialization of these products, can be developed since that if it takes care of to the criteria of support and social return, as suggest professor Antonhy Anderson ' ' For constituting productive activity adjusted to the natural conditions of considerable extension of the Amazonian surface, the auto-supported extrativismo makes of the extrativistas reserves an adequate and modern form of occupation of these spaces and one of the alternatives to the deforestation in the Amaznia' '. Of the economic point of view (with undeniable social consequences), therefore, it searchs transformation of a dependent economy of the extrativismo for another basing on agroflorestais systems. However, the proposal of modernization of the extrativismo faces problems and considerable obstacles to surpass. It has skepticism and expectation. Cultural aspects economic they hinder that the populations Amazonian countries perceive ecological the economic potential to them of the extrativismo in the region. .