April Television

In 1879, the British scientist William Crookes was formed a cathode-ray tube, it also opened substances that glow when exposed to cathode rays, it was the phosphors. Thus began the era of crt TVs, which are subsequently conquered the whole world. The first electronic television Fit for practical application was developed in American research laboratories rca, headed by Russian scientist at the end of 1936, it is considered the father of modern television. A little later, in 1939 year, rca demonstrated the first television made especially for mass production. This model was called rcs TT-5.

It was a rather large and heavy wooden box fitted with a screen with diagonal of 5 inches. In the early development of television was going in several directions – both electronic and mechanical (sometimes referred to as the mechanical television More and malostrochnym tv "). The development of mechanical systems occurred almost to the end of 40-ies of the 20 th century, before it was completely superseded by electronic devices. In the Soviet Union, mechanical tv system lasted a little longer. The first Soviet tv, released the industry called the B-2. This mechanical model was released in April 1932.

The first cathode-ray television was created much later – in 1949. This was the legendary kvn 49. tv has been equipped with such a small screen that is more or less comfortable viewing in front of him was placed a special lens, which was filled with distilled water. In what appeared, and many other, more advanced models. First, color tv made in 1954 is still the same rca. This model was equipped with 15 inch screen. A little later models were developed with diagonals 19 and 21 inches. Such systems cost more than a thousand dollars and, therefore, were available not for everyone. However, if desired, will be able to buy this equipment on credit. Because of the difficulties with the widespread organization of color television, color TVs could rapidly displace black and white, and long while both types were performed in parallel. Uniform standards (PAL and SECAM) appeared and was launched in 1967. Production of the same color TVs in the Soviet Union began only in mid-1967. Now in our time, modern man and can not imagine life without television. The picture quality is much increased, there are new models with much larger screens and light weight – such as lcd and plasma TVs. In the beginning radio tubes were driven semiconductors – the first TV-based semiconductors was built in 1960 by Sony. In what appeared a model for chips. Now there are models where all e filling the tv is enclosed in one single chip.