Jacob Evteevich Sedov

Everything else is ruthlessly collapses demolished, rebuilt. Completely sawed poplar, remembered Sedov, destroyed a unique house of the merchant Kozlov, construction of which involved his father Jacob Evteevich Sedov, on-street Yasha-sawyer. In oblivion, in the bush among the weeds and debris we saw in the summer of 2009 monuments in the local park, after order was restored ngo "Revival". All you heard in childhood about gy Sedov, to be honest, did not leave then deep trail it was seen as a mandatory school program. Just as in adulthood, we come to 'own' Gogol, Turgenev, Pushkin, so I came to the Sedov.

Many times, reviewed the exhibits of the museum in the village sedovskogo Sedov, read the memoirs of the expedition participants nv Pinegina, Vize, many authors 'break' the internet. Perhaps this is the main problem of local school: she tries to give ready-made knowledge. This is senseless. To knowledge has become beliefs require the active work of the man himself – this is the task of the school. Here's what he wrote in his famous article, our traveler and tv host Yuri Senkevich: 'The name of George Yakovlevich Sedov unusually popular in our country. Name it is called an archipelago and the island, cape and rush strait, two bay, two-bay The name of his village called Sedov (former Curve Spit), where he was born and is now preparing to open a museum of George Yakovlevich Sedov. Sedova street there and in Moscow, and in many other cities and towns.

Severodvinsk Shilov

Leader of the pack Fram did not return to the ship always remained at the tomb of Sedov. A touching story, a poem dedicated to her famous poet Edward Asadov. But such a monument, alas, no. But on the same site St.Pete I read the call to build the northern capital Putin’s dog statue. Probably, this is our mentality. Very much we do not love themselves and their history, as if ashamed to even it. This Norwegians put the famous ship ‘Fram’, which sailed Nansen and Amundsen to the eternal R.

parking lot, turned it into a museum. We sedovskogo ‘Holy Fok’ simply thrown to the arbitrariness, the winds carried him out on the island of Severodvinsk Shilov, where he was carried off for firewood. Tent in which he died G. Sedov, sold at butcher aprons (!). House in , where they lived sedovskoy members of the expedition, the authorities demolished the treacherously. Schooner ‘West’ that played in the movie ‘George Sedov’rol’ St. Phocas’ rot in and will be ready to scrap.

At home in the Sedov Azov village Sedova in the 60 years of savagely destroyed the old cemetery, where they were buried, parents and relatives Sedov. Cemetery sold for building a boarding house with a symbolic name ‘chill’ and the bones of the founders village, a former Cossack village, just taken away in a landfill, where they dug pit. Of course, do not put any chapel, any sign, which could bring flowers. In the village park suffered only a couple of local dust ‘Revolutionaries’.

Russias Withdrawal

Dear former compatriots! The other day you mentioned your escape from the former of our motherland – the Soviet Union. However, now you have this somehow different name, but eighteen years ago to me, had the wife's mother in Moscow and the Cross mom from Bryansk, weird to watch the second channel of all-union television triumph of Russians about their "sovereignty." You have decided to secede from us, which caused embarrassment and regret. Well than you, Russians in the Soviet Union was bad? After Russia has welded forever – had called us in the morning verse? And you've gone and left us all, taking everything that was easy come together. You that the Russian language banned? But in the Soviet Union all were in Russian! That's me to the fact that all this language and know used. I wanted to or not wanted, but gave the team two years in this language Lithuanians, Uzbeks, Turkmens, Tatars and Russian. In this language, I spoke with my subordinates and friends of the lieutenants Uzievym Balkaria Nakipovym from Kazan How the Soviet officer, sang in the ranks only Russian songs; instill in subordinates the dedication and selfless love for the Soviet national anthem, emblem and flag. And you have all this and wanted to say your opinion you spit on all Soviet and replaced the scarlet banner of the Nazi flag on the General Vlasov. It is understandable – about a million Russians fought under this flag in the poa! Atrocities your "liberators" and remembers Krivoy Rog, and Odessa, and Warsaw But it's your grandparents, great-grandparents, so the native pulls.

And fascist tricolor proudly ascended over Moscow. Bravo! Just why are you perturbed by the Estonian and Latvian legionaries-grandfathers? You honor the flag of the roa and other mad Adolf Josef Vissarionovich? Already your advisor German Communists Herr Pu praises bloody counterrevolutionary Denikin. What happened to you, brothers our smaller? You have forgotten who died near Moscow at Panfilov division, or not remember the names of the front, who got their favorite Herr Pu Nazi Berlin? Well yes, because Vlasov kept the defense of Berlin to the last round and showed a true Russian character while protecting den beloved Fuhrer. But the Soviet our grandparents finished off your Vlasov and Hitler. Is it because you have today, Germany was among the first friends? Is it because you are Slavs gas selling more than the Germans? However, this is the case in any country to choose their friends you decide for you road your generals Kolchak, Wrangel, Denikin, Vlasov. You are proud to carry their banner and have the same friends that they did. May God help you! Happy holiday to you, gentlemen former compatriots!

Europe Order

Among the inventions found in these fake documents can be found list of famous Grand Masters, including Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton and Victor Hugo. In this line of succession was supposed to build the history of the Order and the list of Grand Masters, which goes back to the Knights Templar. Plantard forged set of documents confirming his royal origin. When the researchers proved that these documents – fake, Plantard admitted it, and being of good cheer, he wrote a new list, which he also had to recognize a fake later. Generally speaking, Plantard life engaged in the creation of evidence of his royal descent, and, during one of the searches of his apartment found a large number of fake documents, some of whom argued that Plantard – the true king of France.

In court, he confessed that he had fabricated all of these 'historical evidence' and vowed to no longer engage in such activities. Order of protection Merovingian dynasty, as they may be descendants of Jesus and his wife Mary Magdalene or, at least, of King David. Vows to return the Order of the Merovingian dynasty, ruled the Frankish kingdom from 447 to 751 years. from Christmas Christ, Europe and the Jerusalem throne. In their view, the Catholic Church tried to destroy this dynasty and their guards, the Templars, to retain power, based on the apostolic succession of Peter instead hereditary succession of Mary Magdalene.

From these statements could grow a great book, and she appeared – 'Holy Blood, Holy Grail'. However, serious historians do not consider it a great book. With all its fabrications and forgeries – the true story of the Priory of Sion is a 'primitive' era of 1956. But what in fact turned out to be a bad fake, offers incredible opportunities for romance. The genius of Dan Brown helped him to see, and he turned it into one of the most fascinating detective stories in history.

Economic Development

" With all the convenience of arrangement of the social extra attention should be paid and the convenience of visitors. But sometimes the installation of ramps unit develops a problem. "More and more community facilities in Kazan equipped with special equipment for disabled people, but not everywhere it meets basic requirements of convenience ", – says Irina Prosviryakova, Head of Social Protection of Kazan. Specialist notes that the device ramps take a formality: the designs are no handrails, and take advantage of them can not be disabled. Effective way to deal with "inhuman" approach found in Vladimir: there officials sat on the Wheelchairs and personally check how social facilities suitable for people with disabilities. To ensure that visitors of comfort, it is important to depart from the "bureaucratic" approach.

Thus, in the Office of Social Welfare, Zelenograd created a nursery, where he established changing tables, organized space for games and drawing. While the parents draw up various documents, the child will not be bored. Care of the "Trust" displayed in Enotaevsky branch of the rehabilitation center for minors ( region): Centre workers have broken into the adjacent territory, the fairy-tale town. Here sigh of goldfish old man with an old woman, play roundelays Kikimora and Sprites. All the fairy-tale characters are made members of the center of the scrap materials. Bargain savings, however, not all problems can be solved by "Enthusiasm", and under budget deficits to attract money becomes more difficult. In such a situation, the government is ready to help social institutions. The budget, savings schools and clinics while reducing energy consumption will remain at the disposal of these institutions.

According to Elvira Nabiullina, Minister of Economic Development of Russia, "the savings from reducing energy consumption remains the budgetary institutions, and not taken into next year when planning the budget spending agencies. This decision will be a great incentive for public institutions to implement energy-saving technologies. "Energy saving and comfort go together – Notes Valery Larin, director of the Kazan branch propleks. – For example, in clinical maternity hospital 1 in Kazan our partners found 270 plastic windows made based on the profile PROPLEX-Optima. Design provided a high level of insulation and protection from noise, so vital in the hospital quarters. " Create a comfortable environment indoors and at the same time save on energy consumption and allow the radiator Thermostats Danish company Danfoss. It suffices to establish for them the desired temperature, and a special valve as necessary to increase or decrease the flow of coolant flowing through the radiator. Using capabilities of modern automation can achieve significant cost savings on utilities. For example, in the kindergarten of the village Tuktubaevo (Chelyabinsk region), heating costs could be reduced in 9 times. Now at night, when the building is unoccupied, automation reduces power consumption to a minimum and then warms up the room for the return of children. State of social infrastructure – the most vivid indicator of the society. Save on it – hence, saving the health of the nation. In contrast, investment in such facilities – a real opportunity to improve the quality of life of Russian citizens – from children to seniors.

Inner Conviction

Currently, it is no secret that the judicial system has ceased to act as a "last defender of" victims. Fighting for their rights is no longer the criminals they scorned, and the people that these rights are called protect. So it seems that in Kirov Kirov Region "inner conviction" under which judges must resolve disputes, not something that puts them beyond the scope of existing legislation, but does plunges into a kind of separate, parallel reality. From July 2009 until the present moment is a perpetual confrontation between the victims of a "perverse" government repression Chervyakov Stanislav Alekseevich and Mokerovym Alexander Nikolayevich and the court system. In May 2008, the Office of the Federal Bailiff Service decided to show the "fight against corruption in their ranks. Search for these criminals no one to bother did not – the villains, corrupt officials have been chosen simply objectionable leadership people. Within a month or two was "slepleno" accusation.

At the same time began the most natural-baiting in the media, is note that at the time of publication "revelatory" articles on "Bailiffs fraud, Stanislav Alekseevich and Alexander Nikolayevich was not even indicted. However, the "stretch" fake, hastily made "Evidence" in court failed. The judge dismissed the charges and admitted Chervyakova and Mokerova completely innocent. It seemed that the repressive system faltered. Has been ordered to halt professional proceedings, sent notice of the right to rehabilitation It seemed that the story is almost over, it remains only to take the law guarantees the right rehabilitation, and compensation for dismissal and professional harassment, as well as to reimburse attorneys' fees (without which, apparently, rehabilitation, and does not take place).

Pure Negative

Finally, while on the road, often observed Tayan asphalt. Of course, when the sauna is too grandiose a very negative impact tires undergo first cars. Although they rather worn. more steam rooms and drought contribute to the formation of a great number of fires. So in closing time, we regularly witness such horrible events.

Probably on their own and managed to fog are formed in the combustion time, vosozdaet does not only in typical real danger on the highways of the shift for the worse, apparently, because in cold blood and has more or less a huge impact in part on physical condition of drivers, the ruling means of transportation. In addition to pure and single plus easily and simply year period is reasonable is generally a very long daylight hours, which multiplies the working times of the carrier. Felt as if frost we see again just very, very negative effect on the infrastructure of transportation of goods often repeating the same kind of easy road surface, but also a means of movement, which, as simply a tiny baby need to insulate safely provide him podmerznut. Of course rainfall quickly repeats the form of snow did not have time to leisurely clean. Although, well, and at differences temperature is easily clear there is ice on the highways. In any case, riding in those criteria in their own tiny whom great pleasure. Perhaps the processing part of pavement is quite various reagents adds little hostile corrosive effects on the vehicle too. Finally, it adds a negative winter and not much short daylight hours.

For this reason, in this period, the timing delivery is much increased little by little. I think so and the driver feels terrible not comfortable, since soon after the window birthmark truck minus 30 or 40. I hope not encouraging and easily and simply in the autumn and is mainly a spring. Thus, it is not much repeated periods of fog and black ice on highways. So, to make transfers of such criteria was needed to more easily still cautious. By the way, do not need little by little and forget about the really negative impact on the way rainfall is often the same form as rain, they multiply the danger of origin inert slip. Perhaps there really need all the concrete experience of government motor tool. Perhaps, quite often from the downpour floods occur regularly, koi easily sweep in the typical asphalt pavement and cause damage is easily the same trucks in parking lots. They say that because of the pure and strong temperature changes often occur decently hurricanes. In the end, and dramatically declare that you are not lucky tight ring soon to your travel companion wakes it does a natural act. For this reason, when you are traveling in a really long ride to work on the truck to listen to weather monitoring areas where you schedule a visit. Most likely you will give such a precious help in a way. I suppose, be very careful with high speed take care of yourself.

Wanna Travel?

Everybody loves to travel. Why is this so? For one thing, visiting new places gives us a fresh perspective, and widens our horizons. It’s fun to explore different geographies and cultures. And sometimes we see things of breathtaking beauty. Who doesn’t want to add a little bit of adventure to one’s life? It’s natural and healthy.

One of my favorite destinations is Hawaii. There are many advantages to a visit to Hawaii. First of all, it is part of the United States, so you can use dollars there, and speaking English is the norm. But really those are mundane reasons to vacation in Hawaii. This island state happens to be one of the most beautiful places in the world.  There are pristine beaches, high cliffs, mountain forests, a wonderful climate. Let face it, Hawaii has it all. And even though Hawaii is part of the U.S., there is a unique culture there which is fascinating to explore. The natives are Polynesian, a sea-faring people that traveled to the Hawaiian Islands from many thousands of miles away. Their history and culture will enthrall visitors, and their warm and welcoming hospitality is something you will remember for a long time to come.