One of them says respect to the lingsticaalcanada autonomy. Until then, dasnormas reigned of acute form in our Portuguese literature the job. We even though had warm defenders of such model, comoRui Barbosa and Coelho Grandson. This aesthetic conservative was strong attacked pelosmodernistas. Mrio de Andrade, for example, in defense of our language, arrived to aanunciar the elaboration of a Brazilian grammar. According to Coutinho (1988, p.289) ' ' This aesthetic arcaizante and luzitanizante constitute doselementos of ' passadismo' more violently aimed at for the modernista fire, having itself also imagined one ' gramatiquinha of says brasileira' ' '.

However, in all evolution of our literature, observamosuma incessant fight on the part of many of our writers in search of literary nossaindependncia and for the construction of our Brazilian identity. As Coutinho (1997, p.342) ' ' All the writers had brought its lesser contribuiopor that fosse' '. Let us detach, for example, Jose de Alencar and outroscontemporneos its during the Romantismo. But the responsible greater is the Modernismo for what we call Brazilian deliteratura. An independent literature of the external models and quereflete faithful the culture and the personality of its people. With the oBrasil Modernismo it leaves of being mere copying of the structures Portuguese and literary art passes produziruma that corresponds with the heterogeneidade that it shelters. The great revolution aesthetic and ideolgicado Brazilian Modernismo was necessary all, at the beginning of century XX, so that slowly certostraos characteristic of the Portuguese of Brazil were being assumed official pelanorma-standard.

Great Brazilian writers as Manuel Flag, Mrio de Andrade, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Pink Guimares and other fizeramquesto to less write in a more Brazilian literary language and dependentedas impositions of the Portuguese grammarians. (Bagno, 2001. p.120-121) We must stand out that these conquests had not given to mere apenaspor anti-lusitanismo. The intention of the modernistas and mainly deMrio of Andrade, was a literary art that if it used of the materiallingstico revealed in the country.