Balchik – A Resort In Bulgaria

Balchik – a relatively small resort town, just 13,000 of the local population. Located 42 km north of Varna. Summer in Balchik, as in any seaside town attracts thousands of tourists on holiday. And those who prefer to stay on neighboring resorts, travel in Balchik with excursions to admire the sights – the Palace of Romanian Queen to the botanical gardens that have become hallmark of Balchik, the surrounding mountains and the white city just beautiful city with original architecture. We have seen Balchik was included in a comprehensive tour of 'Cape Kaliakra – Balchik. " In Balchik we drove from the Kaliakra. Met us at the White Mountains of Balchik is recalled I Belgorod chalk hills. In addition to the botanical garden and the residence of the Romanian Queen in Balchik have no business was not, therefore, went immediately to the place.

Our guide provided us with entrance fees, and appointing a meeting (on This time, we ottorgovali 2 hours), once again invited us to walk independently. At the uninitiated into the historical details of a man certain to question, with what is to become the queen of Romanian settled on Bulgarian territory. It's very simple – c 1913 to 1916 and from 1919 to 1940, belonged to Romania Balchik. The Romanian Queen Marie of Edinburgh, the wife of Ferdinand I visited Balchik in 1921. Lovely town attracted to her Majesty and the queen decided to arrange his summer residence here. Its now called the Royal Palace.

Of course, today's Kings of life build palaces and abruptly, but at the time, apparently, such a scale was considered royal. Invited for the construction of two Architects from Italy, and a florist from Switzerland took up the park. On the territory of the park later, in 1955, was founded by the Botanical Garden. Queen Mary had already been dead, and again moved Balchik Bulgaria. Inspection start with a botanical garden. Its main attraction – a collection of huge, taller than a person, cacti, agaves and other succulents. Aloe is indeed a tree and the height of some specimens, believe, not less than 2 meters. Of cactus and flower gardens are heading on a visit to the Romanian queen. At the entrance to the park people tastes some exclusive wines. And we are worse? Also stop all try, but the prices are such biting, the taste does not matter. Therefore, we pass on. Deeper into the park and seemed to fall into another world. Yeah, her Majesty has been pretty good taste. The residence is located on a hillside near the sea. Around the green, Paved paths, picturesque stone terraces, bridges, waterfalls, of course, the palace the queen with minaret, still some houses It is better to look at pictures and if possible, come in and see all of Balchik firsthand.