Barack Obama

But, according to legend, he said the envoys: "If you saw what I grew cabbage, you would not asked me to come back, "or something like that. To some extent, this story illustrates Downshifting, as a cultural phenomenon. Among recent Russian representatives of the lifestyle of the Lord shone Sterligov and Mamonov, but among the classic – Count Leo Tolstoy, author of "War and Peace." Flow engines. Downshifting slogan could declare: "Back to the roots!" But this is only an appearance. Motives and reasons for changes in lifestyle lie much deeper. I am not personally acquainted with either Diocletian, either by Sterligov nor Mamonov, but I can share with you, what moved me when you change your lifestyle. Firstly, to identify themselves daunshifterom must have a fairly high level on the social ladder, or "shift down" will not work. If you are already at the bottom, will have nowhere to move.

Secondly, the "shift" should be voluntary. People's democratic character daunshifterom I would not call. Third: From personal experience, we can derive the third component Downshifting – not wanting to follow the generally accepted canons of success. I see here one of the root causes, which consists in that, by becoming successful and having got to the summit of Mount Olympus, one becomes its slave. Obama – the victim? An example would be the next U.S.

president Barack Obama. Recently I heard on the radio this report. Obama's family is looking for a puppy for the daughters, despite the fact that one of them is allergic to dog hair.