These frasais constructions that value the linguistic variations gifts in speak of the personages, make with that the reader if approaches to the reality lived for them. This landmark of speaks daily brings for Brazilian literature a documentation on the social reality, also sounding in a critical tone of on the grammatical structures conservatives seen in the classic literary models. Being thus, it is perceived that with the coloquial use you say of them popular, searchs a rescue of Brazilian values that relight the indicating referenciais of the national feeling and nativista cultural identity. With this, in the measure where it goes earning force, the interest of literature if return for the expressions of the orality, the popular construction, and represents in its workmanships a coloquial language, at last expressions that denote the culture of a people and disclose its cultural production in its daily one, in environments that they express the way of life and the individual identity of each citizen, valuing the natural and wild space and its relation with the man and this, involves the reader in a game of connection between the man and its interaction with lands explored and colonized Brazilians. Leaving of the idea of Vannucchi (2002), a work is seen that literary that preza for the marks of the orality, for the style of common life, of a discredited language, gifts mainly in speaks less of the favored social classroom, discloses the conditions that the people live and its close linking with the same way as they perceive itself, that is, the individual that more good knows its roots will have greater sensitivity to identify its culture. However, this representation of speaks popular daily recognized by the author and valued with one high cultural index, thus also it will be perceived by the reader who will identify itself with such communicative situation, is what it happens with the reading of this analyzed story that without oratria and redundancy, it shows to the reader as the misery becomes the enemy poor person of its proper classroom desumanizando it, that is, to peculiar way, deals with to a so serious subject and form that this identification if materialize throughout the reading of pleasant form.