Buenos Aires San Telmo City

Argentina boasts a wide range of offerings for the tourist public: wonderful natural landscapes, high cultural content, etc. Among all the possibilities offered by this country, the concurrent is a visit to the Federal Capital. The city of Buenos Aires (Capital Federal) is one of the most attractive spots for tourists. More cosmopolitan in this country it is the city. Many contingents arrive every day to delight with its vast theatrical alternative, samples of art, exhibitions, etc. However, the perhaps more appealing motive for foreign tourists is the neighborhood of San Telmo. Called San Pedro Gonzalez Telmo completely, it’s one of the oldest neighborhoods of this luminous city.

In his early days he was baptized with the name of Altos de San Pedro and was only whereabouts of port workers. As it is located to the South, also named it Barrio Sur, as counterpart to neighborhood North of St. Nicholas. It was and is part of the commune that has more black people. Even today in its streets, all the people delights with rhythms afro – River plate, candombe for example.

Among other aspects presented San Telmo, the most amazing is the architectural conservation. As opposed to the high mirrored towers, highways and super top-level hotels, are preserved buildings and houses that were able to accommodate thousands of newly arrived to the country within the strong immigration waves that affected demographically and culturally enriched to the Argentina and, mainly, to the city of Buenos Aires during the past centuries. The buildings maintain the Parisian and Italian look who knew how to give these people. The narrow streets, still wearing their original cobblestones. The attractions are many. Numerous churches of old buildings. Precisely, which gives its name to the neighborhood, San Pedro Telmo. It also offers historical museums that recount the history of the site until today through permanent exhibitions. The sidewalks are filled of fairs that exhibit antiques of all kinds and high cultural value. On the other hand, in holiday periods of summer and school has a semi-permanent antique fair called Feria de San Telmo in the main square of this district, Plaza Dorrego. In addition to these attractions, San Telmo offers many activities relating to music that increasingly characterizes the porteno spirit. Tango is one of the main reasons to visit the night of Buenos Aires. It is noteworthy that the Tango dance is not only own the tourist spectacle. Many residents are responsible for maintaining the spirit of these lands with life. Tango and candombe meet orchestras and eager dancers every night in different Aeschines and bars of this site. The Central night lights invade the streets and cafes filled with joy and colors this ride that wins the sympathy of those who visit it. Music, itinerant puppeteers, living statues, antiques, exotic fairs, dances and a broad range of theatrical encourage this journey by a neighbourhood that knew how to preserve its assets despite the prevailing globalization.