Caesar Religious

Discussion by the State Duma of Russia and now the actual passage of the bill "On the transfer of property to religious organizations for religious purposes under state or municipal property, "and obviously, I would say defiantly mean the redistribution of state property in the constitutionally secular country in favor of religious institutions that overwhelmed my" last straw "and its indifference to this kind of deal I found with my civil conscience. It just so happened that the last few generations in the post-Soviet space is absolutely not oriented to the basic concepts religion as such. The bulk of the population, of course, atheists do not believe "neither God nor the devil," some part of the population represented by religious fanatics, and there is a certain layer of doubt and wavering, thinking on the principle: "It is unlikely, but when something is in fact, it would be necessary, therefore, some formalities to comply with, suddenly be counted." But they all share one thing, but very, very scanty cohort of theologians, part of the clergy in the past, during the Soviet era, theoretically trained atheists, all people believe or not believe unconsciously, because people in this area are absolutely ignorant. The reason, in my opinion, lies in the fact that during Soviet rule was adopted the wrong concept of the religious (or as it was then called anti-religious, atheist) education. Mere negation of the church, without examining its foundations, the history and development of world religions has led to the concept of belief (or denial) for virtually all totally abstract. .