Cape Sounion

Cape Sounion include samoypopulyarnoy attraction outside Athens, Attica. Sounion is located within 67 kilometers in the south-east of the Greek capital. This cape is a rock, which is far enough go into the Aegean Sea. Cape was revered by the Greeks sdavnih times. Homer in his Odyssey mentions Sounion as a sacred place, in which specially honored Poseidon and Athena.

Temple of Poseidon was here from 7 th century bc In the invasion of the Persians vAttiku temple was destroyed and rebuilt after the victory of the Greeks. The name of the architect is unknown, but assumed that it is the same artist who built hramGefesta in Athens (Agora is in place). At Sounion it is best to go kzakatu when columns of the temple of Poseidon is very romantic look at fonemerknuschego sky. You can not rush back to Athens, as the Greeks postroilivokrug Sounion several excellent hotels, where you can stay for the night. In addition to the temple in the ancient mysenahodilos and settlement, which was one of the richest on atticheskoyzemle. Athena also built at this place a fortress for chtobykontrolirovat important marine path that links Athens and the eastern vodySredizemnogo Sea.