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With friends enjoying summer holiday destinations throughout Europe CaptainHoliday is your travel community for young travel in the German-speaking world. Many young people around the theme of youth travel, language, Abireisen, group tours and work and travel Exchange here. CaptainHoliday also offers interesting travel offers with more than 200 trips for young people. Especially popular are the European countries Spain, Italy, France and Croatia. But also Austria, Sweden and Greece are lucrative destinations. In just a few months, it’s again and the summer holidays are on the doorstep. Millions of students plan the recreational opportunities during the winter months together with their friends. The participation of a youth trip is top on the agenda often.

Holiday destinations such as Spain and Italy are hot desires among the young people. No wonder, because hardly any other country can offer so many beautiful sandy beaches, countless hours of sunshine and azure seas. Particularly popular and still ranked the most popular travel destinations in Southern Europe is Spain. Above all, the Costa Brava, which to German Wild Coast”is called, lives up to her name. Party stronghold such as Lloret de Mar and Calella with the interesting are travel destinations throughout Europe.

This is one reason that youth travel to Spain are cheaper and to the others, because so many coastal towns with party character at once offer hardly any other country can. Italy is also very popular. The land on the APPEN in peninsula fascinates in its very own way. Different and varied you can describe the holiday regions in Italy. The country, which are reminiscent of the shape of a boot offers art and culture, but also Beach holiday and party options. Like every young person coming hobby divers, swimmers and beach lovers in Italy at his own expense.