Car Travel

Before you go on a journey by car must be prepared properly, especially if you plan to go on a wild and uninhabited places, which means you will not wait on good local residents. Charges in the way this thing which can not be serious concerns negligent. So first and most important thing the car is of course particularly car no choice, if you’re not a millionaire and you do not have a huge garage with a car on a daily basis. However, it is worth to pay attention to your route and assess the capabilities of your machine, if she can go on the road and the central belt of swamps, deserts launches in Asia, potholes Karelia, the Urals and the Altai foothills, or by motorways in Europe. So draw up the parameters on which to consider the possibility of your car: cross-country capacity and climatic and weather features replacement parts for the unexpected repairs fuel, but rather its presence in some regions of the most important thing the car should be prepared for the selected route. If you plan to travel at night, you should think about their sleeping bags or places for recreation.

However, it should remember that night do not sleep two – this is a driver and so-called ‘mate’. The second question is to whom to address it. ‘Where to live during tours?’. If you do not consider options with hotels and recreation departments, there remains tent. Fortunately during trailering weight tent has no value, so you can choose from simple to ultra-modern and multi. Also pay attention to the presence of the field kitchen from set of dishes and ending with a table and chairs. Kitchen Obviously, it’s best to cook on portable gas stoves, do not forget spare balloons and boilers. Tea and coffee is best to take a small aluminum kettle, which much faster than heat.

Products Even if you’re going to travel through densely populated arrays, do not forget the spare food, you never know where you can catch the night. A need for products and portable refrigerator. Perhaps that’s it, we have described only the basics about who we should not forget preparing for a journey by car, the rest is already one chooses his own from my own experience.