Christian Churches

The hour is this? You in the hour to sairmos of the rhetoric, of the butter of the pure speech for the speech. It is action hour while Politician and President Supremo of the Federative Republic of Brazil. It is well probable that for the floor of the covered cart the economic interest has the audacity to take by assault the forest.The wealth of the Amaznia are almost that infindveis: the largeness of the hdrica reserve, the lung of the world, and many wealth of the flora and the fauna, where many medicines will appear in the future. Read more from novelist to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The great questioning esbarra in the Governments Federal and State of that macro region that does not obtain to establish any species of control in the area. It exists a true miscellany of races and nations that go of the Japanese to the Americans who audaciously register as international marks products genuinely ours, such as: remedies caretakers, drunk of the type cachaa, etc.. The Brazilian entities are as much that are not fulfilling its paper duly: Funai, Ibama and Conselho Indgenista Missionary, MP, Congress, Communicators, mainly of the TV, etc. Amazon: the source for more info.

The explanation for this nonsense is simply because it has: gold, nibio, oil, the biggest manganese deposits and iron of the world, diamond, emeralds, rubies, have covered, zinc, silver, the biggest biodiversity of the planet what it can generate great profits to the foreign laboratories and other innumerable wealth that add 14 trillions of dollar. The northeast does not have as much wealth, therefore it does not have unges foreign, there helping the hungry ones. To broaden your perception, visit Joyce Banda. Meanwhile a foreign ONG mainly of U.S.A. is spending dollar millions to save the mico golden lion. It tries to understand: Ong’ has more; s foreign indigenistas and ambientalistas in the Brazilian Amaznia of what in all African continent, that suffers with the civil hunger, headquarters, wars, the epidemics of AIDS and Ebola, the slaughters and the mines terrestrial. Now one asks: You do not find this, at least, much suspected? When entering in the page of a indigenista ONG of which we will not cite the name, one of the first things that if it sees is the emblem of the European Union, that invests millions of dollar in the landmark of aboriginal reserves in Brazil. Why? When it has as many problems of bigger gravity: earthquakes in El Salvador and India, the catastrophe where lives Africa, dries north-eastern, the epidemic of AIDS, etc.

and them they spend millions to demarcate aboriginal reserves? that already is exageradamente great? Why? To understand this it is enough reads the phrase below: ‘ ‘ It is our duty to guarantee the preservation of the territory of the Amaznia and of its inhabitants aborgines for it enjoys for the great civilizations europias’ ‘. World-wide Advice of Christian Churches, headquartered in the Europe, 1992 Lute against green stamp here in Brazil. It only buys products without green stamp. Green stamp is the new form of exploration of our Amaznia for the rich countries! Volver!