The Galette de Rois is the French version of our twisted roll of Kings comes, they say, a chef at the Court of Luis XV wanted to entertain the King on the day of the Epiphany. The jewel I wanted to give him a ranked among the mass of puff pastry and almond, an idea that spread among the aristocracy during his term to cause him great admiration. Somewhat later it would expand by Europe to Spain. The truth is, whether their origin or not, in Spain accompanying our traditional distribution of gifts while in France as Montbeliard regions, the old Tia Airie distributes these without need for cupcake that accompany him on the morning of December 25. Christmas adds to these a good number of which identified by its uniqueness to certain peoples and traditions which at least often coincide in one, the Christmas lighting. Paris does not need large outlays for to be considered the city of lights; Since the 18th century holds in his imagination the intellectual openness and the development of the arts.

Despite this no We cannot deny that Christmas decoration adorns even more if fits the city that in other seasons, in which has a surprising night lighting of monuments. On 23 November and from January 15, visitors will have the opportunity to discover this new scenario for which we could follow many routes but between them which can not forget certain stops. More than 125 streets and squares rival designs from the most famous shopping malls. The Lafayette, Le Bon Marche or BHV took the initiative in the Printemps as his own and each year vying in the best proposal. It must not ignore the chance of seeing the seven heights tree that adorns the dome of the first on the boulevard Hassmann. In addition, we can leverage the visit to climb to the lookout and contemplate the night Paris which opens from five in the afternoon in December.