Chronicle Chair

Conception that everyone should receive the same treatment, in equality of opportunity and without discrimination, should raise social awareness. It points the Afro studies Chair, which by law must be implemented in educational establishments in the country.It is the presence of groups and social forces that open space in environments that still refuse to recognize human diversity, which was hidden under the ideology of making believe that things are sorted in a natural way by times. The effort to break the perception and the rejection of cultural expressions and social groups that suffer from discrimination of inveterate mode. The Chair shall comprise a set of issues, problems and educational activities relating to the culture of the black communities and they will be developed as an integral part of curriculum processes. Of course, that like the Afro-Colombians, indigenous people, community Ltbg, and even the poor, do not escape to forms of discrimination that have to fight all the time. Factors socio-economic, socio-political, psychosocial, cultural or demographic affect each one in its own way, or together, in types of discrimination that characterize a society that still holds traces of sidelining of social groups that cry out for their presence and participation in those areas which by law are included within the framework of action and access of the individual and the group.An Afrocolombian Chair may have reason, if one thinks of cultural patterns that resist despite the times. Also because persist behaviors that hinder individuals and marginalized groups are attributable and accommodate differences in culture, history and tradition. There are marginalized as a result of the inability of adaptation or delay in the adoption of modern patterns that result from cultural differences or values contrary to that prevailing in the society.

The existence of other causal factors, requires explanation. Is to say, that the analysis and understanding of marginalization demand a multidimensional study that encompasses all your complexity. The Chair is intended to make a characterization of the Afro-Colombian. Part of that there are defining properties with elements that are themselves, and that is sufficient to note them insofar as they correspond to your identity; its motto is therefore working unit with criterion of identity. Only that there is a risk replicate what is said to combat: a marginal action that reinforces the marginality. Other social forces demand the same right.However, any action that exceeds the marginality psychosocial factor, is important in how you are perceived by others and which obstacles encountered over many years of subjugation, the imprint on the soul of these men and women who refuse to be treated in derogatory manner and strive to give the best of themselvesby what they own and their significant contributions to the culture.