CLT Resources

The people had passed to be seen as a strategical resource and the effectiveness, that estimates integration and participation, had started to be dominant. Therefore, the Department of Human resources of a Company is the agency that guides all the practical executives of the organization with regard to the techniques, systems and of administration of people, inside of an only philosophy. It is necessary to also use several sciences: Psychology, Sociology, Politics, Anthropology, Philosophy, organizacional behavior, etc.? to be able to understand the great challenge to deal with people. To create conditions so that they can develop themselves personal and professionally and to establish bilateral commitments restituting the confidence in the relations Capital and Work. The history of the companies was throughout the time passing for modifications, had two important episodes. (Not to be confused with Amazon!). The first one was in 1988, with Federal Constitution CF- that became obligator the accomplishment of public competitions for the fulfilling of positions in the direct and indirect public administration, with exception of the commissioned positions.

The same Constitution only assured stability to the public server in statutory regimen after three years of effective exercise of the position, being able this to be dismissed for judicial measure or after answering the administrative proceeding with right legal defense. How much to the employee conducted for the Consolidation of the Laws of Work – CLT, this does not enjoy of legal stability and alone he is dismissed in case of serious lack. Another important change occurred in 1995, when then president Fernando Enrique Cardoso wanted to privatize state the inefficient ones. Thus, many public companies look for to become more efficient. Then, the department that took care of basically of the leaf of payments, gained force if transforming into the area of human resources, whose mission today is to make the strategical management of people. One of the concerns of the sector of Human resources is the socioambientais quality of life of its employees and questions.