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Beyond the ability technique, the professional of the necessary health to improve as work instrument, extending resources of favorable communication, to improve the quality of its relationship with patients, familiar and fellow workers. When we are in contact with somebody, we communicate in them of verbal and not-verbal form. It is important to stand out that we exert greater has controlled on the verbal elements of the communication. On the other hand, we obtain to exert little, or none, control on not-verbal (the MALDONADO; CANELLA, 2003). Marconi comments: …

the comment is one technique of collection of data to obtain information and uses the directions in the attainment of determined aspects of the reality. It does not consist only of seeing and hearing, but also of examining facts or phenomena that if they desire to study. (MARCONI, 1996, 79) Then, we must give attention to the not-verbal signals, mainly when they are in discord with the words, constituting a valuable instrument to understand and to catch true messages. In the same way, to use this perception in the communication constitutes important resource of performance. We cannot forget that the patient perceives the not-verbal signals in the communication of the professional. To the times, during the activities, the professional one only obtains to look at and to listen, and not truily to see and to hear. This difference depends on the magnifying of the sensitivity, that it makes possible to catch the space between lineses of communication (MALDONADO; CANELLA, 2003). As Marconi affirms: …

The comment helps the researcher to identify and to get tests regarding objectives on which the individuals do not have conscience, but that they guide its behavior. (MARCONI, 1996, 79) the interest for the other makes the message to be transmitted of clear form so that it is understood. This says confirms them of that the communication competent when is understood as an interpersonal process.

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