Constitutional Court

The minister of Culture had predicted an official visit of five days. Gonzlez-Sinde has solicitd to appear in the Congress of the Deputies for ” to explain the policy of its department and the societies of gestin”. Who is who in the plot? The origin of the operation. Official notice of the General Society of Authors to the public opinion. The minister of Culture, Gonzlez-Sinde Angels, has cancelled an official trip to Japan that had to initiate this Wednesday due to the investigation of irregularities in the General Society of Authors and Publishers and by that she has solicitd to appear in the Congress of the Deputies. Gonzlez-Sinde, that it had predicted to arrive this Wednesday at Tokyo for an official visit from five days, has remained in Madrid to prepare its appearance, have explained sources of Culture. A appearance to own request – for which not yet there is date and in that the minister wants ” to explain the policy of its department and, in particular, the societies of management “.

The past Friday, after halting of the top person in charge of the SGAE, Teddy Baptist, the Ministry of Culture assured that he is not competent to control and to control the activities of management organizations, a work that correspond to the independent communities, according to a sentence of the Constitutional Court of 1997. ” Respect to investigacin” On the other hand, Gonzlez-Sinde requested ” respeto” by the investigation that follows the Hearing National and added that the main thing is that ” they clarify hechos” . In its trip to Japan, Gonzlez-Sinde had predicted to participate to Thursday in the inauguration of the Fair the International of Libro of Tokyo, that this year it has to Spain like invited country. Day 8 was going to travel to Kioto, where entrevistara with its mayor, Daisaku Kadokawa, and Saturday had to give to the Order of the Arts and the Letters to the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami. The circumstance that occurs it does two years less than, in December of 2009, the minister of Culture had to cancel, ” by problems of agenda” , its participation in seminary on the Dialogue on new urban cultures in Tokyo. Source of the news: Gonzlez-Sinde cancels an official visit to Japan by the supposed corruption in the SGAE.