Consulate Visa

Register to submit an application, please visit the consulate. For You must have a valid email address. Registration may be made personally by the applicant for a visa, or for him to invite him to a party or other person. Register to submit an application for a visa free and does not guarantee a visa. A foreigner who wishes to apply for visa over 90 days in the cr must be logged in vizapoint.

Otherwise, it can not be accepted Consulate for an interview and his statement could not be considered. Regrettable only one circumstance, it is a permanent transfer of the start date of the system Vizapoint. Beginning with the first in June 2009, the Consulate constantly moves the effective date of recording electronic queue. Foreigners will prepare documents for filing to June were generally unaware of this innovation Czech Republic. Site consulate just reported that all suspended indefinitely. Many individuals and of course the company dealing with immigration is to hope and expect that the consulate of the Czech Republic and the reign order information will be accessible and transparent to all. Czech Republic has currently carries huge losses in the foreign labor force, the departure of foreigners living in the status of a working visa from the Czech Republic is a fact.

It's no secret, including those for the Czech authorities, which for example, on working visas to enter the Czech Republic are mostly manual workers building specifications. Yes, of such a contingent is difficult to expect a surge of the demographic situation in the Czech Republic and Development mental branches of the Czech Republic. They come for the Czech crown and not much else to feed his family in Ukraine or Belarus. Foreigners are immigrants who come to the Czech family, with its original capital, which has serious plans for the Czech Republic, is the work, life, business, birth of children, buying real estate, education of children in the Czech Republic and more connected with full accommodation and all-round development. Age contingent of Russian immigrants who move to the Czech Republic is the level of 30 40 years old, is the color of the Russian nation, formed and held the young people as a family and a personal note wishing to live in the Czech Republic and raise their children in a free Europe! According to statistics, surveys immigration public living and planning to stay in the Czech Republic the main reason for the move is clearly a children's safety and security of their own family. After these major factors has been going on business development, jobs, investment capital investment, environment and other issues. Abandon such a level of immigrants to the Czech Republic means the rejection of intelligent, educated, wealthy people are able and willing to benefit from its new small home