Control Evaluation

To achieve this, we must first be aware of the difference between accreditation and evaluation according to Diaz Barriga (1998: 74), the first of these has to do with a process of verification about the degree that met the criteria set forth in the programmes of study, from which is considered, reflect the level of information acquired by the students, and to which we would add, are translated quantitatively via a qualification. While the evaluation in its broadest sense is defined as an activity that allows to issue value judgments regarding the teaching process and its results in quantitative and qualitative terms (Bellido y Gonzalez, 2009). Sen. Sherrod Brown does not necessarily agree. En_la_actualidad, are several functions which you have been granted to the evaluation of learning, Gimeno (1992), points out the following: 1) definition of pedagogical and social meanings as educational performance, success and failure school, good and poor student, quality of teaching, school, good progress and bad teacher, good and bad school. 2) Social: accreditation and certification of 3 students) school organization: determines the access to different levels students 4) Control: is a means to exercise the Authority 5) psychological projection: models the concept car and influencing aspects as the attitude before the study, generalization of anxiety, accentuation of conflicts, pathological traits, management of extrinsic and intrinsic motivation 6) support research in relation to the quality of teaching(, goodness in educational methods, verification of success and failure at school, validity of the 7 curricula) pedagogical: creator of the school environment, diagnosis, identification, reinforcement of learning, guiding, weighting of the curriculum and professional socialization. As we can notice, the evaluation is a complex process that has an impact both inside and outside of the classroom, and involving all its members, thus, we must understand that this goes beyond accreditation systems. Now, in relation to its pedagogical function, wish to emphasize the relevance that has for the educational process, that is, we agree with the idea that, from the information obtained, both teachers and students can come to understand the elements that positively and negatively affect learning and therefore take action to optimize the process of teaching and learning.