Cuban G2

Posted: February 4th, 2012 under News.

.. We were hoping you kicked out to infiltrate the Cuban G2 as there are on this earth, we were hoping you lie down beyond our borders and clean lead the guerrillas infesting us today, we were waiting for you to assume responsibility imposed on it required the cooperation and participation of FAN in the fight against crime institutionalized. That would have been a full advantage for all it would have been infinitely grateful, General, and would not have tried him a gift, he would have dealt with the full line of duty that would have provided sufficient evidence of its passage through the office of defense, not to mention its very existence. "From now imposing a time of reflection, this humble infantryman paratrooper" My advice (which I will not reveal because I can not assume that this will not be read by a minor) suggests a more severe therapy that Mr reflection . It does not really reach biblical quotations or references to the great Pope John Paul II, or the list of Bush, you have missed in the act, or to put eyes because I am neither small nor grasshoppers … none of that is already today. You had the opportunity, at least have tried to protect our constitution or our institutions or our own, but mature and reviled in point, democracy, you had an enormous amount of time and opportunity to claim his uniform and his oath, to claim the true role of the FAN and voluntarily remained on the fringes, silence, even remained silent to the aberrant aggression recently suffered by the subject of the photos, before the madness unleashed a not very old retired general is no longer doubly very senile. You gave yesterday that remains of "their" FAN who has finished the task of disintegrating and that he saw this coming long ago and you know very well what is going to mean …

No sir, we do not want to see runny … And to all the neo-millennial, who see signs of "world order" at any bullshit and start to excite their timid and belated rebuff, (did you see ?… WAO and facing the Most High! … Bah …), maybe you do not remember, but I still remember Rosendo Clarita sausage in his tank, another general who remained silent and allowed the inadmissible until the magnitude of the burst and tried to actually wash your face at the last minute without realizing that what came out of the "jet" was not water but the tears and blood of a people who not only defended and protected in last moment of his life, "IN" and "FOR" the power … Baduel will be more lean, but it is the same pod … '.

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