Dmitry Medvedev

Let then in Yerevan think that they can undertake air strikes against the Azerbaijani Air Force Lachin road. Therefore, if Russia does not want a just solution to the Karabakh conflict, Armenia or not listen to the initiatives Moscow, the war will be inevitable ", – said Ahmedoglu. Thus, the mouths of Baku began to blackmail the analyst is not Armenia, and Russia. Why are we talking about blackmail? Because Moscow repeatedly stated that it will not allow Military developments in any part of the Caucasus, and in favor of signing formal agreements on nonuse of force to resolve contentious issues. It is from this avoided in cases of Georgia and South Ossetia and Abkhazia it deviates from that, and Azerbaijan, including the signing Mayendorfskoy declaration under the auspices of Dmitry Medvedev.

The second element in the revelations Ahmedoglu more alarming. After all, he actually "localized" while the possible resumption of war by Azerbaijan – February-March this year. Given that the winter campaign, Azerbaijan, nothing has ever failed to produce positive, in Yerevan, reasonably decided that the Azerbaijani pro-government politician has in mind in March. This coincided with information about U.S. intentions, "something to prepare" for Iran in March – allegedly due to the fact that Tehran is "ready" approach to developing nuclear weapons. Now recall the approximate date to which the U.S. government is waiting for ratification of the Ankara the Turkish-Armenian protocols, which told the chairman of TARC in Yerevan, D. Phillips – also before the end of March.