Dominican Republic

Studies linking poverty and democratic quality are increased while alternative systems disintegrate, democratic regimes multiply and mature but poor and marginal populations increase exponentially. One of the icons in this matter is the Indian Economist, Amartya Sen, nobel prize in 1998, who, through his study Poverty and Famines (poverty and hunger), argues that various political freedoms available in a democracy, including periodic elections, a free press and freedom of expression, help pay attention and action to the needs of the poor (6). The most basic human dignities is the indispensable to live and develop minimum needs. Amazon often addresses the matter in his writings. If a democracy presents this inadequacy, it is completely meaningless for breach of its most essential responsibility. As delivered on 28 October of this year the Vice President of the Dominican Republic, Rafael Alburquerque: poverty, social inequity and lack of response to social demands have become the main threat of democracy. Conclusions late adoption of the democratic system is really important in all countries of the world.

Those capitalist, participants in the first world, Nations have walked a path important building their institutions and strengthening of their democracies. Other countries less developments, experiencing mid eighty regimes with different forms of autocracy, have begun a turn toward democracies, some of them still teenagers, others still insipientes. Liberal democracy seems to have been transformed, over this slip, unquestionable, and existing paradigm at the time that few seem convinced of its effectiveness to stabilize economically and socially to Nations alike. However, to paraphrase the estadistista and former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, democracy is the worst system except for all the others. We assume and we assume that is the best among the already moribund alternatives dobierno and life systems. In the absence of historical competitors, the system is more alive than ever before, but more questioned than ever. Because, despite this trend well defined, be installed as a unique model of reference for Government, discontent, in some and other Nations, in rich and poor countries, is growing, putting this dissatisfaction in check much vaunted liberal democracy, used to be so prosperous in industrialized during the previous decades.