Educational Inclusion

The present article deals with the referring educational inclusion the young education of adult and special education in the current LDB.O study has broken of a survey on the Right the Education, treated for the Brazilian Constitutions of 1824, until the current Federal Constitution of 1988. In such a way the Federal Constitution in vigor, assures the right to the education for all the citizens. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: LDB. Young education of Adult. Special education. Federal constitution.

SUMMARY: 1 – Introduction; 2-Education: right of all; 3-Education de Jovens and Adultos; Special 4-Education; 5-Conclusion; 6-Reference. 1-INTRODUCTION: This work essentially aims at to identify and to justify the real importance of the educational inclusion. We will initially deal with the concept of education, understood for the Constitutions Brazilians of 1824 until the current Federal Constitution of 1988. Soon after we will make an analysis of the educative modalities: Young education of Adult and Special Education. In view of the description, the legal support and the perspectives of these modalities. We will argue what he has been made to improve the education of young and adults through the programs Proeja and Projovem. These programs make possible what the proper LDB considers to incorporate the young and adults in the regular system of education, beyond promoting the entrance of these young in the work market. How much to the special education we will see through its description how much the way evolved to think of the society as for the recognition of the rights of the special carriers of necessities. We will see that measured they had been taken on the part by being able Public to make possible the inclusion of these pupils, in way that all have access to an education of quality.