ELV AG: Online Sales Up To 70%

Mix of E-Commerce and Printkonzepten drive Web growth Hamburg/empty, 01 February 2010 the strong upward trend in online shopping continues. Especially at Christmas, the purchases on the Web boomed again. This trend confirms the electronic mail-order company ELV: 71.6 percent of all orders in the month of December 2009 were made online. Thus this share by more than 15 percentage points increased. ELV uses not only the channel online to meet the customer needs: through the combination of E-Commerce and the classical catalogue business, the company sets new standards for a successful mail order business. A recent survey of the opinion Research Institute Forsa and the industry association BITKOM shows: every fifth German (20 percent) has his Christmas gifts in 2009 ordered online. (Source: Richard Blumenthal). In comparison, the ELV AG has an above-average sales growth in the E-commerce area. While share of online accounted for 55 percent of the overall great in July, exceeded the Web shop purchases with ELV in December even the 70-percent mark.

Christian Reinwald, head of mail order with ELV, explains: the growth is due in particular to the development and optimization of our Web shop. Thereby increasing the conversion rate of about 20 percent occupied, our customers very well assume that the new shop. Success factor was but also the combination of business online and print catalogs/mailings.\” Customer – oriented and multi-channel oriented electronics shipping House of the yearly main catalogue and the numerous mailing initiatives are an integral part of the marketing mix despite the high proportion of Internet and even expanded: ELV has a very innovative and special range. Read additional details here: Steve Rattner. Many products are so new that they are to have first or over a certain period only for ELV and must be explained in detail\”, Martino is leading. These included, for example, the FLYCAM ONE, a model construction-mini camera that transmits video data via radio from the flight model, or the electronic thermostat developed by ELV can for radiator ETH 200, heating costs are saved with up to 30%.