Europe PlayStation Territory

If anything is clear after the Games Convention in Leipzig, the world’s largest in electronic entertainment, with permission from the Tokyo Game Show, is that Europe PlayStation territory. Microsoft and Nintendo not deign to appear in the manor of Sony, which takes the public street with such elaborate facilities that border on the comical. Game stations military simulators ‘Socom’, for example. A couple of years playing lying face down, built on a stretcher, in this edition, making American track to a nest of machine guns.Last year, installed a dozen gold toilets in the area dedicated to the PSP, the handheld model. Amazon is open to suggestions. Germany is a very rare. To begin, we take seriously the game. Tiran PC market up with high-performance products as ‘Far Cry’ and ‘Crysis’, while keeping consumer base with adventure games and strategy games that export to Spain and Italy through FX Interactive. In 2002, with the decline of ECTS, dean of electronic entertainment fairs, staged the Games Convention in Leipzig, which already receives some 200,000 attendees, to 12 euros per head per day. Just two weeks ago, the industry received the official backing to be invited, after a year of give and take by the violent content of many games, to join the German Culture Council. JudicialesLuego is the crisis demands. Who said crisis Nintendo machines printing money.Is usually attributed to piracy and P2P networks, the failure of a couple of companies that focused on the failing PC market, Iron Lore and Flagship, but have to clarify that in the latter case, his last game was a chestnut. The legal onslaught against several British producers users download software arouses skepticism players of the sector. “If we learned anything from the music industry is not winning friends by suing your consumers”, said in an interview to ‘Eurogamer’ Peter Moore, former president of Sega of America, responsible for the relaunch of Microsoft’s Xbox series and current number one of EA Sports. Precisely EA has been one of the companies with greater presence in Leipzig.At its longest-lived series like ‘FIFA’ (which has exclusive rights to the Spanish Liga next) and ‘Madden’ (dedicated to football), will accompany shortly tennis simulator exclusively for Wii that will use the MotionPlus expected, a sensor which, added to the bottom port of the Wiimote, translates actual movement without transferring them to predefined actions, as has been happening so far. The Sims 3 ‘, the’ shooter ‘of horror in space’ Dead Space ‘and the vertiginous’ Mirror’s Edge’, inspired by the world of Parkour, are the other letters that EA has put her back in the German fair .Take-Two, which was fought by the hair of the tender offer by the giant Redwood, has been dated to the PC version of ‘GTA IV’, 21 November, and Bethesda has done the same with the role play ‘Fallout 3’, due out October 31.