European Parliament Directive

At a time in which the PP, and without a hair cut, because, until recently, it was with the mouth girl, said that the government is afraid to drive down the dismissal – the Spaniard to take note that they all walk day to work, because the President has said from Nigeria to give them where loaded trucks, the government can not promote leftist policies because two members, is also supposed to left, do not want to vote in favor of fixing the roof budget spending for 2010 … “Because of the regional financing? We have seen signs in recent elections to the European Parliament which, if the thing does not change, we will see in the future. Willy Meller, number one in the list of IU to the European Parliament, said in Seville on May 24 this year, the central government has zero left-wing proposals that progressive tax policy did not exist or that penalize the income of the working class. Leaving aside that a campaign be in the style of PP, ie not talking about European policies in a campaign to Parliament, not that surprised me too, see how to their members explaining IU base that torpedoed the leftist political momentum “because of the regional financing? The European left and in particular the Spanish ordago faces a much greater than how to make certain policies. He faces the loss of a progressive space on the right to a living wage, education, public health and social protection may disappear because of the hows, not the whys. Because of these recent European elections, the trivial capacity left to go ahead and seal against the right, bringing together the votes of the left that exists and is, if no one remedy, citizens are going to see how it gets back before the European Parliament Directive of 65 hours weekly, and this time will be approved. The problem is not who governs the problem is that government that governs, there is always left it on and you cry more.

The citizens we can not afford to lose it all because some people think it is better not to lose votes in a range determined to defend what hard-won. The question is who will then, will you still blaming Zapatero in ten years? It is going to be yes.