Euros Caribbean

The Iberia airline offers cheap plane tickets to the major tourist destinations in the world, guaranteeing safety, comfort and well-being to its passengers. One of these destinations offered by Iberia is Havana, Cuba. At prices ranging from 700 Euros you can get flights last minute Madrid towards the capital of the Cuban island. With the typical Caribbean atmosphere, Havana offers beautiful beaches to the tourists, the best cigars from all over the world, the best rum and a very active nightlife with very catchy and exotic music rhythms. It is the ideal place if you want a holiday of pure leisure and pleasure. The city has one more than adequate infrastructure to receive and welcome tourists from all over the world. The Hotel Nacional de Cuba, for example, is one of the 10 best palaces of the planet.

It is located a few metres from the beautiful coast of Cuba, so from their rooms has a really magnificent view towards the crystalline waters of the Caribbean. The hotel has a 5 star rating and offers its clients numerous entertainment events and banquets. Old Havana, West of Havana, is also a very attractive place for travelers. Since its architecture is the most faithful to the colonial era in the Caribbean and was declared patrimony of humanity to preserve the style of this historical period. And of course, as all country Caribbean, Cuba boasts numerous white sand beaches and waters ranging from turquoise to blue, which is certainly worth visiting. The city of Varadero beach is the most prestigious in the Cuban archipelago and one of the main attractions of the tourism of the country. It offers tourists of all kinds and accommodation near the coast, first-class hotels, villas, bungalows etc. The nightlife in the city is very active and has several clubs to go out and have fun.

In addition, it has several excursions for those who enjoy adventure. It has 23 different diving points that provide corals of all colors and hundreds of species of fish; doing something that is without a doubt worth this excursion test, since it is an experience unique. In Varadero also horseback riding, surfing, waterskiing and many activities can be carried out. Original author and source of the article.